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September 20, 2006



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is everyone hung over on grog?

who knew there was a difference between flushing water and drinking water? not my dog...

Must be some elaborate anti-Catholic plot.

Blog number of comments off again today....

Anyone else in the mood for spinach? All that talk....makes me want a salad...

I am half thinking of risking it....

So they claim they use the flush water to clean the floors.

Gives a whole new meaning to the 10 second rule. You've got 10 seconds to get to the can before your parrot flux explodes.

Exploding Parrot Flux WBA really excellent NFA punk RG.

"From a layman's point of view, I do have concerns about our health"

Adding, "Yet, as a public official and health professional, I am obliged to shrug the whole thing off as an over-reaction by crybaby health nuts."

ps: reminds me of W.C. Field's quote, "I don't drink water, fish **** in it."

HOLD UP PEOPLE!!! This happened in China and ..."the department conducted one last surprise inspection with police and found three of the 24 visited shops"

I sense a Jack connection

Good name for a band: Mong Kok District.

So... Jack has franchised a series of seafood shops with dodgy water-reclamation practices?

Fish don't have thighs, which limits their usefulness in his favorite recreational activity.

The "fecal-oral route" would not be a good name for anything.

According to a spokeswoman for the FEHD, an inspection conducted at the site earlier Tuesday found "no irregularities"...

Quite the contrary, I would think.

Oh, I dunno. Exploding parrot flux sounds hyper-regular to me...

fecal fishing is Fun

Dave it's nice that you thought of me and used my initials as the title of your post about toilet water in the fish tanks. But, it is also a little disturbing, so please do not do so next time.

In other news I should fill my own fish tank with toilet water; think of all the money it will save me.

as long as no one is licking the fish, does it matter?

And third? I guess most of you guys don't count for anything.

What do you think the fish do in the water? Hmmmm? do they politely excuse themselves and jump out or the water holdin' their breath, do their business, then wriggle back in?

This message brought to you by the Wyoming Cattleman's Association. "Beef, it's what's for dinner."

i would never eat anything caught out of the east river in NYC....or miami river

Having seen the consistency of harbor water in that part of the world, I'm surprised they can get it to move through a pipe.

crossgirl...these are fish sold to EAT!!

Water all over the world is contaminated. Just to be safe, I only drink water after it's been boiled with grains and then "steeped" with yeast and hops. Much safer that way, I think.

If Jack says fish have thighs, then, by golly, those fish will have thighs! And he will shoot them.

Nothing bad can live in beer, Wyo.

Unless you get a bad acetobacteria infection, in which case, just wait a while, and you have malt vinegar instead of beer. (But discovering this midway through the transformation is... unpleasant.)

Heck, even ocean fish are swimming around in their own pee... What's the diff?

ewwwww to infinity and beyond!

If I am using the drinking fountain at work, whenever the toilets flush, the water pressure goes down.

Higgy, the Wyo. Cattleman's Assoc. is offering you a spokesmanperson's position. (gotta stay PC)

the department conducted one last surprise inspection with police


oneblank - that's a good thing. If the pressure in the fountain goes UP when the toilet is flushed you need to worry.

MOTW - one of my favorites

(to the tune of... see previous post)
ohhh, your fish is filled with feces, yes it is
ohhh, your fish is filled with feces, yes it is!
Don't eat salmon, tuna, flounder
Just choke down that Quarter Pounder
'Cause your fish is full of feces, yes it is!

Hold on i am confused! Flushing water is untreated sea water! The fish are originally from untreated sea water. You would eat the fish if you caught it off a boat but not if it was later put in sea water?

Triple *snork* MOTW, pogo and insom. I might not get much work done this morning.

well chaz, then that's a bigger problem. does peta know?

we have never had good luck keeping aquarium type fish alive at my house. i think i'll try toilet water for the next attempt.

"Wow! This fish is great! What's the secret to your recipe!"
"Ancient Chinese Secret!"

If you remember those commercials,you are officially as old as me.

Yes, Beppie I remember them. and the Dove in the kitchen window too.

*waddles off to find his teeth*

and i was alway told that was a mud vein!

snorking at insom, and oh, ewww.

I fondly remember White Owl commercials too.

The minute you walked in the joint,
I could tell you were a real big spender...

and Winston, Camel and Kool

Does this fish smell funny to you?

I remember "ancient chinese secret"....Calgon toilet water softener

now I've got, "LaChoy make Chinese food... Swing... American!" stuck in there.

I remember "ancient Chinese secret" the store where Gob gets his Sword of Destiny! :-)

Speaking of the great Jack Bauer...I was watching the DVD special features for season 4 last night...there is a prequel (I don't know where they showed it, my guess is just the Internet) where he gets fired, and walks out saying "I can get my own f***in' job." I was like, whoa, watch out FCC!

Fecal. Fecal who need fecal...

I always wondered about that brown sauce.

"Yes, I'll have the veal and the lady will have the brown trout."

stevie, do we need to call in a TP strike on your earworm bunker?

That was evil.

...and hold the MSG (make your own joke).

ancient Chinese secret == Biz

Note to self
Don't eat anything that comes from a place named Kok!

"Yes, I'll have the veal and the lady will have the brown trout."
Lol, Lzb

" . . .Officials became suspicious when they received numerous complaints from shoppers who recognized goldfish they had previousy flushed were being sold as a garnish."

*snork* @ MS

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