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August 24, 2006


UPDATE WARNING: Be advised that the link will show nude people who are naked and not wearing any clothes.


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Psst - Dave - ya might wanna put a warnin on that one for work and whatnot

and WHOOO-HOO... where can I get tickets!!

*makes note to be sure to fly with Jessica Alba*

It's the only way to fly!

A couple of those guys are so pasty they're almost blueish.

note to self: diet before next flight

I wonder if that's business class or coach?

I sure as heck aint' flyin' anywhere with my mom anymore.

Whoa. Yeah--- Warning for those of us in Cubeland.

I even "prarie-dogged" to see if anyone happened to be looking my way when that page opened.

That one's a News Flash. Several times over.

*snork* @ Wyo. Keep 'em coming, please!

On a totally different topic...I'm in awe. You guys are unbelievable.

(OK, I'm logging off soon to get some serious work done.)

THAT'll do the trick Dave... thanx!

Gee thanks, Lisa. (no really)

Dave, I'd love to see ya in Denver, but I've got plans to be horesback at 10,000 ft lookin for elk.

Who schedules these things, anyway?

Make sure you have your elk license, wyo.

Wyo- They'll get close enough to you one of these days.

Leetie - and your point is?

Just beyond your reach.



It ain't easy being Bluish.

Now THAT'S what I would call a terrorist flight.

'Scuse me Sir, is that loaded?

*sends Glove over to give Blue a hug*

At first I was mad because I'm at work and I can't look at sites with undressed, nude, naked people. But now I'm glad I wasn't subjected to blue-type naked guys.

No offense Meanie.

shoot!!! I can't come to the Beverly Hills thingie, I have class :-( and I so wanted to get in on a bloglit picture.

Fly the friendly skies indeed.

And yay, Dave will be in Denver on my birthday! Hope I can make it down to see you!

Is this from the *Ram Groper* contest?

don't worry, Blurk - all the good stuff is blurred out. Either that, or these people have bizarre genitalia and bazooms

D'oh! Wish you'd have called first Leetie .... this is going to be tough to explain to my current glove.

The good news is you can get on the plane now.

The bad news is that your prostate is slightly enlarged.

just as long as the play "see me....touch me...feel me...." By the Who over the loudspeaker

Ha! Somebody already emailed me an uncensored version of this, so there.

*snork at jolly

I've predicted this for some time. Would make flights out of Texas, California and New York more scenic, on the balance.

The midwest, maybe not so much.

But that's no change, if you think about it.

I'm taking the train.

Excuse me sir, but you can't get on the plane with that snake.

I have been waiting for the TSA to take it to this level. I think it's gonna happen, folks. And really, what's so bad?

They might think about upholstering those cold metal buckles on the seatbelts, though. And maybe make them disposable.


How do you get the horse up to 10,000 feet? Helicopter?

And how do the elk get up there?

This gives new definition to "Snakes on a Plane"...

Uncensored version

Scroll down to the second picture.... if you dare.

Now really, is the uncensored version that much worse than the blurred one?

I didn't think the boobs were blurred out in the first pic.

As a card carrying nudist (really) who flies 30 weeks a year, I say why not? It'd sure make me feel safer.

You're right, Layzeeboy - it'd be much harder for anyone to conceal any, er, weapons.

Where do you carry the card?

Actually ... don't tell me.

Actually, Wyo ... the species name of the Elk (Wapiti) is (I've been told) from an American Indian word meaning "white rump" ... that sorta goes with this "news" photo, eh?

HAH! You were on-topic and din't even know it, eh?

I AM GENUINELY WORRIED. I will be flying on a RyanAir flight next week. Yikes!

1.) Funny picture.

B.) Another book, Dave and Ridley?! What are you doing?
Writing them while strumpetting the last one?

Tres.) Betsi, while having class is not encouraged at a
Dave signing, we don't discriminate.

I just laughed my butt off. The problem is, I truly hate Ryan Air. I only fly them because they are so incredibly cheap.

And can someone please help me find a better blog name?

me-I like your blog name. I mean there is only one you, er I mean "me."

*makes note to only pack seven veils for his next international flight*

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