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September 25, 2006


(Thanks to Claire Martin)

(And don't forget this)


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gypsies, tramps and freaks...

OH NO....I fell for it again!

From the description: Box has light ware.

Now that's an understatement.

♪ I don't got you, babe. ♫

Way cool MtheB. How'd ya do that?

And the doll has less plastic in it than the actual Cher!

Med - check your email in about five minutes.

Curses! Foiled again by the Barry!

lol jon. "Plastics." Ha!

That's just mean, Dave.

I must learn to check out what site the Blog is sending me to, before foolishly clicking on whatever is posted.


Damnit Dave!


Curses! Why didn't I listen when the hairs on my neck raised?

that's it! I'm NEVER ever again taking a day of leave from work to stay home and blurk again!

Cool! I used to have this doll, I think I still have the dress. I do however still have my Donny & Marie Osmond dolls. No kidding. I must have been a lonely child.

Arrgghh! Return of the Manilow calendar! And this time he's got Cher with him! Run!

Tickle Me Manilow? No thank you.

I actually still have this doll in a little red trunk at my mom's house along with all my other off-beat Barbies. Her hair got all tangled, though, and it was incredibly difficult to put on or take off her clothes. They were absolutely as skin-tight as the real things.

...it was incredibly difficult to put on or take off her clothes...

Well, there goes that bit of realism.

OK, so I'm LTTG. Still HUGE *SNORK* @ stevie [9:04] and the relevant CH punctuation [2:39].

1976 - and she still looks the same. My compliments to her surgeons.

He that goes barefoot must not plant thorns... Enoch

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