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September 21, 2006


A good mayor utilizes all available resources before making decisions.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Praise all that you find Holy - finally the most awaited sequel of the decade!...

PS - congrats, Jeff, I know it's a demanding vocation - attempting to be posted and all...

I'm guessing that by the title alone the mayor could tell there was no potential for controversy. *nodding seriously*

I can't believe I missed Thong Girl 1 and 2.

Oh well

Happy Birthday BILL.

It's a high-quality movie with a top-notch cast.

Thong Girl 3? Call the Oscar committee! And doesn't it seem like someone in the office might have thought, just from the title alone, that hmm...maybe someone wouldn't approve?

Thank goodness there were no dogs involved in the making of this high quality family entertainment!

So, does this movie have a theme thong?

Forget about the Departed or Flags of our Fathers this will be the movie to beat come Oscar time.

And in the Photo Gallery, one is titled "Glen (the director) alone with his thoughts."

well, probably none yet, but it is good to have goals...

Hey Jeff, trivia question: is there a category below "direct to video"?

"If there's something derogatory or sexual in it, I'm not pleased about anything like that being in my office. Of course, nobody would want to see that"

The mayor really doesn't know what people want to see, does he?

If loving you is thong, I don't want to be Don Wright.

*SNORK* at Clean Hands.

Weiss insists "Thong Girl 3" is family-friendly and nothing more than good campy fun. For certain kinds of families.

Thanks, jamester. It's tough but someone has to do it.

Neil G.: great pictures, especially Elton John and the cast.

...and there was no nudity or any kind of offensive stuff in the film" (well, almost none - except for a bit in the trailer where she shoots a train with a laser she emits from her a$$. But how do you measure "offensive?") says the mayor who isn't fooling anybody.

There were more double entendres in that "preview" than in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode.

Anyone else more offended by the Liposuction ad on the left?

Mayor to Press or Mrs. Mayor: "I swear I thought they were powerful flip flops!"

Theme thong?

Thong girl
Get out of my mind
filming here is way out of line
Better run girl
You show too much skin girl......

you show all the charms of a woman
There's no the secret of your youth
You led me to believe
The film would be at least rated "G"
And now it hurts to know the truth
Woh oh oh Thong girl.........

People often ask me, especially after a few beers, "Why do you choose to live in Tennessee?"
And I look these people square in the eye and say, "I have no idea. Really."

sly., was your song by Hairy Bucket and the Yawning Gap?

another verse?

Some say your daddy was a plumber
But fighting crime was more your style
Though bad guys smirk and sneer, a true Volunteer
From front or back has quite a 'smile'
Woh oh oh...

Thong girl
Get out of my mind
I close my eyes and I still see your hind
Better run girl
That's a big bum, girl

WARNING - this is a 'NO SNACK & SNORK ZONE.' Please refrain from eating or drinking prior to reading the following:

Ravin' bad and ruby t!ts
Sparks fly from her dangly bits
Hearing voices in the night
She's in polyester and it suits her right.
Wooo hooo Wedgie Woman,
See how hard she tries
Woo hoo Wedgie Woman
She gotta be wonderin''why?'

no M&Ms were injured in this production

Seems as if you been smokin' (sumpthin') on this thread, girl. This one's waaay up there, and I ain't just talkin' 'bout the wedgie.

Well, I can honestly say that I have never seen anything like that before. But what I want to know is; did the rays coming out of her *ss owe anything to National Lampoon's Fartman?

(love the eagles...who doesn't?)

I like the way your dorky earworms play
Against my cortex so fried
And I wanna sleep, but you, Ms. Annie Where
Are bloggin way late in the night

Well I got a nine o'clock a. m. meeting
And I know you don't give a crap
But I'm already drooling
In my lap.

I am reminded of this.

jamester - the category below "direct to video" is "direct to YouTube"

great buncha earwigs here...good job!

Is that Eddy Munster with the ears?

When anyone can make a movie, anyone will make a movie.

Theme thong?

How about "Air on a G-String" by J.S. Back.

Ahhhh... now that's a nice earworm, merkin4. Thankee kindly!

"if you do wrong
you'll answer to the thong"

I thought it was an article about Britney.

And all of this from a city that shows more asses on the beach than a certain Tennessee town on Mule Day! You have succeeded in making the proverbial "mountain out of a molehill" out of this. My website has been blown out of the water! Just ask Google. Thanks for my fifteen minutes... I'm going on sixteen!
Glen Weiss Creator of Thong Girl

Theme thong?

How about "Air on a G-String" by J.S. Back.
Yes, is the right Theme! ;-)

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