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September 22, 2006


...to this level-headed motorist.

(Thanks to DavCat)


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It's always good to strike pre-emptively.

May I be the FIRST to say I ALWAYS keep my pool cue in my car for just such an irrational occasion...

What a Dick.

The motorcyclists have declined to pursue any assault charges having already acquired the motorist's home address and a quantity of accelerant.

TDPC - how are you today? How's your nose, after yesterday's unfortunate snork/snack accident?

After being attacked by his own car, a Sundance at that!, I guess assault charges would be inconsequential.

The drunk man waving a pool cue at the Hell's Angels is lucky that they didn't teach HIM a lesson despite his intention of 'teaching them'.

You have to admit, it was awfully nice of the burly biker men to pull the guy trying to assult them out of traffic. Maybe I ought to take some cookies down to the local chapter here, make some new friends...

He's one lucky Dick...they coulda/shoulda beat the crap outta him with his own cue stick.

Annie, I'm much better today. Thanks.
There were still some lingering after-effects this morning, but something you said around 9:00 AM caused me to do a complete sinus cleansing with my morning coffee. Again, thanks.

Warning: The consumption of alcohol may create the illusion that you are tougher, stronger, smarter, and faster than other people.

"When I read about the evils of drinking, I gave up reading." - Henny Youngman

I guess this was the road rage version of attempted suicide?

Brooks had left his own car in reverse...he was knocked down before he could reach them.

Man, sometimes karma is swift.

Sugar Snot - "something you said around 9:00 AM caused me to do a complete sinus cleansing..."
I wasn't blogging then...do you mean - omigod, you said 'said', not 'wrote' - is the Snot is coming from inside my office?!

I guess his karma really did run over his dogma.

this may be a good way to meet men though.

Alright - I went back and looked. It wasn't you, but somebody in the milk thread made me shoot coffee all over my keyboard.

Apparently absorbing caffiene through your sinuses does strange things to your memory.

Pool cue? Maybe the Harley guy with the black helmet with the #8 in the white circle should rethink his fashion choices.

How would those assault charges have worked, anyway?

"Please explain how the defendant assaulted you."

"Well, he took his pool cue, and he, well, I mean, his car backed over him at that point."

"I see. But after that, he must have really given you the old what for in your hee-haw, right?"

"Well, no. That is, we dragged him out of traffic and held him there for the police."

"So, you sustained no injuries?"

"Not really. I mean, we were late for our Charleston lessons."

"Your Charleston...?"

"We're the only Hell's Angels club that performs the Charleston at Denny's restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area. You can look that up!"

"No further questions."

I'm a hundred pound, gracefully not-young (female) biker who rides pretty much every day - and I have to crack up at the looks of terror and respect I get from some of our less bright citizens, who apparently believe ALL BIKERS are hell's angels. most of the big bad leather clad bikers I know have tattoos with their kids names on 'em, and worship their wives and families. pretty scary, huh?

*zips in*

from karma to dogma! Excellent, CH!

My neighbor has a bike (not sure if it's a Harley) and when he was starting it up for a weekend road trip, my son (5 at the time) says "hey, sweet bike!" I had visions of him as a Hell's Angel and immediately steered him towards something shiny.

"The motorcyclists at that point grab him, get him out of the traffic lanes and detain him until officers arrive...''
"Really, officer, we were taught never to venture out into traffic, so we used the pool cue to push him out of danger. We're really sorry it got stuck in his @sshole, butt it was for his own good."

A good number of bikers I've met have been former military, nice people. Plus you pretty much have to have some money to afford a Harley. A Honda, no (which is why a lot of 20-somethings have those or similar), but a Harley is expensive.

In my hometown, if I saw motorcyclists like that. I would have gotten out of the way. And maybe waved to my friends uncle.

on the other hand

I remember playing baseball one 4th of july. 30-40 bikers suddenly showed up and walked to the nearby Vet center. They all got off there bikes and walked to the flagpole. At this point SUV with kids started to roll up. My initial reaction was, "Are the Moms going to have a gang war with the Hells Angels?"
Then slowly the stars and stripes where raised. Evey man saluted. Taps was played. The men stood still and at attention through out the song.
Afterwards the men walked over to the SUVs and hugged there kids and grandkids.

Artchick, a belated, but hearty *SNOOOORK*!!!

late *snorks* to the bloglits and loved the story. Know many bikers and they're mostly just fine. Know a bunch of the Outlaws and they, too, are mostly just fine. But, my boss started talking to me about child feeding today and, as he has a newborn, I said 'let's not go there.' He explained that wifey is in charge of feeding the kids, as he has motorcycles. And with a newborn, that's probably a good arrangement. She's prolly in charge of buying insurance, as well.

Huh! Girlie bikers.

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