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August 26, 2006



(Thanks to Jeff Hwozdek)


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I'm movin. So long as Dave doesn't try to serve us all koolaid.

and I got dibbs on the back row by the window.

The Strubbles of Boogersburg...a new family comedy show?

Who better to own this building than the Strubles, which just sounds like a funny name to me!

Good morning, Wyo! :)


You were not there when I posted, Siouxie!

Good morning to you too, also to anyone else who pops up here! :)

*tips hat to El*

*directs her to the seat in front of him, and checks his ink well*

*thinks of all the boogers under those desks*


oh and Morning El!

ink??? I thought we're all getting laptops!!

what kinda school is this??

*trips El as she moves to the back of the room* hehe
she fell on top of Wyo!!


Oh, the ink's not for writin, only for pony tails.

Can we schedule a blog field trip?

Mornin' Lisa!!

sureeeee we'll go stalk uh...visit Dave!

ponytails??? I am not aware of that particular prank...course we didn't have ink wells back in the day...just stone tablets and a chisel :P

I'm takin' Mrs. Wyo to DC and to Prince Edward Island (she's an LM Montgomery fan) next summer. I could stop by PA for a beer or two.

When Bob was young did his teachers say "Here comes Struble?"

Hi Siouxie-No, I mean to visit the schoolhouse.

*snork* stevie

ohhhhhhhhhhh, gotcha Lisa...nevermind the stalking visit...

rest at ease, Dave!

Boogersburg School reopens!

Phlegm at 11.

*pins pony tail on top of her head*

HAH! Wyo foiled!

ewwwwwwww stevie

*starts to dump ink on El's head when is captured by the schoolmaster*

*sits on a stool, in the corner wearing the pointy hat, sulking.*

*starts laughing at Wyo with the dunce cap and gets put in OTHER corner*

do I HAFTA wear this????? pffftt!

that didn't take long, did it?

When I wuz young, the girls din't have such a thing as "ponytail" hair styles ... back then, it wuz Pigtails that were dipped into the inkwell ... merely ... nostalgic ...

(HOWever, it irks me a bit that sites such as this one seem to assume that they're the CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE ... and don't need to identify whereabouts they're situated ... oh, sure, it's only a coupla clicks [With a MAC] to find out that it's in Pennsylvania ... but couldn't these folks ID the town/state a little better, on each page? End whiny pulage about website, goes for more Hawaiian coffee ...)

And ... it's a neat-o lookin' place ... about like the School Museum we have back home where I'm from ... old inkwell-riddled desks-on-a-rail ... yeah, been there, done that ... puked on the T-shirt for three years ... except it wuz so long ago, we din't have T-shirts ... ... ...

*shoots spit balls @ Wyo in El's defense*

hi everybody. and dont we all wish we had a DIPLOMA from boogersberg. where is it anyway? shouldnt it be part of the strumpeting tours??? or better, the Dave Barry tour of america.... can we get that going somehow?

*turns around to wave @ OtheU, Bumble & queensbee*

*turns back to face the wall*

ewwwww there's a boooger here!!!

AND a boOger too!!!

*Volunteers to beat the erasers.*

anything to get out of this blasted corner, where blurk carved his initials. (Blurkie + Punkin)

Good idea, Queen, perhaps some ingenious creative blogger could make us all diplomas. some one with lots of talent, and no life, I'd think.

I have no life and I have no talent...artistic that is....

*goes back to her corner*

*makes faces @ Wyo* :P

I could have my (art & design enhanced) daughter create some t-shirts for us ...

"Honorary Graduate
[via Dave Barry's Blog]
Boogersburg School"

(or ... somethin' even more appropriate ... when I started to key that last line, the spellin' started out as "Boobersburg ..." ... but I changed it ...

watchu tink?

There's a school where
I can go and
Learn what's two plus two
In one roo-oo-oom
In one room (in one room)

In this school I
Knocked up all my
Girlfriends and their peers
In one roo-oo-oom
In one room (in one room)

Did my reading, co-ed seating
Daddy raised no foo-ool
Find a buddy, go and study,
Be true to your school

Now it's dark it's
A museum
But I made the grade
In one roo-oo-oom
In one room (in one room)
In one room, in one room
In one roooooooooooom....

OtheU, I'd buy one. but probably only one.

and every year the few remaining Boogersburgers (also a name of a wildly unsuccessful fast food chain) get together and sing...

"Oh Boogersburg, my Boogersburg
How many times we've wished there's
A different name for our old school
The uniforms just draw stares
From sizes small to extra large
They remind us all of our 'discharge'
From the Green and Yellow we all share
That's Boogersburg, my Boogersburg."

(to the tune of 'Maryland, My Maryland' or any school alma mater)

requisite "snork" to insom on his fight song... which also went well to "Boomer Sooner" fyi

I want one too!!

When I went to NO with a bunch of (30) ch@t friends years ago, we designed a t-shirt. It was a cartoon of a drunk and the word "JADOBS"

On the Back it said:

Just Another Drunk On Bourbon Street

Wyo, I did NOT carve just that! If you look further you'll see it says Blurkie+Punkin+Siouxie+kitten+...

I am NOT dressing up as the team mascot!!!!

I was in that corner a lot.

*snork* insom! and thanks for the earworm...arrggghhhhh



THIS is a fight song.

I'm still in the corner, blurk...

I blame Wyo...

and blurkie...you're gonna need a bigger corner...

just sayin' :P

Nice work on the fight song, insom. Mucous to my ears.


that is all.

*takes eraser and throws it @ Wyo*



Sioux, I'll get you at recess.

*takes an apple to the teacher*

*sticks tongue out at Wyo and Sioux*


Hey everybody! You may not remember me but I went to Boogersburg with some of you. Then, before third grade my family moved to Snotsville where I attended Lugy Junior High (GO HOCKERS!) After attending Green Nugget High School in Snotsville my husband Schnoze got a job in the anti-wedgy testing department at the local Haines factory. He hopes to work his way into skid-mark prevention soon! We have one kid, Little Hairy Nosegunk who is getting bigger every day. Anyway just wanted to catch up.

OK, One more, just for blurk



Awwwwww...thanks, Wyo.
I feel all motivated and stuff now.
Or not.

It IS Saturday.

24/7, blurk. They own your donkey.

just sayin', cause I did my time.

Very cute, Smelly. Uh, Shelly.

(How do you do that cross-out thing?)

They may own me, Wyo...but they gotta find me first.

stevie, (without the spaces you see here) type < s > just before the words you want to appear crossed out, and < / s > immediately after.

blurk, they're gonna fix that with a d@mn implant. Hope you're out before then.

Hope recess is comin' soon, I got something for Siouxie and smelly shelly

And, BTW, when I retire I'm gonna go get some stupid job just so I can walk in and quit one day. I wanna see what that feels like.

I've heard about the implant. It'll be a cold day in hell before they stick that thing in me.

How many blog beauties have used that exact same line?

Different context.

Just sayin'.

hey all

I've never said it blurk....

*notices writing on wall*

"For a good time call Siouxie"


wb kitten!!!

thanks - went and got some wings - tomorrow's my b-day so I called in some favors

is it recess yet?

You DID tell me to write that Siouxie.

Mornin', kitten.


It is, Wyo...but I think you got detention.

DID NOT!!! (psst...shh)

Wyo wanna come out and play???

sheesh...ya got me already, blurk!

OMG! This blog is like a one room schoolhouse. Just checkin' back in and we are still talking about boogers, with the addition of spitwads, pigtial pulling and of course, eraser throwing. Wonder if there is a welly wanger we could recycle to launch the erasers?

Blurk: stay in the corner, puuhhhllleeeaassee..

Yo Wyoming: Love your enthusiasm for your team, but the Oklahoma State Cowboys are the Real Deal. (I just threw my spitwad at ya!)

We'll see you boys at recess. And since we are re-enacting our adolescence: Boys drool, Girls RULE!

kitten, get ready for some spankin' tomorrow!

I'm sure all the blog guys would be happy to volunteer :)

*will do the counting*

You're just easy.

In a...simul kinda way.

*jumps up and down wildly*

I'll do the spankin'!!!

I like spankings :)

I'm getting ready for a cookout so I have a lot of cleaning and cooking to do - I am accepting any help and / or sympathy for doing it myself...

Yeah Wyo. But anyone who's ever been in the corner knows you have to stay there during recess. Not that I would know.

*whistles nonchalantly*

*puts up fists*

Oh yeah, Wyo?!?!? The Notre Dame Fight Song rips off a tune from elsewhere - pfffht!

The Air Force tune is a favorite. But if you want the real fight song,

UC Berkeley!
here are the lyrics.
Please note this was played IN SPACE!!!

told ya :)

and sorry...I'd help ya but...I'm getting ready for a baby shower and wine tasting ...no cooking or cleaning to do...YAY!!!

Oklahoma and Cowboy are oxymorons, arent' they? What do girls know about the "real deal"?

Neener Neener Neener!

oh, well, you'll miss cake.

A cookout, kitten? Isn't that what us rednecks call a barbecue?
Just askin'.

Children stop fighting...now class...CLASS??????

Blurk, us sophisticated people call it a cookout - hot dogs, hamburgers and brats cooked outside cannot be considered BBQ.

hmmm...look who's talking about being easy...

You're right, Wyo. Real cowboys come from three places. Montana, Wyoming and there's one or two in Texas.

hey, why is my name on the wall from a post way up there? I am a very good girl

Um...sure, kitten.

UC Berkeley, all song, no fight. Don't want to git their uniforms dirty, I think.

At UW, we can't win a football game, (except Air Force) but we drink more beer per student than any other university (nothin' else to do in Laramie) and can brawl with anybody.

We're so proud. *hic*

hmmm so am I!

join the good girl's club, kitten *wink*

Blurk, what are you insinuating? That I enjoyed our simul up there?

3 way even!

I was just agreein' with you is all.

*can't quite hold back the laughter*

I feel a little dirty :)

Oh, and kitten why are you cookin' kids at your "cookout"?

Seems kinda harsh is all.

Blurk, you've met my kids? Right now they are yelling and fighting, maybe I will cook 'em.

"oh, kiddies, mommy's got a surprise for you..."

Geez...I got a belt or a switch once in awhile when I was a kid but mom never set me fire.

here's a fight/drinking song we can all agree on special thanks, regretably, to the band from Berkeley. Maybe they're ok after all.

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