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August 25, 2006


Don't they?

(Thanks to warren anderson)


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Definitely playing games with my head.....oh yeah...first!

Without a doubt...second. :)

Ha! Like genitals!
That is hilarious...

Yes, they do.

"Wang donated the statue in the courtyard," Liu says. "He comes here during the offseason to give our players tips. He's a big presence in our program."

Where do ya even start with this?

hmmm ya think??


Wang's Tips WBAGNFA(n)Oriental Rabbi?

"Wang hops on the mound and prepares to deliver a stunning performance."

"I don't know, Jim. He looks a little stiff to me."

"Bob, that's when he's at his best."

"But, Jim, what the conditions on the field? It's pretty warm and moist down there. Humidity must be close to 95%."

"Bob you just watch what he does with those balls."

"Wow! The crowd is giving him a standing O."

Okay, I'll stop now.

I give up, it's Friday. Gotta Wang Chung tonight. See ya.

*snork* @ blurk

couldn't help yerself, huh??

Nope. Not even a little bit.

Don't stop Blurk...You are on a roll!!

Siouxie...glad to see you got home safely.

lol, blurk.

"And what an outburst of temper! Looks like he's getting ejected prematurely."

hey Jazzzz! yeah I did...weather was perfect (till I got to Miami...stormy here)...very little traffic so I made it in 3 hours. (pssst don't tell Ociffer Blurk I was going slightly over the speed limit)

LOL stevie...just keep 'em cummin'...er coming!!!!

"Well, if he gets prematurely ejected it's gonna get real hairy down there in the dugout."

I dunno, blurk...I'd say it'll be a rather sticky situation as well...

Well, it IS root, root, root for the ballgame.

*snork* Siouxie

I gotta go, folks. Everyone have a safe weekend!

you too blurk!!!

A baseball groupie was later overheard to say 'I've had Wang and he pitched a no hitter.'

G'night Blurk. It's about that time, Mountain Time.


Well, look up there, high above the playing field! That great big splattering of white is undoubtedly some SEAMEN coming to the game. Always good to see the Navy represented.

Nien Wen-Fang explains what it means to have Wang as a role model.

So Fang met Wang.

Wow, restraint just isn't so much around here on a Friday night, huh?

nope CH! this thread kinda asked for it though...

Ouchie, Gwenn. Gotta work on the technique if that's happening.

Exccccellent... *rubbing hands together*

so how's the Mrs???? I asked in the last thread!

Whups, missed it there.

Doing well - scheduled for delivery on Thursday now. Things are definitely back under control in terms of the crisis, but the underlying condition (pre-eclampsia) is definitely there, and will do nothing but progress until delivery.

So, I'll be a bit on the scarce side for the next few weeks, probably. Going to spend the weekend getting things together at home, then cranking out as much work as possible during the early part of next week... and then cuddling my new baby.

Thanks again for your well-wishes -- they really do help.

I think I'm ready. I've been bawling at TV commercials, lingering in the baby section at the store - even looking at baby clothes.

aww. i hope we bloglits are all treated to pictures.

It's the best thing that'll ever happen to you in your life, CH. Good luck!!!

CH ( Mr.Burns ) I have a grandaughter on the way. Should be Sept. 1st but I think she'll be here sooner. I have a grandson who is a year old. Lots of fun. He's sooooo cute. I also have a grandson on the way from another daughter. He will make his debut sometime in October. Congratulations.

Hi Siouxie! You are one funny lady.

Of course - I'll post some on the MySpace page.

My kids are, without a doubt, the best thing I've ever done.

I would start bragging on them, but their accomplishments are their own, and, frankly, I know how it is when someone else starts going on about their brats, when your own kids are clearly the most amazing ones on the planet.

Heh. A lot of us have been saying that about Siouxie. :-P

CH, well, just well wishes.

Last week, for fun, I posted a link to the webcam at a Tiki Bar I was sitting at. Tonight, I'm pleased to make you jealous, as tomorrow night, I’ll be here. They just called me and told me they have no spare bunks, but I can camp out by the bonfire under the live oaks. Anyone that's in the Tallahasee area on a weekend should put this place on the 'to do list.' It's kind-of a Blues commune on a farm in the woods. They trade bunks, food, and beer to musicians trekking back and forth from New Orleans to Florida, in exchange for music. Folks pull up from all over and sell smoked mullet and whatever, to eat. I really lucked out, as tomorrow night the Amazing Rhythm Aces are playing. This is a little national treasure that everyone should see, but not all at once.

CH, i'm afraid yours can't be the most amazing ones on the planet, because MINE ar... oh... i see you already knew that.

but really, good luck with everything ;)

CH - sorry...went to eat with MY most amazing brat on the planet :)

I'm glad things are sorta back to normal and you'll have your little Baby Hands soon enough!

Aunt Siouxie wants lots and lots of pictures!!!!

oh and Hi Gwenn!!!

CH?? I don't think she meant funny looking or funny weird OK??? sheesh!

oh wait...

I'm having a hard time relating to today's blogs. I'm checking in to where there are mirrors on the ceiling, an' pink champagne on ice.

Hi Siouxie. Of course I meant funny ha ha. How is everyone tonight.

foggiest...remember you can check out any time you want....

Hey Gwenn!! thanks ...I can't compete with most of these extremely hilarious peeps though!

*thinking good thoughts for CH and *snorking* @ everyone else*

wait'll I tell ya 'bout my kids.

here, pull up a chair.

hey Wyo!! Lisa!

Sure you can Siouxe. Most everyone in here is funny. I read the Blog at work in the morning because I get in at 5 a.m. and have 2 hours to kill before work starts. Commuter. What is frustrating sometimes is not being able to post a comment cause I'm sneak reading during working hours and don't want to get caught.

*zips in*

My kids are THE BEST!

*zips out*

...we are all just prisoners here, of our own device.

thanks, foggy. at least it wasn't Copa Cabana.

Sioux, glad you're home safe. Why the hurry, El?

certainly didn't mean to snub you, Gwenn, howdy

Well, MY kids are...dogs. Really...dogs.

All together now...

Welcome to the Hotel California....

thanks Wyo...made it AOK!

El...no fair to flyby with that comment!


I'ts a lovely place... such a lovely place...

Heeelllo Wyo. Good evenin'!

So we're all here, but don't seem to want to talk about Wang mounds.


I think we've exhausted Wang and his Welly Wanger...

I think Wang's Welly Wanger was exhausted before we started.

Howdy Wyo

thanks for not mentioning Wyo's welly wanger btw.

Hi Jazz

Wang's Welly Wanger. Say that 3 times fast.

Wyo, that would be a topic of it's own...given the importance it truly deserves...

Sorry Wyo.

Hi Siouxie, welcome back !!!

I like this Gwenn, kid. she's polite. (Course I like Siouxie 'cause she's not.) guess I like most folks.
'cept Paris.

Thanks Lisa!!! good to be back!

LOL heyyyyyyyyy!!!! I am polite!

Gwenn=kid Bwhahahaha Thanks Wyo.

well folks...I must be off for a while...have to share my laptop with my daughter ...

see ya's later!

Hey Gwenn... Congrats on the grandaughter-girl-baby!! Wang's Welly Wanger, Wing's Willy Wonker, Wade's Wacky Wagger....Nope, can't do it.

Wyo, you wouldn't think I was so polite if you would have seen me earlier today on hold for an hour and a half with the phone co.

Gramma Gwen has a nice ring to it.

At the gounds on the Hotel, I'm hanging out w/the guys watching the filming of the Shakira Hips Don't Lie spoof (#3 on Google video). We're too out there for the blog.

Snork @ Jazzzz Hey do you know haw hard it is to count small zzzzs with my eyes? 1 2 3 4 ok there's four. I look again. Yep 4. ok post

Even though I'm at the nut house, I can still send an "r" up there.

Thanks Wyo.

folks, I gotta go, best wishes to all, foggy, been prayin' for you too. But not for Siouxie, no sireee, dickie bob. (been beggin' for her.)

The good thing about Jaz or Jazzzzzzzzzzzz, is add or subtract as many as you like. I'll answer to anything.

Geez I said haw instead of how. Too busy counting zzzzzzs I guess. have a great evening everyone! See you tomorrow.

And, as typical, I'm checking in as everyone seems to be checking out. Anyhow, thanks (again!!) for all the good wishes!

Speaking ofsmoked mullets, hasn't our smokin' mullet been a little scarce recently?

Mornin' all! Sorry I missed all the Wang action last night.

Ahhhhh, baseball...The only game where you can strike out, and still make it to first base.

Warez, lolitas, porn movies, cracks, trojans http://liveshow.ru

sorry, Lolita...blurk's not here...

oh and Good Morning!

*snork* Siouxie - bet he just perked up, though!

hey kitten!! morning!

I'm sure he's perking up somewhere lol

every morning, I'm sure :)

well I've somehow managed to read up and get caught up...missing 3 or 4 days of blogging ain't easy!

home now? missing the baby?

yeah I am and yes I am!!

Good thing I have my other baby here...still!

how old are yours??

6 and almost 3...I have a long way to go, although I hear it passes in the blink of an eye

yes it really does, kitten...I can remember when my girls where that age...so enjoy them!!

hopefully I'll only remember the good times and not the tantrums, fights and disobedience

The mind works in mysterious ways...that's mostly what I remember...course I'm not going to quickly forget the "teen years". Those have traumatized ME!!! lol

yeah, my daughter has given me a glimpse - I'm sure I'll be totally grey when she goes through them

that young??? actually ...my youngest was a piston from day ONE

my son is an angel - the girl not so much. she wants to do everything herself and is stubborn as the dy is long....hey, that sounds like me :)

Siouxie, re getting caught up: I don't know how a lot of you guys here manage to keep up and still have jobs and lives (as many of you seem to).

this is our sanctuary, Steven


hey Steven!

I speed read...I took the Evelyn Woodhead Speed Reading Course...

oh and I skip over a lot of stuff too :)

kitten, sounds like my young one...very much like me...it's scary!

also, Steven, we women are superior at multi-tasking. While chatting with my buddy Siouxie I am cleaning the house, doing laundry and preparing food for a cookout...that's why we are called goddesses :)

wowsa, kitten!

All I'm doing in laying my lazy cuban ass down in bed...

course I have a baby shower AND wine tasting event to look forward to later today....free food and free wine...what more can I ask for??

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