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August 25, 2006


Stay indoors.


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"...oncerns that it could contaminate local water supplies..."

Why that is pure bull****!

I NEW that's how Wyo was getting his horse up to 10,000 feet.

thot-provoking quote: ... after sedating the animal and carrying her out by helicopter in a harness.

So, I'm wonderin', why did they have the helicopter in a harness?

Is that NEthin' like a "truss"?

wonders if they gave her a few extra whirls trying to make her milk shake

What a Mooooving article.

I wonder if there is a future in bovine airborne moooving services here in the states.

Jolly, good morning. As for 10,000 ft, we do it the old fashioned way though this looks like something worth trying.

It's not gonna be pretty when she poops on your windshield.

"GERA, the special intervention group of the Madrid fire service..."

Now that's got to be a fun office to work in (which to work).

"Looks like we got a code 419!"
"What? Didn't you put out those flyers advising people that running naked with the bulls does not, in fact, please San Fermín?"
"Yes, I said code 419!"
"Oh. Well, we're not helping Senora Arroyo Lopez Gonzalez remove another sedated ferret from her..."
"Code 419! A cow stuck in a ravine. We get to ride in the chopper!"

I once saw a cloud shaped like a giraffe. I didn't try to rescue it.

*snork* @ sly

just following the pig's lead...

Spanish Cow Fly?

*c'mon coffee, work darnit*

*snork* @ Lisa. Maybe you're Lucy Van Pelt's sister??

and it was concerns that it could contaminate

I need to get a job as an editor

Birdy, birdy, in the sky
Dropped a whitewash in my eye
I'm no wimp, I won't cry
I'm just glad that cows don't fly.

If a bird poops on you, it's supposed to be good luck. What happens if a cow poops on you? Do you win the lottery?

Uh 24, do you mean I shouldn't have killed that gull at Disney World?

sweep sweep

I'm pretty sure that negated the good luck factor

nope, not < b >

But did it have a Spanish accent?

Wyo-Does she like clouds too?

she lays out with the other Peanuts kids. Linus see's what only brilliant minds can conjure, while Lucy and Charlie see ducky's and doggies.

Oh, right! I forgot about that.

kitten, what command did you use to make the bold? We could use your de-editing skills.

flying cow disease?

aye, caramba, what the +_(* am i doing up here?? maybe the 'sedation' was way cool, and the cow, was just, in oh, wow land for awhile. in either case, snork@christobol. LOL.

and then

uh, yeah - that was no help

For the newbies, I know there are web pages out there that do this for you, but if you're interested...
To Link:
Link Text Here
Not Barry Manilow

italics - italics
bold - bold
strikethrough - strikethrough

Common symbols:
& - &
< - <
> - >
© - ©
® - ®
™ - ™
¼ - ¼
½ - ½
¾ - ¾

that's a semi-colon at the end of each of those.

dammit - someone help - I know the cheat sheet was posted at one time but it won't transfer the commands when I try to cut and paste

Can we turn Bold off now?

A helicopter was used to finally rescue a cow which was trapped in an eight metre deep ditch in Navarredonda de San Mamés...
San Mamés? I wonder what he's the patron saint of?

Can't believe no one mentioned that Flying Spanish Cows WBAGNFARB.

*snork* Christobol for We get to ride in the chopper!" and "Sedated Ferret" (who could open for Flying Spanish Cows).

Fly me to the moo

Wyo, beautiful pix! I'm not much into hunting and fishing, but I am into photography -- especially mountains. (Not many mountains to photograph in central Illinois, however.) Your photos give meaning to the term "God's country."

Laughing,imagining this scenario:
Unwitting man goes to get in car.
Looks at windshield.
Scans sky nervously for biggest bird in recorded history.

Cow, wondering if he was going to be on someone's plate soon:

"What am I, choppered liver?"

I emailed kitten a cheat sheet for links, etc. If anyone wants a copy, drop me a note.

e-mail me, kitten.

I have an excellent copy and paste html.

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