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September 21, 2006



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Hey! That was my submission! :-D Yay!

Note to self: Advise boss at the greenhouse to stick with composted manure.

Kermit, look out!!

That headline sounds vaguely like something that would've happened to Neville Longbottom in Snape's class.

ugh! This would be much worse than not wearing deoderant.

I understand the warning about exploding toad juice....I would also like a warning on EVERY kind of toad juice. Like: "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWW, STAY AWAY! THIS IS FRIKKIN TOAD JUICE!!!!"

CH, hate ta break it to ya...but I also submitted that a few days ago...we're ALL on the same warped page as The Blog!

Dave - I want you to know that for the second day now, everything travels in a cycle (yes it does): laundry travels in a cycle, motors travel on a cycle, refrigeration travels in a cycle..............Thank you, Dave. Damn your eyes!


i like the name "Exploded Toad"... Bumble, you wouldn't be murdering poor Trevor, would you?

Y'know, as a homebrewer, I'm usually in favor of fermentation.

But in this case, what kind of sicko yeast would get involved in this process? Talk about your high-tolerance strains!

It isnt easy being green explosive

Dave, it's a dry heat. I've lived here for 18 years and without any reservation, imagine that you probably won't even need any. Just spend as much time as you can and enjoy yourself on the top of a mountain.



"pulverized cane toads" -WBAnENFARB.

This is fantastic news. My boss will be retiring and I've been looking for the perfect going away gift.

pepe~ No, I'm thinking toad juice could easily be a potion ingredient though, and Neville's always seem to be most likely to explode... unless Harry is pitching filibuster fireworks into Goyle's cauldron to make a diversion so Hermione can steal boomslang skin for a Polyjuice potion.

Yes, I have been re-reading the Harry Potter series lately; how'd you know? ;-)

so....this isn't juice for toads that explode?

does peta know about this?

O, them cane toads be explosive,
Yes they are. (yes they are!)
And their juice it be corrosive,
Mind the scar. (mind the scar!)
But the flowers are emotive
And the spinach is e. co.-sive
So those Oz farms ain't erosive
After all. (after all!)

*loves a ho-down!*

Yee Haw! (passes on the frog legs)

Praline: (producing box of chocolates) If I may begin at the beginning. First there is the cherry fondue. This is extremely nasty, but we can't prosecute you for that.

Milton: Agreed.

Praline: Next we have number four, 'crunchy frog'.

Milton: Ah, yes.

Praline: Am I right in thinking there's a real frog in here?

Milton: Yes. A little one.

*googles Praline and Milton*

*reads entire sketch*

*cracks up*

I love John Cleese, but I'd never heard of that till now. Is it available on DVD?

I believe the sketch is from their film (a collection of skecthes) "And Now for Something Completely Different"

*wanders off to amazon to look it up*

Thanks John.

I do NOT wish to eat any vegetable that has been fertilized with toad juice, thank you very much.

I do NOT wish to eat any vegetable that has been fertilized with toad juice, thank you very much.

Hmm. Wikipedia says no. The list of skits doesn't inclue Whizzo Chocolate. However, Amazon claims it's on this. And Wikipedia lists it on this one.

*shrugs* I'll figure it out later. Right now I've got to get to a job interview. Wish me luck! Bye!

thanks for all the python.... but is this toad juice a clear liquid??? fun to put in the watercooler perhaps??? or be a big hit at parties...

I suspect that the odor would tip people off, queensbee. Toad juice might not smell like much, but fermented toad juice is going to be a pretty pungent material.

When I was in eighth grade, we left our English class one day only to get smacked in the face with a wall of something that seriously smelled like @55 . Since our classroom was so close to the girls' restroom, everyone assumed that some girl was having some intestinal problems, until we rounded the corner and found out the other hall smelled worse. It ended up that the seventh graders were preparing to dissect frogs the Friday before. Well, the teacher--or someone, anyway--didn't put them away properly. When they came back on Monday and started the real dissection, they cut open the frogs and all the built-up gases were released (to my knowledge, the frogs themselves didn't exactly explode, thank goodness). As bad as it was throughout the school, I don't even want to know how bad it was in the actual lab.

*snork* @ Glix.

I had a shark for dissection in high school that started to go bad by the end of the term... fortunately, I had some sort of nasal infection, and I couldn't smell it very much, but my classmates complained about it.

Let me just say, too, that NOTHING smells nastier than when a dying rat decides to park his carcass right under the intake vents on the dryer and you don't notice it's there, and you run a load of clothes through and you open the door of the dryer, and all that warm, moist, putrid air rolls out and hits you right in the face.


Just wait till Dave and Ridley strumpet deodorant-less for a few more days, CH.

Clean Hands: I sent it in too, two days ago!

No, really, lots of good rock band names in mine.


Exploding Toads and Residual Fermentation are excellent examples.

Exploding Toad Juice WBAGNFACoverBand of Toad the Wet Sprocket. Just saying.

Sort of a frog-mentation grenade.

"... they cut open the frogs and all the built-up gases were released (to my knowledge, the frogs themselves didn't exactly explode, thank goodness)."

Hey, Glix -

Did they zoom around the room willy-nilly like balloons?

I've always wondered (but don't really want to know) what it was like in there, but I was in English when it happened. The year before, when my class dissected frogs, everything went just fine. Then again, we prepared and dissected them on the same day, and then they were gone forever. I really have no idea why they split up the two jobs that year.

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