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September 22, 2006



(Thanks to Russell Blair)


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I wonder what he's thinking of his State Attornies NOW!

They'll be back!

That is more shocking than the F-ked story.

did you say hmmmmmm or uuuummmmmm?

I gues that's ONE way to solve a problem like Maria.

but bill clinton, does not.

he has already said he doesnt wear underwear...he goes Commando...

Lord, forgive me for that bad joke...

What's scary to me is that they turned to Algore to get confirmation of this story. NTTAWWT.

Maria's gonna be soooooooo pissed, though.

"and all California interns breathe a sigh of relief..."

I think its all lies...True Lies

"What's scary to me is that they turned to Algore to get confirmation..."

ROFL, ch.

"What's scary to me is that they turned to Algore to get confirmation..."

Well he is the expert on global warming, isn't he?

Warming the world, one Richard at a time?

Well he's full of shit hot air...stevie...so yeah I guess.

Well, is he giving up singers, too? I couldn't bring myself to read the story.

Just recently he apologized for calling a state legislator a hottie and now he is giving up Hummers? Sounds like he is turning into a girlieman...

If I was married to her, I would, too. She used to be beautiful.

Pretty soon he'll be using Secret deoderant.

So did he, for that matter, wench. Few years ago, there was a picture circulating where he looked pretty... well, saggy. I had fun telling people that I was in better shape than Ahnold.

I should clarify, too: I am not a paragon of fitness, unless "fitness" is defined as lumpy doughiness.

I saw that Clean - but I thought it was a doctored photo because it seemed shortly after he did a movie and looked fine - I don't know - mind is fuzzy.

In regards to Maria - if she would just put on a few pounds, she would be beautiful again. She's like a walking skeleton now.

agreed...those two USED to be handsome/pretty...now they're scary/scarier...

Yeah, Siouxsie, it's a crying shame people get old. Too bad they can't all die young and gorgeous like James, Marilyn, Kurt, etc...

yeah...Al...or Paris.

oh wait..she's still alive??? nevermind.

"I will pump...clap....you up."

CH, I'm in shape, too. Round is a shape.

AL, that's not exactly fair - in Maria's case, the problem isn't her age, but that she appears to have joined the craze of starving oneself to the brink of exhaustion.

Ahnold, let's just say that absent the steriods of his bodybuilding career, there's a lot of extra skin that used to be filled with musculature.

Good news for Maria Shriver...

("Dani California" Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Though his name is always crossin' borders
Daddy was a Nazi,only followed orders
Got his fame from a movie 'Pumping Iron'
Still the States were callin' like a siren.
He made some movies where a lot of big stuff got trashed
And carried home buckets of cash!

Got polit'cal ran against Gray Davis
Kissed up to Leno and his Mrs., Mavis
He's a moderate, next to all the Bushies
Can't quite stop himself from gropin' all the tushies.
He didn't think that there was anything wrong with that.
It's really just a love tap!

California, keep him please
From a nation-wide release
California, you can't preach
When your gov'nor's Mr. Freeze, yeah!

Arnie California's lately looking dumber
Had to mothball all his state's new Hummers
Can't fix problems like the Terminator
Go into the past, and they won't show up till later.
Let's thank the framers he can't go on to bigger things
At least till changes are made!


*does the Wave for Insom* You're the best!

I gave up hummers years ago (when I got married like all Americans). How'd he last so long?

Great tune, insom.

We who live here in CA are just mortified by The Governator.

(only speaking for myself, although using the royal "we")

*agrees with El*

I just want to make it known that I did NOT vote for this joke guy

Annie WHAT???!!

Oh, ARnie, oops, my bad. Damn reading glasses. Or lack thereof.

(I figure I'm safe; no one will see this anyway. Right?)

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