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September 22, 2006


Grape theft.

(Thanks to Lee Allen)


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Steal me a grape.

Griffin punched the cop in the face, fought and injured the cop, according to the court document.

geez...all THAT for a grape?? it's a little over the top, no?

Griffin punched the cop in the face, fought and injured the cop, according to the court document.

"It's conceivable that there was a concussion, some of her hair was pulled out, and bumps and bruises,” said Tom Walsh, St. Paul Police spokesperson.


Don't they give cops guns anymore? Did Scotty beam us all to England and I missed it?

What did the grape say when the thief stepped on it?

Nothing, it just let out a little wine.

Teach a person to steal grapes and they'll mug an off-duty cop.

Teach a person to grow grapes and they'll make wine, get drunk and run their car into the store and hit an off-duty cop.

.... go figure ...

Do we really want grocery store rent-a-cops pulling guns on greedy grazers, DPC?

Greedy Grazers might BAGNFARG

There are FOUR degrees of assault?

so if sampling grapes is okay, would anyone mind if i just opened a few bottles of wine?

All the real cops in my area are packin' even if they are off duty. If anyone swings at them, they draw and call (on their cell phones) for back up.

The Greedy Grazers' first album would be titled The Stolen Grapes of Wrath.

Is that like Six degrees of seperation

Rare Greedy Grazing wbagnf something.

sorry, CH.

didn't see your post up there.

shoulda known a wbagnf was already taken.

fyi, this was kinda an episode of "Everybody love Raymond" - Raymond's dad the grape stealer.

I saw a wino eating grapes, and had to tell him "dude you have to wait".

If they just kept vats of boiling oil out in the produce aisles, I bet this kind of activity would cease pretty quickly!

Yay Minnesota! There are actually 5 degrees of assault here. Fourth degree is for assaulting authority figures--police, firemen, EMTs, conservation officers and corrections personnel. The officer was actually so injured she's been unable to return to work. The assailant weighed 100 pounds more than the officer, so the fight wrecked her back.

This woman needs some cow pot.

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