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August 23, 2006


Tom and Jerry give up smoking.

(Also thanks to Artchick)


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This is SO ridiculous!

so the rule is... smoking is bad, smashing your friend with a hammer is fine.

Ruh roh.

*Drops an anvil on Ted Turner's head*

Idiots. It makes me want to rush out and get copies of old Tom and Jerry shorts, just so I can have them with the smoking intact. I haven't figured out what I'd do with them, though.

In twenty years they'll find something else to air brush out - like, say, violence.

Then we'll have cartoons of Tom & Jerry just standing around looking at each other ....

While we're at it, I find refereces to violent characters such as Hitler, Napolean, and Henry the 8th to be very offensive and not appropriate role models for children. Rather than just teach my children right from wrong, please delete all historical references to any characters that may be deemed "unsuitable" for children to imitate.

Thank you.

Concerned (yet inept) Mom

what a maroon.

My kids watch Tom and Jerry every day and as yet they have not tried to kill each other or smoke cigs. I'm more concerened of the effect people morons like Brit, Paris, Lindsey and Nicole have on my kids.

What they're doing, by making only "bad guys" continue smoking...is making the bad guys look cooler.


Idiots! (said with a British Cow Accent*)


I think you're right, 24. The 3-dimensional in-the-flesh "celebrities" have a lot more sway than decades-old cartoon animals.

Wee! I got posted twice in one day! Sighs contentedly and lights up a...never mind.

If Shaggy and Scooby can't smoke either, does that mean they won't get the munchies anymore?

Also, *Snork* at Brian.

Rare serious post:

I've always hated Tom and Jerry, and the phrase "classic Hanna-Barbera cartoons" may be a contradiction in terms, so I don't think this is a major crime against the culture, but it IS a classic case of what can go wrong when political correctness runs amuck and people with no compunction about revising history control a body of work.

Remember a few years ago when they were going to outlaw Speedy Gonzalez cartoons because they are supposedly racist, and then suddenly heard from thousands of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans (I know, same thing) who insisted they LOVED Speedy and were not at ALL offended, and basically said, "Hey, lighten up!"?

Kids under the age of six shouldn't be watching these lame and violent cartoons anyway, and kids over that age understand the notion of context and that these are "old fashioned" cartoons from a different era and probably view the smoking depicted as "that weird thing they did in the old days."

*goes out to have a cigarette*

Bill, my 6 year old has been watching T&J for quite a long time. He has never been violent, has never hit anyone and as a matter of fact, he has been the mediator (sp?) in fights between his friends. Cartoons do not create violent children - their environment and lack of positive role models teaching them what is and is not appropriate is to blame.


24--agreed and I didn't mean to imply otherwise. On the subject of smoking, kids are going to take much more of a cue from their parents, not cartoons.

oh, puh-leeeze! my kids both grew up watching these cartoons, as did I, and it has not warped us one bit...my growing up in a family with a biker for a dad and a religious fanatic for a mom is what warped me, and having me for a mom warped my kids, but all in a good way, of course!

I grew up angry, not violent...what cartoon did I get THAT from?

I rarely do serious posts, either, and I am aghast at having to make one about, of all things, cartoons.

Being a fan and collector of classic cartoons, I can tell you that Ted and his PC-squad (and others) have been eviscerating cartoons (Tom & Jerry and other MGM toons; Looney Tunes; and others) for years. Scenes with handguns, pills, booze, racial and gender stereotyping have been quietly edited out in many cases.

Will the current generation of toon-watchers be better off for it? Hang on, I'll go interrupt their game of Grand Theft Aut0 and ask.

I think if it's got stuff in it that is unacceptable by contemporary standards, either don't show it at all or put in a genuine sincere disclaimer with context, rather than water it down to incomprehensibilty.

Some stuff that was in cartoons was truly appalling (the racial and gender stuff particularly, and far worse than anything that was done with Speedy Gonzalez), but that's the way the works were created and they reflect a period in this country that, for better or worse, truly existed. Rather than airbrush history and sweep the ugly stuff under the rug, let's put the context around it that allows yesterday's and today's perspectives to be compared and helps kids recognize the differences.

Chaz: Probably Yosemite Sam.

BTW: Snorks for everybody. I can't improve an what's already been said.

Random but somewhat related thought: Today's cartoons (Spongebob, for instance) are so annoying that I would watch a show where they brought back an old minister of mayhem like Bugs, the Chickenhawk, or Jerry to torture and maim you know, Spongebob. That would be cool. I would make my kids watch and say "See, that's what happens when you're annoying."

Speaking as an animated character, of course.

*snork* @ mud - that is a very valuable lesson

I grew up watching Tom and Jerry cartoons daily after school. I had no idea to this day that there was smoking in them. Now that I know, I suddenly feel the urge to take up smoking.

*Erases Beppie's 1:06 post*

Arthur C Clarke prophesised this in one of his books. I believe it was the one that there was a race to raise both parts of the Titanic for a tv ratings race.

Even Di$ney(little TM thingie) has been doing this with their "classics" like Fantasia. And just try to find a copy of Song of the South on DVD (legally).

Yeah, like Betty Boop made me into a wh0re.

(It was the 80's that made me into a wh0re)

Rumor has it that Disney will be releasing Song of the south on its 60th anniversary as a metal boxed edition.

I guess for me then Tom & Jerry and these other classic cartoons were just the gateway cartoons.
I am into way harder stuff now, South Park and Family Guy to name some. Thank God for this article, now I know where to place the blame for my twisted sense of humor.

Cigarettes are out, but Marvin's earth-shattering Uranium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator remains?

That might make me very angry.

it's what Tom and Jerry were doing before they lit up that offends me!

Juggler - Orwell may have been more prophetic on this "changing history to agree with current politics", but he thought it would have been the government doing it.

I agree Pogo, but in the first few chapters of The ghost from the grand banks part of what we would call the B story is a group of people at a Turner like Network talking about how they remove the smoking from movies like Casablanca. it is almost as dumb as removing the guns from the federal agents from ET in the movie and dvd release a few years ago.

Sorry about that runon there. I need to take a break.

Jugg - is that a recent Clarke book? I haven't read it.

I have been watching loony tunes (tm) tom & jerry (tm) and other "classic" cartoons most of my life (and I am over 40, 'nuff said about my age).

I was entertained, and introduced to some of the best classical music (by Carl Stalling or Scott Bradley) on cartoons. The smoking scenes I recall but mostly because they introduced a punch line. Taking the scenes out just makes me mad. Pure stupidity on the part of the moral minority.

sorry for the /rant.

1990 I have an old copy of it in paperback.
I thought it was out of print but it looks like amazon has it.
Amazon page

Perhaps we should all go through Ted's personal journals and see what we can edit out. Or perhaps find and post on the internet. Whichever.

geez, next thing you know you won't be able to buy candy cigarettes anymore. oh wait, never mind.

JoG, Thanks. I think I read that several years ago, but it's kinda hazy. I have a long time loyalty to Clarke and his buddy, Asimov.

I think it is soooo very nice of Ted Turner and his employees to take on themselves to decide what my children and grandchildren should watch. I am soooo glad to be relieved of that responsibilty. Do they want to help with anything else, like potty training and getting them to clean up their room?

I had this whole rant typed out about what passes for animation these days but decided to not post it. Instead I am going to head on over to Netflix and put the Old cartoons on my queue so I can watch the classics.

insomniac, you have a valid point.

I have purchased most of the Disney (tm) discs so I could get the originals, and every time something questionable might appear in a cartoon, Leonard Maltin comes on to tell us that "that's the way it was done back then and now we know it's wrong." *PUKE* They also cut one of the best scenes ever from a Donald cartoon--he has an apple farm, and plays "apple core, Baltimore" with Chip and Dale, and, being a cartoon, his barn explodes and he winds up in China. They cut it before you hear people speaking in a Chinese accent (they used to say "Bartimore" when playing the game). And, to make all this even sadder, this comment is coming from a 26 year old who remembers seeing this on the Disney Channel when the channel actually played cool stuff, rather than Twitney, Lindsey, and all the other poptarts.

I feel your pain MaryG. I was an Mouse employee when Little Mermaid came out and was able to see it at the Cast member premier. I just heard that there is "Lost footage" and a "Cut song" that they "Found" in the vault that they are returning to the film so it will be the way it was meant to be.

OK, fellow cartoon junkies. Forget Tom & Jerry. Try Pinky and the Brain. Much smarter, much funnier, and they just came out with a DVD box set which I bought, and it's great.

Also, I hear that there will soon be a DVD collection of the animated series of The Tick. That's going in my collection, too. Any cartoon in which they have an alien supervillian clone who's made out of BOOGERS, is a cartoon worth watching.

I am sure that the blog would agree.


Oh, and will this "PC" thing DIE already?

I mean, I wanna find the twits who're censoring these things and drop anvils on their heads. Repeatedly. Although I really don't know where I could EVER have gotten such an idea...


Pinky and the Brain rocks! I am waiting for the rest of them to come out. I grew up watching looney toons and never dropped an anvil on anyone! (and i've worked in retail for eons, boy have i been tempted)

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