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August 11, 2006


We admit to having blogged this page before, but this time, it's more for the guys.

(Thanks to Leetie of the large cardboard fluctuating-size strumpethead)


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BLURK!!!! :) On a Friday night and Siouxie and I have you all to ourselves!!!! Let the fun begin....and thanks for clearing that up - the thought of you as a dad at 12 was scary

More sammiches?

just a youngin' you are...

I'm here cuz my daughter's still not feelin well ...the younger one is at a friend's for the night

Siouxie? I'm not enough woman for the blurkster

What lucky gals we are, 24!! lets block the barn door NOW!!!

My daughter's at a friend's for the night (woo hoo) and Mrs. Blurk and my son are out getting movies.

you got it! we can look at my "04 calendar and ogle blurk..

of course you are ...both of us will prolly kill him!

All right, simul!! We're gettin' close!!

better make it a quickie, Siouxie, we'll probably get dumped when Mrs. Blurk gets home

There we go!!!!!!! I knew we could do it!

hmmmm where's that calendar????

Oh, you can't see it? *bats lashes*

LOL 2 in a row...wow..blurk

and yeah...we'll get the big dumpo once he's had his way with us...geez...Men!

at least he'll leave grinnin'

Grinnin' already.

uh huh..we're good!

blurk, do you still have the outfit (or lack of) you wore in the calendar?

oh btw, blurk! since I'm all paid up and stuff...you now OWE ME!

*sips her wine*

this I want to see!

*swigs beer*

I may model it again.

I really gotta go this time blog beauties. I have something to do in EXACTLY 9 minutes.

Have a great weekend!!

24!!! you need to share, girl!!!

he was wearin' what???

bye, blurk! see you later! gotta get the kids to bed ...

oh well...it was fun while it lasted..

9 mins?? he times it??? geez

wow - who knew he was so anal?

bye, blurk...have fun!!!

bye 24!

LOL hmmm huh

guess Mrs. Blurk got home

*sigh* lonely here with the kids asleep and no one on the blog....*pours another beer*

Blurk...What type of cologne are you wearing? With you around, the rest of us guys of the male gender couldn't get laid in a women's prison with a fist full of pardons. Hell, I think I'M starting to get sweet on ya.

sorry, Jazz, I think he's abandoned us. Don't feel bad! We love all blog dudes. Blurk is just (admittedly) easy.

I know...I think we scared blurk though LOL

awww Jazzzz...like 24 said...we love ALL our blog hunks! And yes, blurk just happens to be the blog guy-ho

well, as the saying goes...."I ain't easy, but I can be had."

*Wonders if this is a good time to drop by*

*Grins. Repeatedly*

Maybe not, Meanie.

Am I too late to the party? Or are there too many girls already?

*Fails to comprehend this "too many girls" concept*

Wyo!!! you've been MIA lately...how have you been???

Meanie - I'm sure there's never too many girls for the blog guys...

is anybody else still here? I'm gonna have to go soon too- just wanted to say "hi" to everyone. Kids are in bed and Mr. Diverdowndoc is playing fantasy sports on the other computer.

How is your day, meanie- shoot any tampons today?

That's not one of my fantasy sports, exactly, ddd.

The only thing better than women is, well, more women.

jazzz: it's got an "ain't" in it?! who knew?

Yeah Judi, It was kinda tough to write that... Truth in journalism and all.

While i admire the artistic intengrity of the project...i have to say thats a pretty poor excuse for a blowgun...'real' ones are something of a hobby of mine...

...it would work better if the barrel was longer, to walk straight into the obvious joke, with blowguns size is everything. To top it off the bend in the tube probably slaughters all efficiency, it would bore you all if i listed all the reasons...

...ok i take this too seriously. :)

gives Tony Montana's line "Say hello to my little friend!"... new meaning

Shaved Squirrel Alert!!! Yes, off-topic but I thought you'd want to know...msnbc

Well, now that tampons can be turned into a gun, TSA will ban them. But TSA already banned liquids, so judging from tampon commercials that show how much blue liquid they can absorb, there's probably no point in having them anyway.

Hey, veee - linkage?

The only squirrelege I found on MSNBC was something about a nutso mamma cat that had adopted a pair of baby squirrels as part of her new litter.

Cute, but no shaving.

Hmmm. 'pears that I have the blog all to myself...


Wonder what's in here?


Okay, that does it. I'm going to bed.

The shadowy shooter in the grassy knoll...

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