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September 24, 2006


So maybe it's not a real product. We have proven time and time again that we don't care.¹

(Thanks to Russell Mc)

¹Except that they don't have anything for women.


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I already get naked at work :-)

Isn't this just another version of a dickie? Can I say dickie on this blog?

Ok. I'll re-phrase.

Isn't this just another version of an oosik?

This is very good. There is no way you'd ever get splashback from the urinal on your tie.

Urinal backsplash on your tie? Brad, two words of advice: aim lower.

And if you're a woman gardner and you're ready to tie the knot . . .

D'oh! Make that garDENer

On days when I work from home, I usually just wear whatever I found myself wearing (or not) when I got out of bed in the morning. I have not yet found a reason to don a professional-looking oosik when telecommuting.

So maybe this was what Kiefer Sutherland was striving for in the photo in the restaurant?

I guess you just have to remember not to stand up during the video conference...

Kimberly....can I drop by work sometime?

You mean this one, Betsi?

From the description of the Quintin Mench:

Not only will the this buffed, distinctive ensemble keep you in socks, it might let enjoy some of the finer things. Veags? Deep sea fishing? Exclusive company excursions?

At first I thought it said "deep sea diving," which would've been a lot more impressive if I could pull it off. But I'll settle for fine Veags any day.

David Barry

Write booger jokes on Wall Street with the inspiring David Barry.

You've tried thinking of the best way to work "weasel doots" seamlessly into contract negotiations, or perhaps you need to impress your boss with insightful commentary about an anecdote you Are Not Making Up. The blue shirt of the David Barry frees you from the rigours of formal attire to be creative, talk like a pirate, and maybe trim your toenails.

Do yourself a favor and equip the David Barry next time you want to enjoy the lighter side of an oppresive, soulless, corporate job.

Coat: N/A

Shirt: Blue

Tie: Rubber Chicken (optional)

Don't forget the fine pirate hat and eye patch to add spice to those long, boring meetings.

The party of the first part hereinafter known as, "weasel doots."

Will that work?

So, if you only wear 1/4 of a suit, do you only have to do 1/4 of the work?? Oh wait....look who I'm asking....DB Bloggers...duh....

Fellow blogettes - is anyone but me sad that Keifer is wearing tighty whities?

Points that there are no skid marks, but I always thought of Jack as a sexy boxer brief kind of guy.

I feel I must point out that "Weasel Doots" would be a good name for a rock band.

I happen to like tighty whities, or more accurately tighty blackies. (And I couldn't give a d@mn whether that's sexy or not.)

Just sayin'.

Slim Maynard and the Weasel Doots, in concert, live.

Anybody out there blurkin'?

Oh, yeah, and yea 'fins and Colts; Go Broncos, Pat's suck.

So what happened to Eli and the Giants? Big brother's gonna be hard to live up to.

c'mon, I know there's somebody out there.

Um, hi Wyo...go Bears?

Yo, Wyo. LTTG but just wanted you to know you weren't completely alone. I'm signing off now, though, since I've got other stuff that needs doin'.

Thanks for doing the blogit page. That was a good idea.

Bears are OK, if ya don't really like football. :)

Actually Gayle Sayers was a childhood hero.

The bloggit page is a lot of fun, you're welcome, Scott.

Sorry, Wyo, the game is away from the computer tonight. Trust me, I'm yellin' like hell down in the basement theater room.

Oh, and I'll come check in after the game.

k, dude

These guys are also working on a business-like looking sock puppet to put over your head for those early morning video conferences.

I'm working on a complimentary pair of boxers of like design.

I would just like to point out that "professional-looking oosik" is both ominous sounding and a phrase that I must use at some later date. (My ultimate goal is to induce snorkage of carbonated beverages in random relatives.)

Thank you, Dread Pirate Chris.

Also, scrubs are practically pajamas. I get to wear PJs and sneakers to work. Unfortunately, they won't let me telecommute. *pouts*

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