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September 22, 2006


(Thanks to chesbn)


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Munchies with multiple stomachs. That has to be a pain in the backside.

I never saw a pothead cow
I never hope to see one
But from the milk we're getting now
There certainly must be....oooh, dude! Shiny!

see my quips on the other thread. I am too tired to think up any more....

have a good weekend Bloggers

On yonder hill there stands a coo,
If he's no' there,
He's spaced oot the noo.

Moo, I say. Moo. Like, moo, dude. Duuuuuuuuuude. Moo.

...charged with cultivating a narcotic by police.

Yeah, you never want to do that by the police. You're required to be at least 25 meters (yards) away.

chaz - the grass is always greener on the other thread...

Udderly ridiculous :)

"Duuuude...this is some primo stuff."

"Yer tellin' me, come check out how calm my cow is!"

"Sweet! Um, where is it?"

"Man! It was right here before. I totally remember it! It was all like, mooooo, and stuff."

"Dude, I gotta see that."

"Well, I'm sure it'll wander back. You want some more steak?"


Totally off topic...if I see that dammed dancing mortgage add again I am going to punch someone!

I take it, from this account, that Poland does not recognize the concept of medicinal marijuana?

The cow became as gentle as a lamb? What's in her feed, I wonder.

Mary had a little lamb....and some mint jelly on the side.

Mmmm... I have a great recipe for lamb...

I think the comment counter has been eating those burgers.

So this was particularly potent stuff, huh? 'Scuse me...

"Yeah, that's one way to Warsaw. Tonight? Sweet."

Mary had a little lamb,
A little pork, a little ham...
Mary's cholesterol was 371.

Dude, Where's my Cow?

you'd think more people would be feeding it to their kids and with the school's blessing.

Off topic, but cool art, Crossgirl!

... how many Polish cows does it take to change a blacklight bulb?

None, MF- they just like, watch it flicker.

Can a cow have the munchies?

So the Polish government has a "beef" with this lady, huh?

PB, I believe they have the moooonchies...

just sayin'

They have the quadrimunchies...munchies to the fourth power...the re- re- re- munchies...the....\


But when a cow gets the munchies it goes and eats more grass, leading to dependency. Marijuana is a gateway feed.

so granny goes to jail for a non-violent "crime" and the cow goes back to breaking arms... Another happy ending thanks to an enlightened drug policy

Gives a whole new meaning to the term "Mad Cow Disease."

Personally, I think bovine cannibus should be legalized every where, except maybe Mexico where it would make bull fighting much less interesting for those of you who like that sport, which I don't that much, but you know like who cares if cows eat a little grass now and then...you know?


I was posted!!

Billinbossier...*snork*! a wonderful mental image of El Testostoro, Matador Primo, sweeping his cape dramatically at the bull, who is sprawled out on one elbow, staring dreamily at a fallen sequin, and slowly tapping one hoof to the sound of the trumpets.

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