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August 23, 2006


We report; you decide.

(Thanks to Artchick)


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Who cares? She's still hot, The important part is that I will do stupid, but I will not do ugly. And I have proved that twice.

She's a twit and a moron; I didn't even have to read the story to know that.

Definitely moron. "Hot" is in the eye of the blind beholder, Brian. If you won't do ugly, what are you doing with Madge?

Twit? Moron?

... are those our only choices?

I can only pick one? And why wasn't "drivelling idiot" one of the choices?

Oh, please tell me Madonna is not creating her own magic fluid....ewwwww

Its really a toss up isn't it? And funny the lake is located in Russia which has not really been historically kind to Jewish people. Was it kind of a Tasks of Hercules idea to locate it there?

Let's see if we can't squeeze her in there with Britney and Lucky.

I agree with Brian about the hot part. Twit or Moron would not be the words of choice I would pick, though.

Anybody up for a new reality show-"Who's the Biggest Looney This Week?" (starring Madonna and Tom Cruise, of course).

is there anything on the intelligence scale lower than twit or moron? oh, right--Madonna. She's in a class by herself.

Madonna is hot NOT hot. She is a)Twit b)Moron c0 All of the above

I pick C

Clap your hands together and say "I do believe in fairies....no wait, wrong story...I do believe in Kabballah!"

People, people......this is a no brainer! Oh, I mean, Madonna is a no brainer...

*starting list of people to join Twitney on the bus to the "special" school...

Courtney Love
Tom Cruise
Gary Busey

All will, of course, be deloused before admittal.

What this twit needs is a good dose of the "Dutch Oven" treatment from ol' Mudstuffin. I think I could work up a "nuke" for her.

Mud, please yell "all clear" first so we bloggers can vacate the area

*pulls bus over to pick up Lindsay Lohan*

Mud - Come on up to "the special school" - you can teach Dutch Oven 101

She's a TWIT. My kids are morons.

... twit is already pretty much Twitney's signature
... moron describes Tom Cruise to the "n"
... Madonna? "pea-brained media ho"

celebrity head
under my arm, jacket draped
"Fire in the hole!" (boom)

this is my life's work
what i was created for
mudstuffins crusade

like c-bol before
shooting all inflatables
i poot at the stars

Come on folks, lets not discourage her. Remember, the time she spends chanting and creating magic fluid is time not spent crucifying herself for the public's entertainment.

more to the point,does magic Russian lake water ...
-cure STDs?
-absorb certain music?

and now... When Celebrities Rule!

"Good evening, this is the CBS news with Maria Menounos. Before we get to our first story, isn't my hair fabulous? And now over to Billy Bush."

"This is Billy Bush, from the glowing smoking crater that used to be Philadelphia, now the nuclear control teams under orders from Madonna, the head of FEMA, are shpritzing water over the radioactive waste."

"Billy, didn't she also redesign their uniforms?"

"Yes, Maria, she did, and while some might say bare midriffs and toxic waste don't mix, I think it's fantastic."

"I hear that Tom Cruise has paid for the survivors'
Intro to Scientology courses."

"Yes, although the e-meters used to monitor brain activity are useless, what with the gamma rays and all."

"Speaking of gamma rays, is it true George Steinbrenner has told his players to go there in the hopes they'll turn into the Hulk?"

"Wait a minute, Maria, we are just now receiving word... yes, crews are being pulled off of construction of the Britney Spears pyramid to help out, as well as off of Paris Hilton."

"Paris Hilton has a pyramid?"

"Errrr.. no."

madonna first then
streisand, cruise, oprah, reload
and then nathan lane

i realize the list
has expanded, not my fault
i was smoking drugs

look out hollywood
dave barry's humorous blog
has birthed a monster

This is your brain.....This is your brain without the benefit of any electronic impulses whatsoever

Twit. and may i add: a$$hole.

Proton, neutron, moron.


magic fluid: clears up sweat stains on stage costumes, clears up nuclear waste, but is not considered to be adequate to disinfect toilet seats when touring. most people just call this vodka but if she wants to call it "magic fluid" that's ok....

*Adds Mel Gibson to the bus*

Don't push the bus off the cliff until it is full...

Twit or Moron?

I vote "yes"

I think she is a Tworon.

jamester - I don't think Gibson needs to be on the bus... he's not too bad when he's sober.

Madonna is a given but the Authorities??? Listening to and actually considerings the ranting of said mortwit; that is the scarey part.


I can't believe none of you believe Madonna. Of course it works. You take some really concentrated nuclear waste and dump it into a big lake. Voila! Less concentrated nuclear waste! See! It works!

*punches BillyJoeJimBob's bus ticket and opens door*

I believe Grand Hysteria would accurately describe Ms Madonna, without even resorting to Mental Retardation..

That would be an insult to Twits! EB.

((Isn't it amazing what Hollywood stars look like, off their Lithium for 30 or so years??))

You mean Madonna's not a nuclear physicist?

Who knew?

Does that really work? Maybe if we all started chanting Madona, Paris, and Brittony we could heal a different problem.

The other day, in connection with another article on this site, I predicted that Paris Hilton is destined to be the Zsa-Zsa Gabor of the twenty-first century (she'll hit her first cop in about the year 2040). If so, what can we say about Madonna? That she's evolving into some kind of combination of over-the-hill Betty Boop and Madame Blavatsky??? (This doesn't quite do her justice, but I'm pretty sure I'm heading in the right direction.)

To call her either a twit or a moron would be an insult to the true twits and morons among us. I propose we come up with a new name for the celebrities. Because this only really applies to the wacked out celebrities that are truly crazy. And I say that as someone who has spent time in a mental instiution and therefore, I KNOW crazy.

Too bad her magic water can't neutralize her cheesy music or morphing facial bones. Her rabbi who's hawking this bottled junk claims that the Holocaust happened because those 6 million Jews weren't into Kabbalah. Moron definitely describes this.

one word-MORONA!

a dunno 007
im both n so is she n a dunno man
sos the hole world .. punk roks :)
go hippy chicckys =D

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