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September 22, 2006




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Dave has clearly abandoned the blue shirt.

Perhaps it got too stinky?

Do they ever strumpet on the East coast? Providence, Boston, Hartford? That would be worth a day off to me.

They strumpeted on Martha's Vineyard...Like anyone can afford the ferry :-)...Dave, please come to Boston....

they strumpeted first in Coral Gables...I think they should do a LAST stop here to...as I missed the first one

nah, i think the blue shirt is underneath the brown shirt.

Could be, pack, could be.

So, who are the fine folk in the foreground?

Hey Dave, we have book stores here in Ohio, ya know.. I mean I'm pretty sure..

Heh. We have what is probably the biggest bricks-and-mortar bookstore in America, and he flew right over it.

maybe the blue shirt IS the brown shirt now...

sweat stains and all..

*agrees with Chaz - one last strumpeting in Miami*

You know, that one almost looks like Dave and Peter snuck into someone's photo, as I know they like to do.

Peter definitely looks like he's laughing because Dave is sticking a "kick me" note on this poor guy's back, right?

at least all of you stay in the same country... i'm on the other side of the frikking world... It ain't easy being a dave barry fan, dat's all i'm saying

That's the kind of picture you get after everyone has wacky milk on their cereal, in their coffee, ...

that photo was sent in by Brent, who adds that the woman in the picture is a blurker whose name he does not know

"Dewey, that's not your family!"

Is Dave missing a tooth or did I burn out a pixel?

maybe she'll come out of blurkedom??

It really does look like Dave and Ridley jumped behind them to get IN the picture ;)

Why do the people in these pictures always look so strangely happy? With the big smiling and all? What exactly is it Dave and Company is giving them?

Ridley looks like Buddy Holly.

i like those book shelves.

hi brent! hi unknown blurking chic!

hey, pack, thanks for the love on my site.


It looks like Dave lost a tooth to me as well...perhaps the "no deoderant" didn't go over so well.

Miss C


kibby's still hoping when Mrs Blog gets an assignment to Europe (again) Dave will strumpit over here some. After all, the Original Peter Pan is from England, not Miami.


Why would Dave go to Europe with my wife? Come to think of it, why did my kids yell "We miss you Daddy!" when they "met" Dave at the book signing?

Oh well, I'm sure it's nothing.

... ah... yea Cbol. I'm sure you're (not your) right. It's not something to really worry a lot about.

... they don't like blue shirts? Do they?

How's the house comin?

Unknown blurker chick - you must now identify yourself!

"Buddy Holly" - *snork*

Dave has that kinda flirty come hither I feel sexy smile. Where is Ridley's hand?

*zips in*

Who is Brent?

looking around---

We still don't know much about Brent or the unlurk blogster?

*hoping Eleanor comes in soon to make sense of this*

Hey all, this is Brent, finally checking in - I was stuck at work w/o internet all day, followed by a tennis match. Judi, thanks for posting the link. Until now I've been a happy lurker, but it seemed the right time to out myself.

Beppie, the picture was taken *after* the talk and reading by Dave and Ridley - that's why we're all smiley. If you have never been to one of their readings, I highly encourage it. You won't be disappointed.

Even though I'm sure they are tired of giving the same spiel, they appeared very fresh (lack of deodorant notwithstanding) and happy to be there. As was everyone in the audience (only about 100 people in Scottsdale last night).

I showed up 5 minutes before start and got a front row seat. Must have been my lucky day.

Cheese..welcome aboard! Now who's the OTHER unidentified person? The cheese, in this case, does not stand alone.

Sean, they were in Ohio on July 22. I believe there is photographic proof.

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