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September 19, 2006


(Thanks to sharon share-alike)


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Yon first.

I be the FIRST to not care to be a customer o' this firm.

ARRRRRR! *#$@&*! robot!

Puts a new spin on digging in at the plate.

'cos I aint said it afore...Shiver me timbers!

T'was a robot race twix ye and me, CH.

Also, my grandfather's urn is in a moseleum. It's got a Mets cap on it. That even be on topic!

Be that a "ground ball," Olo?

next they'll be pipin' in rrrrradio broadcasts o' the gammmmme

Or maybe a sinker.

Bury me booty in a pirate box!

Avast! I am soooooo getting a Red Sox urrrrrrrrrrn.

Build it and they will decompose.


Would a matey be a Sally-boy if was t' be buried in a box bearin' th' Cubs logo?

Somebody get that man a proper pirattical name, before Cap'n Helga keelhauls 'im!

steve= jelly legs macon

stevie= eel skinned nigel

stevie the nameless= tennis elbow booker

Ahoy, Swabbin' MK - what's a Red Sox urrnn?

-Not as much as a Yankee!

Ar! Ar! Ar! I shivered my own timbers with dat one.

aye be not a base ball fan, but i snarked aloud at annie's post!

Avast, xgrrrl - I've got like, more stories, ya know, than Cap'n William's privy.

Annie - You'rrre welcome. :)

Avast there, Annie! I'll be remindin' ye tha' the Sox are not t' be laughed at any longer. Now we must be laughin' a' th' Cubbies, methinks.

Arrrrr! Arrrrrr! Arrrrr! @AnnietVP
gods-befeathered, tha's a tickler

Swabbin' MK - for the like, straight line, or, me saggin' wench, for the like, pennant?

Blimey, me forgets to login -

Scurvy Knave! Landlubber! Ya mean YARRRRR OUT! And well well ya should be.

*feels the pressure to show that Red Sox fans can be good, neighborly sports*

AnnieVP - I'll take credit for the straight line; y'all earned your pennant. :)

Oh, and phhllllebbtt!


Swabbin' MK, seems yer ain't swabbin' hard enough, matey. Keep at it, wench - 'til we be seein' Edgar's scurvy reflection on the poop deck.

I'll see your "wench" and raise you a "bilge rat"!


Their tag line:

"Well it's one, two, cremate your spouse
At the old ball game!"
(Okay, I had to go to the B material since SOMEbody like STOLE my "urn" joke, which, though admittedly inchoate, would have been really really good.)

Fer like, sure!

Okay, everybody quiet while I enjoy my 6:59 sandwich.

A-tisket, a-tasket, an MLB casket!

I may be a Yankee fan, but I'm coffin up enough dough for them as it is. Count me OUT!

Okay, thanks (exhales sloooooowly).

Very nice work on this board today, kids. Now let's get some sleep, and tomorrow, hmmm - I know! Let's put on a show!

Circular casket that holds two:

Round Ghoul Double

Arrrrrrgh, them baseball players don't know their port from their starboard- a man with four balls can't walk. Arrrrgh!

arrrrgh stevie. snork.......... and as a baseball fan, of the eastern division winning new york mets, i say: ewwww., me hearties.

rough-sailin' jasmine

Me brother-in-law (a lawyer) worked in the development office for a major university helping the alum to remember their dear old alma mater in their wills. His office motto? When you kick off, we receive

When I go, I want one of those remote-control farting devices underneath my casket so my son can make it rip during key moments, like when some elderly lady is bent over paying her respects, etc.

oh, and Go Bucks. (Sorry Phil)

You can't get a BoSox casket 'cause they've been using it since last month.

Also, our local AAA team, after a 20 year affiliation with the Silly Phillies, is announcing today whether they're signing with the Yanks or Mets. Keep your fingers crossed the the Bombers pick us. (AAA you get to see the guys in rehab from field level for 5 bucks and Mrs. Layzee loves to watch Damon and Jeter do their pre-game stretching).

When I die I want to get a tombstone that reads "Break In case of Emergancy"

Layzeeboy - yummmmm!!!

Hey... If anyone reads this... Were you talking about ETIM? Eternal Image?

If so ... this company is becoming VERY sucessful ...keep an EYEBALL out

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