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September 21, 2006


Rock on the Rocks.

(Thanks to Nebbisk)


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"Kids will be drinking Cocaine and will inevitably link the two."

Nah, not in a million years!

But do they sell gumballs?

FIRST, you just gotta keep them away from the Pop Rocks with this stuff, for sure! After all, that combination took Mikey, didn't it?

(boop-boop-boop geezer alert!)

I bet this supermodel is first in line to buy this

Where to start with that article, wench?

Her boyfriend's named "Blunt." She'll be smoking one, and inevitably link the two.

nah...I prefer real crack coke...

Curious John:

Mikey did not die of Pop Rocks/Soda Pop

He's still alive and well.

A rose by any other name yadda yadda yadda. If it's 3 times more potent than Red Bull, just wait until it gets banned like Red Bull did in some Scandanavian country for being 'too dangerous' (i.e. some highly educated invididual drank 'em like water and ended up being severely ill and/or dying)

actually, Clean, she may smoke him, but definately not a blunt - that gives you the munchies!

Mr Raynes added: "The fact is that subliminally, it is making the image of drug use cool and that's what kids what to be, cool.

Good editing, eh, what? What, what?

The caffeine in it would make me sick - I tried some of those caffeinated mints and boy, they just about killed me....

I dont like Cocaine ™, I just like the way it smells

I'm just waiting for the new Haagen Daz "Heroin".

New Ben & Jerry's flavor : Crack Ho Fudge Swirl

Beppie, no matter what they say, that stuff's not going to help you lose any weight. :-D

not with all that sugar



snork @ 24 ;)

from the makers of Crystal Meth Lite!

"Crack open a bottle today!"

"And buy our special padlocked mini-fridge so your friends won't try to steal your supply!"

If this works, we'll see other advertisements taking advantage of it ("I'm Heroin Clinton, and I approved this message").

C'mon, give the model a break. She's the one who survived the tsunami, hanging in a tree for hours on end while her boyfriend perished. So she took some laxatives during her modeling career -- not exactly healthy, but not exactly crack cocaine, either.

Now here's someone you can ridicule -- me. Reading the Pop Rocks link, I was reminded of our childhood home experiments. We used to give a few of those to the family dog. Now that's entertainment.

By the way, Pop Rocks are alive and well, and can be found in specialty candy shops all over these days. My kids have discovered them. Of course, they don't seem to elicit the same awe that they did back in the 70's, but then again, this generation is being raised on "Fear Factor" and "Eat-a-Cockroach-Ride-a-Rollercoaster-With-No-Waiting-at-Great-America-Day".

Watching your dog try to figure out why his tongue is tingling seems so blase now ...

Usually you laugh and soda shoots out your nose, but with this drink you have to take it up your nose, and then start laughing.

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