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September 20, 2006


Not the sharpest tools in the shed.

(Thanks to sharon share-alike, Rachel Rogers, and marva)


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Did they clean the register with paper or plastic?

Is there a connection between the pi$$ed-off man and the limit on dogs per residence? Just askin'. Oh, and

Oh, drat. So close, and yet so far.

Oops. I hereby resign my commission in the bloglit pirate navy.

"to many"


Where's our (not are) grammarian?

"Three To Many Dogs"
Crack editorial staff they have there.

Maybe the link was supposed to be to:

"Man Falls To Death Rock Climbing"
...since they had no equipment and no experience?

Did they switch the link on you Judi?

If you are allowed one less dog than eight, I believe that makes seven. (counts on fingers.) Three "to" many dogs would be ... uh... seven plus three = TEN!

Bad reportage and even worse mathematical skills than I have!

Stupid people are way too easy to find.

Or, perhaps, on crack.

OMG Wyo... that guy in the pool with the ladder, yikes!

These guys must think they have 9 lives.

Wyo - speak for yourself. I didn't see a single woman in your link. Stupid MEN are way too easy to find.

LOL! the sign: "If there's a huge F*** up call...."

*snork* @ Annie
*nods head in agreement*

Good one Annie!

Nicely fired synapse.

Woohooo I got post-ed, woohoo I got post-ed! (guess that means I'm no longer a blurgin?)

Great link, Wyo. The figure on the sign "warning, rotating drive line" looks like it should be part of a previous thread on letters of the alphabet.

*high-fives Rachel A*

"Stupid MEN are way too easy to find."

Still seething over wyo's scientific study? Men get over things within 36 hours, 48 tops.

men can take a joke.

Just sayin'

stevie w - nope, not seething. We've learned to expect such pap from men. YOU, on the other hand, have no excuse.
*high-fives Morgana*

Now I'll bet I've REALLY done it. again.

Put me on your dull tools list, judi.

Wyo - that would be an upgrade.

I thought paps were only for women, Annie. I would never expect pap from a man (is Wyo a gynecologist?)

Wyo, there's probably extra room now in some of those doghouses in Rochester.

*high-fives Annie* and grins at Cowboy, because she always grins at cowboys.

This is not the way I wanted this thread to go.

Help, I've fallen and can't reach the delete button!


*offers the girls something to do*

Ooh Ooh Hillary Clinton just called me, she wants me to press 1! What should I do????

That sounds like an insult,

"Hey you, why don't you go shave a Yeti?! That's right, I'm talkin to you."

I'm going to remember that for next time I get annoyed (which happens so rarely ;)

Husband: "You moved my tools. Why are you always moving my tools? I know they were right here, now they're gone."

Loving Wife: "Dear, why don't you go shave a Yeti?"

Rachel - Don't mess with Hillary. I like her, but she'll take you out. Press 1 before it's too late.

I hesitated and she started getting stern, "Even if you're undecided right now, press 1!" I hate people telling me what to do! Scr*w you, Hillary! No one can make me press 1!

Way to go, Rachel! We need more free thinkers! or just thinkers period.

Thanks, Wyo! I like thinking. I think I'll think some more. It's the talking that always gets me in trouble!

In our house, it's the bathtub that sometimes looks like someone shaved a squirrel in there... Maybe it is a yeti. I'll change the question next time it looks like there been a lot of snip and cut in the tub....

What really got the guy in trouble for urinating on the register was that he was not in the "5 inches or less" line.

I think if I were cashier at the Chester ShopRite, I would make damn sure I was the first one there in the morning, since I'm guessing the last one would get the, shall we say, "recently disinfected" cash register.

"Buster, Kujo, and Spot... you have to wear your ferret masks today."

So, the guy is in the checkout lane and whips out his peni!$, where else is he supposed to go? If he actually hit the cash register, I'm thinking "GOOD AIM"!!!

Guys, is it just me, or is it kind of fun watchin' the girls high-five each other all over the place?

Oh, this one's easy. The cashier said "Credit or debit?" and he thought she said "Get it and wet it."

stevie, I thought you were a liver, not a fighter...

just askin'

ok...I blame it on spending the whole day at the beach IN the HOT sun...

*pulls previous post from this one and drags it over to the last thread...hopes no one notices*

This post is in reference to the "Man Uninates on Supermarket Register".

My favourite part came after the article.

Did this article satisfy your expectations?

Uh, what more can I expect from an article about a man peeing on a cash register- a scratch-n-sniff sample?

So, to answer the asinine question: No I am not satisfied. I demand more from my news sources!!! I want an actual sample of the urine in question- I mean how can I be really sure it was urine? Maybe the guy had a bottle of lemon-line soda that just exploded. Or maybe he was just aiming for the toilet &, as typical, missed? Is that a news worthy crime? In that case, millions of men would be on death row! Or,maybe he just couldn't hold it any longer & he was getting desprate, what with having to stand in that Loooonnngggg line & all (HA HA How do you like it now, Mr. Three Urinals to Every Guy???!!!). No, I am NOT satisfied. I want a "re-inactment of the crime" like they do on those TV shows, using out of work, struggling actors, & a smooth talking voice-over describing the scene....

Sorry, about all this...I just haven't had my coffee yet...I'll go now- but I warn ye all mateys, ARRR I will be back.....

Police responded to a report of indecent exposure at the time, but were unable to find the man.

they couldnt FIND HIM?? wasnt he the one with his winkie hanging out??? um, and i guess nobody else could identify him???

Well, nobody was paying any attention to his face....

"Man urinates on supermarket register"

The story doesn't say -- so much for detailed reporting -- but I'd bet big bucks that this was one of those "self check-out" registers.

Urinating on those is only a mild form of protest. I think we should all do a steaming pile of number two on each and every one of them.

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