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August 23, 2006



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i think "i don't like the SMELL of this"

will be more likely.

Dave's probably right, rick. I'm betting this thing makes a nice roar.

does the user have to provide their own blast?

Compressed air and poop? I hope that seal is tight. This could get ugly. You know what happens when the sh-- hits the fan.

My thoughts exactly Plunger, High pressure air and Crap. Last week someone was fingerpainting in the cafeteria bathroom, this would only make it more accessible.

Hopefully your not still seated and accidently flush. The results of that could be pretty messy.

Just how is 1.5 liters of water supposed to get rid of the skid marks on the toilet, also 1.5 liters dosn't seem like enough water so a large poo will probably be sticking out of the water.

It has been used as the sole toilet by the occupants and monitored throughout.

Monitored? Exactly how?

jimbo, you are putting entirely too much thought into this....

"Last week someone was fingerpainting in the cafeteria bathroom"

Do you mean what I think you mean? You can't mean what I think you mean. Do you? I don't want to know (yes I do).


That is all.

ever have a toilet that sounds like an airplane when you flush? This is that toilet for sure...

now, maybe if you can use it to blow up balloon animals , spare tires or other inflatable accessories as well......

"The Compressed Air Blasters" wbagnfarb as would "The Double Flushers"

My OBGYN said this is very dangerous.

Oh, it blows WHERE????? That can't be good for ya, either

mommy, what happened to little joey??

i dont know dear, the last time i saw him he said he was going to go to the bathroom....

The article says it was the sole toilet of the occupants for eight months. Does that mean these folks were confined to the place or, um, that they saved their output for when they were home? If the latter, who monitored them when they were out?

Where are my meds?

These micro flow toilets are a means of getting you to appreciate the low flow toilets Dave. Don't give in!

To extend Plunger's point, we all know that whatever hits the fan is not evenly distributed.

Just sayin...

"Over the past eight months the Propelair has been flushed 3000 times and is said to have saved 20tonnes of water,...Inventor Garry Moore explained how the toilet works...
Now they know how many tonnes are saved by Mister Garry Moore....

We may have to get Tony Blair involved.

the system has a closeable, sealable lid which forms a seal onto the ceramic pan, so the user uses the pan, closes the seat and the lid, which forms a seal.

guy's would have to put the seat down and close the lid? like that'll happen.

Yes, but can it handle 24 golf balls or 14 water wigglers?


Paris Hilton using one of these: When Airheads Collide

So, basicaly, we're saying that flushing with the lid open is out of the question?

Makes one wonder about those late night trips now doesn't it?

And I'd hate to see someone attach one of those automatic flushing sensors to it. Imagine sitting there as the thing goes off!? WOW!

If it's too quiet you can always add the Robo-Crapper or whatever it was.

Looks like Dave's gonna hafta get an even BIGGER generator!

i thought it sounded awesome at first, but even if it works great, i can see 2 major problems on the horizon:

1: it requires electrical power. and until dave hooks a generator to MY house, I don't feel comfortable with my poo-disposal requiring us to be hurricane free.

2: seals wear out, and generally without a great deal of warning. one day, poop flushes great. next day...not good times.

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