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September 25, 2006


This explains a LOT.

(Thanks to Lee Allen)


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"In one camp, four men shared a tent and a cooking stove. They drank Budweiser, ate fast food, washed their clothes in tin buckets and dried them on a string."

I don't know about Marijuana being illegal, but somewhere in there are a few other crimes these men should be arrested for.

Although sheriff's department officials expect to announce soon some arrests in connection with the pot farm, they said arrestees likely will be only laborers paid about $100 a day to water and tend to the plants.

The masterminds behind this operation will be a little bit of trouble for the pot, but for violating minumum-wage laws, they're going up the river for a long time.

"The pot growers had tapped into an irrigation line for landscaping around the gated community of Stoneridge,"...wait...Stoneridge?
Oh, oh, not STONERidge...I get it.

I'd like to hire them to take care of MY plants (not the cannabis kind)...I can't get mine to grow!

Don't call it that.

...laborers paid about $100 a day to water and tend to the plants.

Maybe they were just trying to get their Green(ery) Cards!

Wow, that is phenom.....*goes back to read article*....oh, yeah...enol.

Hey, Bud!

In a possibly related story, the Orange County Chamber of Commerce reported a sudden, drastic drop in the sale of snack foods, especially after 11 pm. Sales of "Zingers" and "Ho-Ho's" are down 45%.

I didnt know rabbits were an enemy of the cannibus plant...might explain all the horney rabbits

Damn thats a lot of dope.

Both floral and fauna.

"...roughly 20,000-plant grove discovered by south county houses."

the south county houses are doing detective work? will they put them under house arrest?

I just love that "routine patrol" phrase in these articles. Like they were just flying about looking for crooks, etc. - NOT! They're looking for exactly what they found.

And I ask, what's wrong with having a garden anyway?

And are we supposed to feel sorry for the narcs:

Narcotics investigators who helped rip up the plants suffered heat exhaustion, bee stings and rashes from poison oak.

24 - yeah, FCDA, I kinda feel sorry for them - they're doing their jobs and getting some nasty side effects as a result.

To keep rabbits out, they installed 2-foot chicken-wire fences around the pot fields....

Rabbits eat pot plants?

*imagines rabbits in the grip of reefer madness*

Run away! Run away!

Ford - rabbits eat damn near anything....

Well, that explains what happened in New Zealand, then, doesn't it? I guess they failed to put a Rabbit Proof Fence around the library there.

Sooooooo then rabbit pellets can be marketed as mini-gumballs???


*SNOOOOOORK* @ Siouxie. Hey, why not? If people will eat beef pizzle, and cockroaches, and perineum...

And the sheriff said, "In my experience, marijuana is a popular drug and is staying steady in demand."

... the man sounds like he has pie charts

Mmmmmm....... pie charts...

"Four-and-twenty sheriffs
Baked with a piechart"

Is this judi's recipe, or a children's song?

Wait, I left out the comma, after the word "baked."

Just dump some Escherichia coli on the pot leaves. That should solve the problem.

No, then you'd just have a bunch of folks running around The OC, saying, "Oh, mannnnn... I just crapped my pants," and giggling.

Well, that explains what happened in New Zealand, then, doesn't it? I guess they failed to put a Rabbit Proof Fence around the library there.

Posted by: Clean Hands | 01:26 PM on September 25, 2006

good movie...Peter gabriel wrote entire soundtrack

Hey, glad somebody got the reference. :-) It was set in Australia, but hey, the Australian Constitution has a provision permitting New Zealand to apply to become a state whenever they wish, so they're practically the same country, right?

*ducks, hides*

they are both a unique bunch o people.

Sheriff's Department officials aren't sure of the effect the Mission Viejo seizure will have on the local marijuana market, but say it will probably drive the price up

drive the price up!?!!

ah geez, gotta go! got some, um, shoppin to do

'Mmmmmm....... pie charts..."

lol, mean-man.

In a related story, the cows in OC seem to be REALLY pissed, and local milk supplies are dropping to emergency levels.

Film at 11.

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