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September 22, 2006


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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A what's "in fashion" couldn't be any dumber...

Color me shocked, too.

The company chose Federline again because of his renegade style,..

So...the trailer-trash look is now called 'renegade'?

*pulls bra straps over her shoulders*


I sent that in too. I am really shocked.

Renegade? Maverick? Hmmm...married a jillionaire, fancy cars, big houses. Guess I didn't get the new dictionary.

I think it is quite appropriate that the guy who admires "K-Fed's" fashion and "maverick" (LOL) ways is named Kenneth Loo.

''He is a maverick, making his own choices when it comes to his music, his fashion and his celebrity,'' Loo said. ``He is constantly in the public eye, which makes him a good spokesman for our line.''

... until he's caught on tape with a stripper in the local Motel 6. Then he'll be dropped like a hot potato(e).

*goes to find his "sleaze" attire*

"Renegade style" means pairing a fedora with a wife-beater? He's constantly in the public eye because he has nothing better to do.
Here's my plan -
stop shaving, start smoking, and dress like a flood victim. Hang outside some rich starlett's house, get a date, get her pregnant, and wait for the checks to roll in.
From inside this cubicle, I am so pissed at my guidance counselor right now.

maybe kevin's new found interest in style will rub off on his spawn and that poor baby can get off the worst dressed list.

the article I saw on this yesterday showed him in a suit with a fo-hawk...

Mr Brittney Spears, this ISNT going to get your man card back

Did anyone notice the plot line for tonight's premier of Law & Order? "Ripped straight from the headlines!" It's got to be a spoof on the Brit / KFed thing.

juggler: i actually blogged it from you for about 10 seconds, then the search finished and there was jeff's email from wayyy back a few days ago :)


Isn't that British for "grog bowl"? Probably where he keeps his fashion sense as well.

Thank You Judi, I wasn't griping. I will keep looking.

I would ask why on earth this is happening but we all know why. This is a terrorist plot to make everyone wretch and it is working.

no. he. is. not.

that is all

I don't know who exactly decides what is fashionable each day, but I will happily stay out of style as long as the Federlines are the standard.

I just got used to him being annoying, and now this. Is there any counseling for this type of thing?

kudos (is that the right word?) to Jeff.

Great name: Kenneth Loo
Could've been better if his first name was John.

They're still trying to find some way to validate his use of oxygen?

"Federline has been tapped again to be the face of Five Star Vintage clothing, reports The Associated Press."

Mind you, that's five stars out of a possible 100...

"'He is a maverick, making his own choices when it comes to his music, his fashion and his celebrity,'"

"[H]is celebrity", meaning her?

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