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August 25, 2006


Does this mean that it would be more hygienic to steer your car with a toilet seat?


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Well, I wasn't planning to eat off of the steering wheel anytime so- *remembers breakfast. and lunch*

Ugh. Never mind.

Wait a minute...first it was your cell phone that had more germs than a toilet seat, now it is your steering wheel. I think I'll just take a toilet seat with me everywhere.


I know some people pick their noses when they drive -- does this mean that someone is also picking their seats?

No Dave - apparently it means your steering wheel would be more sanitary if you steered the car with your a$$.

At the new car rental place down the street, you can press a red button and a plastic sheath will move over the steering wheel.

*snork* at everyone

Exactly who does all these germ counts and why?

Apparently toilet seats are set to replace autoclaves. They are more sterile that anything else on earth.

Doctor: "Nurse, has this scalpel been sterilized?"

Nurse: "Yes, doctor. I just wiped it on the

Oh just *snork* @ everybody.

*Checks passport for visa to the Chocolate City, bleaches steering wheel*

Personally I like that this (http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/tm_objectid=17623738%26method=full%26siteid=66633%26headline=eighty%2dmen%2dcame%2dto%2dmy%2ddoor%2dfor%2dsex-name_page.html because I'm too lazy to figure out the HTML right now) was the headline below the article.

This is no surprise. Has anyone ever played count the nose pickers with their kids? Much better than any alphabet game, but obviously, those same people are using their picking finger to drive with. :(

However, did anyone else notice the sub-article regarding the miffed boyfriend's revenge campaign? Now that's funny. A dish served cold comes to mind, but that guy was more than hot under the collar!

did you see the article below it

A MUM told yesterday how her rejected lover used text messages to send 80 men to her home for sex.

Isn't that how they do it in Florida anyway? And 24 info- Chloe has a small part in Little Miss Sunshine. Not a stretch- she pretty much plays Chloe.

Chaz, that's the story that popped out at me too!!

hardkaur, yep I definitely wish Chloe had had more screen time.

I think it means they need to start making everything out of toilet seats and black boxes.

And did anyone else read Sioxie's comment as pooped, not popped?

Eeeewwww, I never thought about rental cars.

GEEZ, just when you think it's safe to lick the wheel again........

(not that i have, of course)

[picks bits of fuzzy wheel cover off of tongue]

So, if you take ice from a fast-food restaurant and wash your steering wheel with it, is your steering wheel cleaner or dirtier?


that depends if you dump the coke out of the cup first.

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