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August 23, 2006


Cows have accents.


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so who actually goes out there to listen to all the cows talk?

FIRST to say I always thought they'd have a southern drawl

'Course they have accents...and highlights, too. A girl's gotta look good.

I read the moos today, oh boy...


Kitten...exactly...I pictured them all sounding like rednecks...

If you COW has a southern accent, you might be a redneck...

What is the difference between a New England cow, A Midwestern cow and a California cow?

Does a Jersey cow have a Jersey accent?

"Yo, Vinny, come ova heah."

OMG I was fisrt! haven't been first in such a long time!

first and a five-way! wheeeee!

Oh, Chaz - rednecks? You greatly underestimate the allure of a lazy, deep, southern drawl...

"Ruminant with a Moo"

(for when they make the movie)

"Mr Green is one of the cheesemakers who wraps his animals in cow coats and plays them classical music while they are being milked in winter."

I think accents are the least of things that should have been investigated for this story...

Redneck: A sublime lack of sophistication. - Foxworthy

We need to get the Moo-Arrr cows to participate in Talk Like A Pirate Day.

So this english couple shows up at the farm, and we was takin' and he asks what do we do with all that corn and I says "we eat what we can and what we can't we can." Well, he thinks that's real funny so he calls his wife over and says to her "I asked this gentlman what they do with such a great quantity of corn and he said "We eat what we are able, and what we cannot eat, we put into tins."

...and *SNORK!*@Layzee.

I got yer milk right here......

Don't call somebody a redneck unless you are one.
And I are one. - Foxworthy

And applicable.

I once knew a cow in Texas...

But she was one damn good cook!

Is August 22 the British equivalent of April 1, metrically speaking?

and mooo, y'all.

I always thought those cows down in Texas sounded different.

"If you own a home with wheels on it and several cars without, you just might be a redneck.
- Jeff Foxworthy"

I may be from New England and the city, but I do consider myself a redneck. If only by using Pogo's quote.

no Kitten... I love a southern drawl....on a female...brign it on if you have one (Texas has the best)...

But on a cow...or someone who takes care of cows...ts all redneck

I was born and raised smack in the middle of West Virginia. I now live and work in Great Falls, Montana. My neck is so red my neighbors complain about the glow at night.

Chaz, gotcha! No accent here as I am a midwesterner...

Does anyone else, when they travel to a foreign country, look at the animals and think "Hmmm...since I'm here in the Netherlands, I wonder if this squirrel I'm looking at thinks in Dutch?"?

Now I've got to add to that if the darn thing thinks with an accent...sheesh...

Arrrggghhhh mateys bring the cheese to me!! (a belated response to meanie's comment above)

Next on Broadway: My Fair Heifer.

Why can't the farmers teach their cattle how to speak?
This verbal class distinction, by now, should be antique.
If you mooed as she does, sir,
Instead of the way you do,
Why, you might be giving milk, too!

"I'm a good calf, I am!"

Eliza Moolittle.

Midwestern is sexy too....speak to me, Baby!

MOTW, ISIANMTU - I did not see your post before adding mine.

*Cue Twilight Zone moosic.*

;-) Nice to share a brain cell with the likes o' you, Meanie.

A little night moosic, anyone? Perhaps Moo-town? I'd offer one of Beethoven's moo-vements, but the air toilet blew it away.

Much likewisedness, MOTW.

Let's not wear it out, though, OK? I don't want to have to break open the spare.

I thought I knew everything about cows. guess I need to git out more.

*Listens to Red Neck, White Socks and Blue Ribbon Beer.*

Wyo, I haven't heard that song in years!!!

*Private musing directed at MOTW: what do you make of the fact that you, a known female, parodied the male lead and I, a Y-chromosome type, parodied the female lead (in the guise of cows, yet)?*

Speaking of accents, and speaking as a redneck whose momma was from Texas and dad was from Kansas, I find the NY-NJ accent on women to be the most potent form of birth control yet devised.

What about the cows in other countries? Does that mean that the cows on my families farm in Poland speak with a 'Ski accent?

pogo - as In Fran Drescher? aaaagghghghgh

Snork @ Pogo.

You havent heard the Revere Mass Accent coupled with what is called "Revere Hair" Now that is Birth Control. Bear in mind (and Beer in hand) I am talking about 1980's vintage. I have not seen hair like it since before I got married. (15 years ago.)

Pogo...that and the hair

psst, Chaz: this morning on my way to work, I passed corn fields and giggled when I saw their "tassles"

How's that?

*snork* @ pogo!

* Meanie - both involve an exchange between both sexes. And this we share with His Daveness: he's made part of his living parodying the differences between the two. Just ask Mrs. Blog. *

pogo, I totally agree about the NY-NJ accent. At the same time, on the other side of the coin, British or even better Scotch/Irish accents are rater "appealing".

Kitten - I'm so unsophistcated I don't know who Fran Drescher is. (It could be a TV thing - I mnostly avoid TV.)

The cows here in California not only have accents, they speak spanglish. (Sorry--haven't had enough coffee)

Ddi-yes. And French cows are rude, German cows are strict, Swiss cows are tidy, and Chinese cows are good at puzzles.
Whew, I think that's the first time I've offended everyone in the entire world in a single post!

*removes extraneous "n" from mnostly*

oh Kitten....you make me swoon

Juggler! Reveyah! Growing up on the North Shore, we always used to say that Revere girls dried their hair by standing on the runway at Logan!

The west coast cows they lisp, I really dig their short brown hair...

Hey you "Eliza-with-a-Z"-ers,

Funny! I was thinking about another "My Fair Lady" tune since the Britney board opened ("I have often read...")

here pogo

Pogo - you have hit the nail right over the head with the sledgehammer. I have lived most of my life in or near New York City, and am very used to that accent. Despite this, there is no other accent, not even Valley-speak, that makes a woman sound as unappealing to me as that way of speaking. A guy speaking heavily in that accent sounds like a lunkhead, and when a woman does it I can't help but cringe.

It's also especially odd when you hear people who are actually very articulate and intelligent speaking that way. I have to actively concentrate really hard on what they are saying and not on how it sounds.

that's why i cant udderstand them! besides, we had no cows in my part of queens. [same part as fran drescher].....but i hoid dere was a hoid of dem in da bron-x. oh, and ruminant with a view, snork.

I forgot that one Punkin, We used to say that in Hyde Park too.

Guys -

Fran Drescher or Britney Spears (today)?

JOKE: whats the difference between trash and a girl from New Jersey?

Q. What do German cows say?

A. Moooche (hard c)

ANSWER: trash sometimes gets picked up.....OW!

I don't hold accents against people. You sound like the people you grew up with, or in my case as a service brat, you learned to sound like the people around you...fast.

But too often the NY-NJ thing gets coupled with an attitude that says, "We're superior! We're the only ones who do things correctly."

There was a bumper sticker I saw fairly often when I first came to ATL, "We don't care how you did it up north"

What do French cows say?


I thought Miss Piggy said "Moi"

Yeah, Pogo, I have seen many of us NYers who pull that cr@p, and have earned the rest of us a bad name. I guess there's something about spending your life in a city that's hyped to the max that causes some people to start believing the BS. I grew up there, I love the place, and would miss it dearly if I ever moved too far away, but that's one attribute of many NYers I could live without.

stevie: Good one! Actually they go "Meuh" in the comics.

Roosters go "Cocorico!" in French, "Ki-ki-ri-kee!" in Japanese (both of which are closer than "C*ck-a-doodle-doo!")
(Freaking spam filter made me replace the 'o')

Sorry but the Aussies have everyone beat. That slow, lazy drawl with just that slight off brit accent and that warm, syrupy way of talking...

Oh, now I'm getting warm.

What do you get when you cross a french cow with an italian hockey player???

Mario Lemieux

Okay, I was thrilled to see someone picked up on the farmer who wraps his cows in coats and plays them classical music - Whew! What's up with THAT? - happy cows make good cheese so classic cows make classy cheese?

Yet I was further amused to note the advertisement for cow semen on the bottom right of the page... That's kinda personal isn't it?? Advertising your cow's semen on the internet? Did that only come up on my site? Maybe I should upgrade my parental controls... Perhaps no one wanted to go there...? Sorry, I just couldn't help myself.


Opposite situation here. Father from Texas, mother from Kansas, living in Texas. I ended up picking up my mom's accent, and since the people around here can't tell a Midwestern accent from, say, a New England accent, I have been told all my life that I "sound like a yankee". One of my friends in school always swore she would teach me to "tawlk lahk uh Tayk-sun" (this was her exaggerating her own accent, not an actual representation of most people in my hometown. Just some of them, but that's another story).

And yes, the cows moo extraordinarily slowly around here too.

We musta used up too much bovine bandwidth, 'cause I (always late to the party, on account of not having computer access on the job) can't get to the site now. It says "SERVICE UNAVAILABLE." Drat.

Guys, it makes me happy to know that y'all like southern accents, on account of I have one. Also got a horse and a '96 F-150. And an art degree. Go figure.

Have to agree about the NY/NJ speak. I'm not sure why it's such a turnoff, but it is. Midwestern is, to me, so nondescript that I barely hear it, unless they're from Minnesota or perhaps Michigan and they have that Fargo thing going on.

For foreign types, British, Irish, Scottish or Aussie, are all good. Sadly, I hardly meet any of those. I live in southwest FL, which means I mostly meet retired Midwesterners and (illegal) Mexican construction workers.

Oh, and we have lots of cows here, but I never noticed their accents. Probably because I haven't visited enough cows in other areas.


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