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August 25, 2006


Get behind a worthwhile cause.

(Thanks to Schadeboy)


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Ooh, the missus looks like she got surprised by Barney's P***s!

What would one do behind foie gras?

Is that like a gras-y knoll?

I'm first! With a simul w/CH! It's Friday! Life just doesnt get any better.

Reading the article more closely, it appears that one will be able to go to Chicago and get free foie gras.

How exactly is this going to reduce foie gras consumption, again?

Why, thank you, casey! It was good for me, too. ;-)

How about Faux Foie Gras?

Ah, now there you go.

Faux Foie Gras WBAGNFARG.

God it must be Friday. My mind is gutter bound again; "strike a blow for freedom" and "get behind a worthwhile cause"...it's going to be a long day.

don't they kill the animal and serve all it's parts? How is it only cruel to eat the liver? Or are there countless animals waking up in tubs of ice reading a note that says "get to the hospital quickly. We've taken your liver"? I thought that was an urban (or farmyard) myth.

That picture of Colleen McShane makes her look like she's been sucking on a lemon.

"So, what do you do for a living."
"Oh, nothing too fancy. I force feed ducks and geese to assist in the production of foie gras from their enlarged livers."
"Take me right now!"

*SNORK* @ kitten.

I gotta try that with my obnoxious rooster.

Oh, rats - I just remembered that he can't read.

The city council has a beak? Better be careful, or Wolfgang Puck will eat their (not they're) livers with some fava beans and a nice chianti... slurp!

I'm still not sure exactly how eating liver in any form can be considered a delicacy. But I will agree with Clean Hands on the rock band name thing.

Um...how do you force feed a duck?
Just askin'.

Blurk, it's horrible.

**Un-Funny post alert**

Blurk - they strap the ducks into crates where they can't move, stuff a tube down their throats, then pour cornmeal mash down. every day. for as long as they can before the ducks die of overfeeding.

**End Un-funny**

(Not that I'm ever that funny anyway) ;)

In fairness, opinions are mixed on foie gras production, and whether or not it is cruel to the animals.

Of course, if you've ever been chased across a field by an attacking goose, gavage sounds like a pretty good idea.

The Foie Gras producers are the only ones with the mixed opinions, in my highly opinionated opinion. Does it hurt? Do ducks gag? How big can their livers get before they explode?

Do they really need to be asking these questions?

I'm not a PeTa freak or anything, but SHEESH!

Blurk asks,

"Um...how do you force feed a duck?"

You don't. You force feed an elephant.

Now, you all know I'm no PETA pr!ck member but that does sound kinda harsh. Do the livers get THAT much bigger? Couldn't they just get normal livers?
Just askin' again.

also not a PETA freak supporter, but can't you say the same about veal?

I prefer amphibian sushi on a bun:

Patty de frog raw.

[Wait, I'll do it for you: ggrrooaaannn.....]

kitten, that would be why I don't eat veal either. I firmly believe that PETA should stand for People Eating Tasty Animals, but I have to draw a (personal) line somewhere.

I still eat veal, but feel slightly bad about it.

Okay, I'm no longer eating foie gras. Wait...I didn't eat in the first place. Mashed up duck and goose liver? That's just gross. Veal, however, I will eat with a smile on my face and not feel one iota of guilt.
Does that make me a bad person?

basically, its chopped liver. delish. but high cholesterol. so i dont eat it. but ban it? no, i dont think so.

"In the future, if you wish to avoid prosecution, we advise that you put "Real force-fed unexploded enlarged liver of a gagging goose" on the menu."

"Our sales would plummet!"

"F&^% your sales! We've got to protect the public! And what's this? Prairie Oysters? Constable Clitoris et one of those."

"Ah yes, we start with only the finest bull's testicles, wrap them in a buttery fondue, coat them with a loving monosodium glutemate, and dip them in lark's vomit."

And so on.

Careful C-bol ... you don't want to rub Constable Clitoris the wrong way.

That's just nasty. Think about it, that means the goose being force fed has probably tried to throw up repeatedly but the vomit didn't make it to the end of the tube so it went back down. Which means you're eating congealed goose vomit.

At 29.99 a pop.

Gosh, how are those who don't care for the taste of foie gras to get their recommended daily allowance of tortured animal?

"Listen, I'll have the pork chop, but can you blind the pig and make it listen to the Paris Hilton album before you slowly kill it with a limited edition Barney Welly Wanger?"

C-bol, I'm totally doing that the next time I order a pork chop. *snork*

Did anyone else think that the woman in the photo bears a seriously creepy resemblance to Katherine Harris, senatorial wanna-be from Florida?

Yeah, Flea, I thought that. It particularly evokes an image of Harris being 'goosed.'

No foie gras for me thanks.

Heaven knows I don't have many standards, and I grew up on a cattle ranch, and I've pretty much eaten every part of a variety of animals (we call you-know-what "mountain oysters" where I come from)--but I don't eat foie gras (not that I could afford it anyway) and I don't eat veal. But banning either from restaurants is just stupid. If it was against the law to force feed fowl (say that 3 times fast) it would end it at its source.

Oh, and


All I have to say is....


oh and that Exploding Goose Livers WBAGNFAPunkB

geez-- is it, like, a slow day in chicago or something?

personally, i don't care what other people eat so long as my cats don't wander onto the menue. the mechanics sound pretty inhumane, but as someone who has personally butchered a rooster i'm probably not the best person to recruit for the bleeding heart camp.

as my dear friend once said:
"if animals don't want to be eaten, then they should stop being so darn tasty".

i digress.

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