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September 21, 2006



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yeah, husband numbers one, two and three. of course, they were all different types of snakes.

What was her objection? Was it somebody else's snake or something?

Yeah, we've had that experience, we just don't brag about it in public. Sheesh.

3 way simul, weee!

snakes in our beds, dogs eating our panties. nothing new going on here today.

Of course, many women would faint at the sight of a 12-inch black snake in bed with them. Or so I hear.

Wheee! Was that an A or an H?

not that I had much to say. ever.

cant add to that.

If I had a 12" snake in my bed, I sure wouldn't advertise it! Back, blog babes, back!

C.H.- faint or cheer, I'm not sure which.

i had hoped the blog was past the "snakes (preposition) a (noun) phase"...
ah well.

Yuan, a migrant worker, believed the 30-centimetre-long snake to have slept in the bed with her all night long.

the snake just wanted to be loved...is that so wrong???

Yeah, but pepe, this was a 30 centimeter black snake. In a woman's bed. How could the blog pass that up, even absent the Worst Movie of the Century So Far?

true, true... i must have missssed that 30-cm part

sorry, how many innches is 30cm? maybe THAT was the complaint

12 inches, Chaz. Enough to get anyone's attention. Or so I hear.

lets see, CHaz...30cm divided by 2.54 cm/in = rougly 11.82 inches...

*remembers her conversion factors*

I think 12" nudging against you in bed is sure to wake you up

and roughly too...

whoa, Siouxie! Thanks!

hmmm wench...Siouxie sammich!

wooo hooo!

This has nothing to do wtih the snake in a bed post, but what the hell?

This is part of the Madrid Fashion Show photo gallery link at the bottom of the snake story page.

Schade - that man should be mortified to be seen in that outfit


Schadeboy, those outfits were tame in the drug-addled world that is "high" fashion.

That woman's dress looks like a toad exploded on it...

just sayin'

24-Yes, I totally agree. The question is, of course, is he a man, or something else?

I vote for "something else" NTTAWWT

He probably has a lovely singing voice, though.


A quiet September evening – summer time has passed
I know you’ll never leave me – that our love will last
So humble and so grateful so I’ll have another glass
You didn’t even smirk when that snake crawled up my a$$

I panicked like a schoolgirl and did a frantic dance
You calmly lit some fireworks and slid them down my pants
Multiple explosions - that snake didn’t have a chance
You won my heart, I let a fart and blew that snake to France

Our unusual introduction made the local news
Our quarter hour of fame you know is not the life I’d choose
At parties and at shopping malls and bridal showers too
I dance and shout, the fireworks come out, snake shrapnel on my shoes

Snake parts in orbit, bringing reptile rain
There’s parts of them in Texas, and parts of them in Spain
True I got a sore butt – I smile through the pain
Snake’s above! I found true love and life’s never been the same

OMFG, mudstuffin... that was... beautiful? Something. Emphatically something.

very lovely...as snakes up the ass poems go...

I thought you meant the Chinese article about the rejected p#nis...

Goodness, Mud, I hardly know how to react.....blink, blink, blink.

"her brother-in-law who slept in another room"

Thanx, Mud. LOL.

I woke up last monday morning to a dead possum next to me in bed. No...really...not just resting or playing possom...DEAD! Does that count?
Well better than a severed horse head, but still.
Talk about your stress tests!
(A present from my Jack Russel Terrier in the middle of the night!)ACK!

xena: that happened last Monday, and you're already speaking in full sentences. Good!

I would still be dancing next to the bed, I'm afraid.

Mr. Mud, How did you know I did the EWEEEEE EWEEEEE dance right out the front door!
*still having nightmares*
Godfather Theme plays in background.

I wonder what the message was he was trying to send you?

Did you check the pouch for notes?

Touch it? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!I'm sure it was an offer I couldn't refuse...
"call Pesky Critters! NOW!"

mud-how romantic *sigh* ;-)

"her brother-in-law who slept in another room"

Of course he did!!!!



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