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September 20, 2006


We bet everyone's rushing to join the PTA.

(Thanks to many education mavens)

PHOTO UPDATE, thanks to Clean Hands.


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I would have studied spelling much harder if my teacher had used that font.

"What's your favorite letter, class?"
"My daddy says that he likes Z..."

Picture sorely needed with that article.

Where does one get this font? I could reap a ton of havoc in my office with that. We need more information!!

Now everyone count to 69.

Here's the version of the article I submitted... does include a pic of the font; not really all that work-unsafe, unless someone's looking really closely.

I'm joining the newsletter committee!

I am sure we have that font...I think its called playmate....

"Administrators said the teacher did not use the font intentionally."


let's see, should it be...
drowned kitties, maimed squirrels, ah!
people doin' it!

i'm sorry, really
i used the "doin' it" font
i didn't mean to

thought they were praying
see, they're on their knees here, there
oh, yeah... never mind

I can buy the accidental selection the font. However I don't understand how you could print, collate and staple something with that font, AND NOT NOTICE!!! Sorry no dice.

Think Kama Sutra meets Sesame Street...

holy crap...I need to TRY some of those letters

Now I know my ABC's....lol

alme - my thoughts exactly! And if the teacher made this at work, someone really needs to audit that school system's software!

i love that at the bottom of your article, ch, it says "DID THIS ARTICLE SATISFY YOUR EXPECTATIONS?" they're so sweet to be concerned.

I'd like to buy an "O", Pat.

Some of those positions letters are pretty easy to figure out. Some of them (I'm thinking L and M here) are a bit more confusing.

And hey, just because I'm into providing a full-service, uh, service, here is the font in question.

Have fun with your next memo!

anyone care to practice their a,b,c's with me?

CH - my hero!

so, the font is called "group sex" and the teacher still used it? Accident, my a$$

It wasn't easy, but after a dedicated search, I dug it up for y'all.

Interstingly, I came across a font named Bauer, but it didn't feature anyone getting shot in the thigh or having their heads cut off.

Crossgirl - those need 3 people (NTTAWWT).
I'm up (HAA) for O, Q and S if you are.

DP Chris - not E?

Not O
I meant P

I don't seen any point in holding my arms up for E.
Also, my wife and I have tried K'ing, but that didn't work out so well for us. Is that TMI?

Only if she's on the blog. How can K not work out for you?

Wow, This thread just took a downward spiral. I love it.

wench, I'm sorry, but your use of the term DP Chris has me HOWLING with laughter at my desk, no matter how unintentional that was. I'm sorry I'm so gutterbound. As you were.

You see, the size of...
And the angle...
...don't line up...

Are you sure you want to know?

I sort of feel for the teacher. She probably thought she had found some cute thing that represented little kids making letters. Now this poor woman is known as a very kinky girl, the kind you don't take home to momma....

btw, half of that "alphabet" looks painful. Just sayin'.

Does anyone know how to draw a pregnant stick figure "S"?

wench, you don't even want to know what I thought you were saying when you abbreviated the Dread Pirate Chris' 'nym.

I guess "M" comes the closest.

We'd need a friend (again NTTAWWT) for D, and P worked where K didn't.

Well, I really want to know now...I've never heard of such a thing

High five to KOW.

M cums comes closest to what? I still don't get that one.

Uh, okay, I suppose that this thread is already off-limits to Mary's kids. "Double Penetration" is the ordinary meaning of that abbreviation in a conversation of this context.

oh lordy, all yall's abreviations are getting me excited

And if y'all need me to draw a diagram, well... I don't see it in this font, but I haven't looked all that closely.

OH!!! That is so not what I meant, Pirate Chris!!!

Depending on DP'd where, H is your best bet.

CH, I could have gone the rest of my life and been just fine without knowing that term. I'm not even sure what it MEANS, and i'm a little freaked out.

*snork* at Judi!


I'm starting to go Upper Case here; need to cool off a bit.

Pirate Chris - back to the K thing - are you too tall? She's too short? I just don't see how that can't work for you. Everything can be adjusted for the best "fit" IYKWIM

I s'pose if you took the "I" and flipped it around, then put it next to the "K," you'd be pretty close.

Class, today's lesson is being brought to you by the letters "F" and "U".

No, wait, genders are mixed up... NTTAWWT, but it's not the configuration I was thinking of.

and also the letters "S" and "M"

F looks like it's Long John Silver. Intimidating.

And U looks like someone's got broken legs. Ouch.

We'd need to adjust one or both of our heights and the "angle of attack" of my "cutlass".

Can anyone find a picture (or even a name) of this teacher? Would anyone want to R with this person?

I don't understand the point of U if there is no F underneath.

And Pirate Chris, I don't know what to say. I have visions of a Captain Hook appearance floating in my nasty mind

Chris, there are a myriad of solutions to this problem -- the simplest of which is to not attempt everything in a standing position.

These "letters" work just as well on a page on your desk, or, as the case may be, sprawled across an large, flat surface.

Did anyone click on the naked cowboy pics?
I would think it would good balance to 'K'.

As I said, P or R work just fine. K doesn't. Either up (haa) or down.

Sorry, Pirate Chris - wasn't personal...

What naked cowboy pics?

A ain't naked, and I'm pretty darned sure he ain't a cowboy.

At first glance, I too thought what's the problem? Cute little people letters! Then, I enlarged the picture- Hey! Those stick figures have ramparts! and...other things...and things touching things, and...

He would look much better in a pair of jeans, no shirt...IMO

oh SNORKS all around!!


/runs back to rated G world, where she belongs

(and no quips about the letter G!!!!! you KNOW what I mean!!!!!!!)

I don't think there's any such thing as a "rated G" world -- most of us got here through a decidedly X-rated process. NC-17, at least. :-P

I'd like to buy an "O", Pat.
lol, ubetcha. But be careful. you can get arrested for that.

My father ate my homework.

OK, so I printed the font from the article and blew, er, enlarged, er, copied it bigger so I could go back through this thread and find some new positions. This may take some time. *checking medicine cabinet for Ben Gay*

(Sorry - don't know how to do that word cross-out thingy.)

ubetcha - we will expect a progress report

Anatomically correct little stick people. What will they come up with next? I'm sure Dave and the bloglits will let us know soon....

I don't think any of those involve Ben Gay. Ben Dover maybe...

I have seen the same with more pulchritudinous figures. Good thing, now that all those skinny fashion models have been banned from the runway. Stick figures - feh!

What's up, er, going on with K? It's quite similar to X, except he's a little more comfortable in X, and of course, not coming out of the top of her head (no pun intended).

More comfortable in X??!!? I've seen people bend like that after motorcycle accidents

Wait a second...

Who's legs are where in X? Are the people actually crossing each other? It looks like it could also be arranged > <, which would not be comfortable.

K and X are both just fine and dandy IMO

Woo Hoo!!!
Simul in the X!!

Did that hurt me??

Pirate C - I think in X, he's just getting a little more leverage

And another in the X!!

Was it good for you?

I can do extra leverage.

Pirate - (notice how your name gets shorter and shorter) - I'm capapble of handling X so I think you're okay

I think in order to 'Z', both parties would need something to hold on to, besides each other. You know, something for support.

Did anyone notice - the bottom of "D" is gettin' NOTHING?

wow - Pirate - you are quite resiliant!

Twice in X, with Wench, with leverage, and I'm OK.

Life is good.

Would you like to try Q next time?

My inkjet cartridge shoots blanks.

Q looks like it could really hurt you if I take a wrong step - do you trust me?

Of course Wench.

You can step where ever you'd like. As we've already seen, I can take it.

Esther - I can't tell what's what in D - they look like they're also trying to figure it all out.

Z appears to have three (ahem) heads.

And now with 24!!

Could my day get any better??!!??

Pirate - you must have cannon balls for danglies

And another with Wench!!

Apparently I do have quite the cannon.

Is it as good for all of you as it is for me?

Pirate - are you still breathing? You've been working awfully hard today

DPC, I'm pretty sure that Z is another one of those that requires a close friend to complete the trio. Or, should I say, the trois.

I'm starting to feel defiled by this thread! I shall avert my eyes whilst I read...

In the movie, The Birdcage, Robin Williams and Nathan Lane had soup bowls with that design.
Yes. They. Did.

Dear gawd!!! That's the....

OK. I've lost count. Doesn't that mean it's time to stop?

I'm really worried about you now, Pirate! Your cannon's going to get rusty

it would appear we can't

I font you, I ink you, I smudge you
With all my cartridge.

Elvis has left the building.

DPC, you're getting an awful lot of Zs, there...

All right ladies. Eleanor, this time.

Can someone do mouth-to-{edited} for me? I might need some resussitation.

Then again Wench (re Q), usually, when you "step on it" it goes faster. TMI?

Which letter, El? ALL OF THEM??? Good heavens.

But wouldn't they have skipped the bazoomaged figures?

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