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August 23, 2006


Guys are problem-solvers.

(Thanks to Walker Sloan)


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I want one now!!!

Also nice to know his Stanford education is being use for the betterment of man i mean guys.

Gives new meaning to "junk in the trunk"

Or, I guess in the VW's case, engine, but it just doesn't sound the same

why is this NSFW?

Uh, why is this DO NOT OPEN AT WORK OIY....etc?

I'm guessing it is unsafe to open at work (for a guy) because it will cause a puddle of drool on the keyboard.

I think a guy driving a Beetle has GOT to be compensatin' for something.

Is that an afterburner on your engine or are you just getting a rich fuel ratio?

Sorry about the warning. It wasn't supposed to be there.

I like the idea of puttin jets on a scooter, but make sure to mount 'em high enough for sharp turns.

My favorite jet-powered land vehicle still has to be Jay Leno's bike, but as far as hacks go this one's pretty hawt.

(Also, Chrysler had some turbine-powered cars, though I'd still prefer a Nucleon...)

I'd a used a Jetta.

Yeah, I'm thinking he needs some flames or something on there.

*Herby Goes to Mars*

Y'all remember the urban legend about the guy who attached the RATO engine to his Chevy...

Wasn't it a JATO unit? Anyhow, a jet mounted high on a scooter sounds like a good way to burn your a$$ off.

Just sayin'...

Lets see now...Fuel pump will feed 550 gallons per hour to the jet engine, normal thermodynamic efficiency for this jet is about 2 miles per gallon, therefore a theoretical top speed of 1100 miles per hour - about Mach 1.5.

A definite contender for a Darwin Award.

It doesn't matter. I want one!!

Men and their phallic symbols ... *sigh*

You can do the exact same thing with a Big Wheel, some Mentos and a Diet Coke. Just tryin' to help.

*lowers the collective to touch down like a feather*

He coulda left the turboshaft installed (instead of taking it out), routed the output shaft to a gearbox to drive the rear wheels. Even at idle, the T58 can deliver plenty of horsepower. The 14 gallons of jet fuel will last longer giving more MPG. Don't need the afterburner except for the flash for the tailgater behind you.

I'd modify the sunroof to put a custom air scoop up there to feed the jet. With the requisite two 90 degree turns in the air flow, he can put a bypass across the top of the car to eliminate birds and large stuff with a second trap going out the bottom of the car for those particles too heavy to make the second turn into the inlet. This whole thing will add a little more weight to the car but it will be a bunch quieter inside and the air to the jet will be cleaner.

Now, if he was really good and not just tinkering, he could invert the gearbox coming off the turboshaft so the output went through the roof where he has mounted a fully articulated rotorhead and his Beetle is airborne. Rotor blades can fold down length-wise along the roof line and be manually positioned (similar to the Hiller H-21 system.)

Just sayin' ...

*pulls pitch and is gone, gone, gon*

The best thing about this is that he didn't feel the need to get vanity plates.

That picture reminds me of the morning after I had some particularly good jalepeno poppers.

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