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August 27, 2006


This is low.

(Thanks to Heather Bergevin)


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Fourth first amongst all this monkey business?

Bumble, my head is spinning. We're not worthy.

Maybe the Hondells are trying to make a comeback.

(Okay, NOBODY'S going to get that one).

Uhhhh, riiiiight?

hmmm nope, stevie...sorry :)

Click on the Homosexual Video link.....it takes you to a nursing home with the TV on,,,,and gay porn is playing.....

You, Siouxie, of all people, were my greatest hope.


sorry, stevie...I usually "get" your references...this may be just a tad before MY time!

... um ... yeah, stevie ... sounds like a logical explanation ...

(Yes, I'm that old ... )

Let's hear it for OtheU!! Rock on, dude! Anybody see my walker?

sorry stevie, can't see past my own bunions...

*buying a ticket on the geezer express*

You guys ain't that old. I didn't remember the name of the group, but I sure remember the song

Ok, Siouxie -

The Hondells were a one-hit-wonder whose one smashola was called "Little Honda." Their version was the big hit, though it was written and also recorded by the Beach Boys.

So...the joke was that a monkey motorcycle, a chimper chopper, would probably be something like a Little Honda. Okay, so it wasn't so funny. Can somebody tell me how to delete a post?

hmmm Little Honda...I was 4 years old people!!!!
and in CUBA!! so ...uh...nope!

Oops, I see Wyo beat me to the explanation. Glad to see I haven't regresssed totally into my own little room yet. Or a one-room school.

WTG, wyo.

well now that I see the name of the song...I "get" the joke, stevie!

maybe I remember the Beach Boys version...

stevie...is the room padded??

just askin'

is there plastic on the floor?

Do you guys have a webcam in here?

not yet
we sent them all to vermont.

Good thing. I found some naked pix of Roseanne Barr in here. I wouldn't want to put you thru that.

*snork* stevie

hope you recover soon.

oh god LOL I should send you the one I sent wyo the other day...he was not gonna talk to me anymore!!

This is as far as I could force myself to go.

ok stevie...I sent it ...and ...sorry!!!!! lol

Wyo, I think she looks pretty good in that pic....

Photoshop is a magnificent tool.

Lo-Quality? Isn't that a redundancy in terms?

(Wyo - tnx 4 the link ... I'd fergot about the 1910 Fruitgum Co. ... merely ... can't remember everythin' ...)

if only they'd hired another monkey to guard the circus.

Siouxie, looks like we're about the same age. Don't remember the Hondells, but, hey hey with the monkies!

yes, foggiest!!! LOVE da Monkeys!

geez, stealing a bike from a circus monkey? what's with these guys in russia? maybe they needed it to ride through their tunnel?????

*feels really, really, really young*

Enjoy that feelin' Sarah ... cherish the moments ... trust me, you'll be glad you did ... later ...

Davy Jones tried to console him:

Cheer up, chimpanzee
Oh, where can it be?
It's a
Pea green two-wheeler with a
Foul-smelling seat....

[Darn. Why didn't I think of this 12 or 15 hours ago. Now no one will see it. Well, maybe that's better...]

I saw, stevie ....and *snork*

How long do these boards usually remain "alive," anyway?

Only in Russia would thieves steal a motorcycle from a monkey. Come to think of it, only in Russia would a monkey be riding a motorcycle.

I saw, also ... stevie ... last nite ... HOWever I wuz havin' trouble burnin' some photo CDs and it got late and I wuz really tired ... good job, belatedly ...

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