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September 25, 2006


(Belated thanks to Sharon Brennan)


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It took 3 men to carry it? Just...wow.

From "Short News.com". Snork.

Ded anyone notice that the man making the replacement is named Strongman? It only seems natural.

Three meen?! Now that's a huge erection.

missing woody? Didn't we read something about this a few weeks ago? But I thought they sewed it back on, then took it back off cos the wife laughed out loud. Or sumthin'...

There's a new special at this place.

Meanie the blue:


"...astride the entrance of the library in Whangarei, NewZealand."

Whangarei, Whangerah
Whangarei, Whangerah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha

THAT Whangarei?

n Whangarei, NewZealand....went to work immediately erecting a new penis to replace the missing woody.

is this story true?

Reminds me of when Connie Chung cut off Maori Povich's balls.

Meanie, you just wanted to make sure that the weekday-only bloglits didn't miss out on that story. :-) Very mean.

New Zealand, huh?

Let me take a stab at solving this crime.

It was rugby guys, unable to acquire an oosik to prepare for the Alaskan tournament, so they found a suitable substitute.

Stevie, you are an especially happy wanderer today. Can I have some of what you're having (assuming it did not come from a Chinese restaurant of any kind)?

I have to say that if there were a statue astride the entrance to my local library, bearing a woody that required three men to carry it away, I would be disinclined to walk under it to enter the library.

That is all.

What, no pictures?

Hey, did y'all know that if you mix Diet Dr Pepper and coffee, it tastes... not half bad?

This is an outrage. Penis theft! What could someone possibly want with a giant wooden penis?! Never mind!

"they went to work immediately erecting a new penis...." (from last paragraph of the article)

do these people not have editors!!!!?

someone needs to check local hospitals for women with splinter issues

Back on topic... I'm not sure, but I think that this might be the tiki that's now been dismembered disfigured.

oh, Chaz noticed, too. need caffeine.

When I first saw the headline, I thought it was going to be a story about the Teletubbies.

I thought the headline said "OUTAGE" and naturally assumed this was another squirrel story. Imagine my disappointment.


Posted by: OkieDokie | 11:25 AM

Certainly. They're just not prudes. Aussie and NZed papers are lots more fun to read than American or Brittish papers.

Go ahead. Throw your rocks at me. I merely post a link to an item that was sent in by someone else and posted a few days ago by someone *ahemcoughjudicough* else as well, and, worse still, Dave routinely victimizes the innocent and the gullible with deceptive practices with impunity. The injustice of it all just makes me want to lash out.

Carver, Kerry Strongman, went to work immediately erecting a new penis to replace the missing woody.

who needs US for the puns...

Mama don't you take my scrotum pole away....

(Pull up a chair, meanie).

I think I may have found the culprit

A woman's got needs too ya know?? even a 50 foot one.

Meanie, I'll be askin' for my virgin ears back now.

lol, sxi.

I know souxie! there's hardly any point in commenting.... all the good ones were already in the article!

boy that one just about wrote itself didn't it?!

snork at steve! now please, about this ear worm.

Like so many other things, Kiwis seem to take their libraries very seriously. Or am I mistaking earnestness for sobriety?

Maybe it was stolen by a really big beaver. ;)

A really big Beaver? That is funny in more than one way! Beaver hunt!

*SNORK* @ shell.

Rumor has it that those thugs were hired hands for this person.

This lurkers first SNORK!!!! Oh Happy Day!:)

the thieves just got tired of the "you must be this excited to enter the library" sign.

I wonder if this mailbox is any relation of the disfigured tiki?

I know certain people have criticized me for seeking credit for stories, but clearly the version Sharon sent in was merely a heavily edited version of the one thatI sent Dave last week: see?

Start with the title: "Thieves Whack Manhood From Tiki" is way better than "Tiki Loses Winky".

Isn't it?

gigantic penises on public display? Just had a great idea for a Viagra commercial,.

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