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August 24, 2006


They have allegedly apprehended the alleged suspect who allegedly stole SpongeBob the squirrel monkey.


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I.m ready, I'm ready to be FIRST

Why must it always be the unemployed who steal monkeys? WHY, I ASK YOU, WHY!?!?!??

I think they do it so they will be in a warm place with free food.

He was gonna start a business. "That's not my Minkey" "He doesn't tell me what to play, and I don't tell him what to do with his money."

Glad I had to miss the last half of that last thread.

plus, if he is unemployed, how can he afford the bail?

Sings, "Who likes to eat pineapple, up in a tree-Spongebob Squirrel(monkey)Pants!"

Tropichunt - generally because the gainfully employed rarely have time to visit the zoo. Or anywhere else. And are already monkeying around at work.

"named after the cartoon character SpongeBob Squarepants"

Gee, we would have never figured that one out...

In Clapham Really? I'm from Stompburger. ... bwa ha ha ha!

The missing baby penguin was never found. Maybe they should check this guy's freezer.

"It was returned to the zoo after it was spotted being played with by children in Clapham, south London."

That's just nasty.

Marlon Brown is no Marlon Perkins.

It was probably partially the monkey's fault. Someone ought to spank him.

All Marlon Perkins ever did was describe the animals that beat the snot out of Jim.

Poor little monkey!

Right, CJ, if he was Marlon Perkins, he'd have hid in the bushes by the camera man while making Jim steal the monkey.

maybe he was just taking him to visit patrick

Did they say "SpongeBob" the extremely effemanate (-2sp) squirrel monkey???
Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Wonder if the Teletubbies have a monkey named after them????

Looks like ya beat me to the punch, pogo, I had to go look up who Marlon's flunky was.

Great minds...

did they find SpongeBob IN THE HALL?

gotta be a true fan to get that

Right Pogo! Marlon would say, "Jim, you go first....I'll just watch from behind this rock."

In deep green woods there lies a fairy glade,
Shut in by tawny hemlocks wild and tall;
Its floor is made with richest moss, and all
Its round is steeped in most delicious shade.
It is a spot for listening silence made.
Few sounds awake it save the wild bird's call,
And winds that murmur round its forest wall,
like instruments at airy distance played.
'Tis there a still and stolen minkey lie,

And listen to the homeless dude a'singing:
I hear his bell-like voice a'floating nigh,
through arches green and dewy branches springing;
he passes wind and with child-like laugh replies
I hear Spongebob's theme song in deep tones ringing.

".... and just as Jim should have done, protect yourself with bail bond coverage from Mutual of Omaha."

Mud--I'd change your cell phone settings if I were you.

Everybody's got something to hide, 'ecpt for me and my squirrel monkey.

Look! Up in the sky! It's a squirrel -- it's a monkey -- it's SPONGEBOB!!

Um, 24 -

"gotta be a true fan to get that."

There's no such things as "true fans" of SpongeBob. Only mental patients.

The London police needed Inspector Clouseau to sniff out this minkey-stealing culprit a little sooner. The theft occurred on July 18; the monkey found four days later; this guy almost slipped away!

stevie - never said I wasn't that as well

this one got kicked out of the barrel..Life in the barrel was rough...

Oh what a stupid fool, Marlon
Oh what a stupid fool, hey
I caught the stupid fool stealing
Now he'll be going away.

There's a bright golden-maned squirrel monkey
There's a bright golden-maned squirrel monkey
He's endangered, he's two
And he came from Peru
And he's now back at home at the Chessington zoo...

Oh what a stupid fool, Marlon
Oh what a stupid fool, hey
I caught the stupid fool stealing
Now he'll be going away.

monkey see. monkey do.

Is "minkey" the way Inspector Clouseau pronounces "monkey", or was that a typo?

But I am also a Spongebob fan, lol.

**looks around rapidly for the men in white coats*

Zat is what I have been saying all along, you fewel! Minkey

Minky was a reference to Clouseau, and the quotes thereafter were from a pink panther movie. The inspector was questioning an organ grinder, while a robbery was going on behind him.

Pogo....Reminds me of "Armdillos have protective shells, humans don't. That's why you need Mutual of Omaha!"

I thought the minkey had a bimb.

What kind of bimb?

The exploding kind *crash**wham**smack*



I read somewhere recently that M.Perkins actually got bitten by 2 venemous snakes over his career, so he was doing something besides hiding behind Jim.

Idyadiva...Many years ago I heard a radio interview with M.P. when he was about 130 yrs old..A young boy on the east coast (I think Baltimore)had been bitten by a rare poisonous snake that M.P. had also been bitten by.(well, not the VERY same snake) He was as funny as h3ll!

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