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August 22, 2006


Who's scared now?


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I'm scared. But FIRST, let's finish that Excessively Pedantic drink...

Wow. Just wow.

Is is bad that all I can think of is Jackie Chan here?

You sharing, CH?

Will these PJs protect you from the pedophile priest/minister etc? Then they just might be worth it.

I always knew that the truth was down around my belt.

bet they don't come with a matching thong.

Just about choked on an ice cube with that one, Wyo!

I'll just stay out of this thread. Either a lightning bolt or Pat Robertson would strike me.

Wyo, I beg to differ

fud: no, that's not bad, that's an excellent movie.

Everybody: go back and look closely a the boy's facial expression. Tell me he wasn't forced by mom to pose for that picture. He looks like he's just thought of the next fart-oriented practical joke he can loose on his sister.

Thou shalt not worship PJs. (I think that's one of the Commandments.)

haha, i saw this but didn't send it in!

mud - from the expression on the girls face, I think she beat him to it...

Congratulations Somewhere North, you've just earned an

I wonder what the set bonus is for this pally armor?

/WoW ftw

Yeah, I'm going to h*ll. Mind you I've always prefered a warmer climate.

I would be going to ache eee double toothpicks if I believed in it, but I dont.
That having been said. These pyjamas make me sick to my stomach.


SN - never-you-mind that will fella! You are so on the mark. I can't tell you how many God-fearing, bible thumping men Mr 24 has cuffed for that very thing!

Yes, but 24, when you believe its all predestined anyway, hey, you mess with children, well G*d predestined you that way so you're going to heaven anyway.

Its a win-win situation.

Lisa Bisa, actually it was "Thou shalt not worship in PJ's"

SN - only my opinion - but I do not believe God pre-destines people to do horrible things, it is their free will to choose to do those things. They will pay the price for their choices.

So, Wyo, does that mean that the First Nudist Church of Springfield is good to go? ;-)

Do not for a moment think that I defend pedophiles. I despise them, and I particularly despise those that use their trusted status as a minister, teacher, doctor, or whatever to prey on children.
I merely object to this assumption that all "God-fearing men" or what-not are evil hypocrites. There are good Christians and bad. Just like there are good and evil cops, athiests, teachers, plumbers and so forth.

Reality is not contingent upon any of our beliefs. What is, is, no matter what we choose to believe.

Finding out what is, is part of the joy of life.

That is all.

If we're going to have Bible verse-inspired sleepwear, what would Exodus 14:21 look like?

This was inspired by a mother to give her daughter a safe a secure feeling in the dark.

Two words: night light.

Well, since this thread got real serious I'll throw in my 2 cents.
Am I the only parent in the world who taught his children NOT to be afraid of the dark. I told my daughter from the day she was old enough to understand there's nothing there in the dark that isn't there in the daylight.

Clearly, since these were inspired by a Biblical verse, they must be sanctioned by the Lord Himself.

And, BTW, she routinely walks her scared-to-death friends home at night.

Just doesn't sound like 24 there is a good Calvinist, SN.

As for the PJ's, the head gear looks kinda dangerous to me. "Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray the lo*** aaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Do bad kids get non-flame retardant PJs?

And she don't need any God pajamas!!
end rant

Camping with your kids, either in the back yard or in the woods, tends to quickly eradicate any fears of the dark.

My boys wore Superman and Spiderman jammies, and everyone knows those guys could take on any knight.

Exodus 14:21 conjures pictures of Marilyn Monroe and the wind gust, or dreams occurring when one's really gotta pee.

Oh, and why is Metallica's Sandman playing in my head.

Blurk, both my kids won't go to sleep without their light on and then when they fall asleep, I have to make sure a night light is on. If the 2 year old wakes up to a dark room, she yells at us until we turn the light on. A peaceful night's rest is preferable to one of her exorcist-like tantrums.

Trust me 24, I believe that too.

My little 3 year old niece called out to her mom in the dark the other night. My sister stumbles into her room and her little daughter looks up from her bed and says calmly "I'm scared. What can you do for me?" My sister said she felt like she was being interviewed for her job as mom, Protector of all Small Children.

Just doesn't sound like 24 there is a good Calvinist, SN

What are you saying?

my littlest is terrified of the dark with good reason, that's when the cat chooses to attack him. i'm pretty sure these pj's would be ribbons.

SN - I am routinely interviewed and often fall short of the expected goal. My daughter is so contrary that the other day when I praised her for putting her shoes on the right foot, she pointed at me and said "don't say good job!" She's only 2. I am very scared.


So, do you think if JonBenet had these jammies, she'd be alive today? NO. No she wouldn't. No matter WHAT her parents told her before she went to bed. "And sleep tight, sweetie. You are safe in your loving God armor."


Hmm... that's tricky 24 but my guess is he's trying to say you're probably not a Calvinist.

On the up side, that probably means you aren't condemned to h*ll alongside me (who is also a non Calvanist). So there's a plus.

cross, your cat must be related to mine. I had to give up peeing standing up in the middle of the night. Never even saw the monster coming 'til it was too late.

Punkin, how do you really feel? It is hard to read through the lines that way. We're an open blog, just come right out and say it.

If I remember correctly, those should come with a sword, too. Why is there no sword pictured?

(psst) 24! let it lie.

yes, sir, mud

*breaks resolution to stay out of thread*

If I were looking for night wear design for the mature, I understand "Song of Solomon" has some inspiration.

*snork* pogo.

"like two does"

Mud, really. Can you actually ask 24 to lie with you on a thread about God's pjs? Isn't that sacrilegious?

I give up - who's Calvin and do I want to be associate with him?

Sincerely, your local spiritual, not a believer of any organized religion,

*sets tranquilizer dart gun to full auto and lets rip*

tosses a "d" to associate

"He was my brother, and I took him in. To the tune of fifty bucks or more!"

John Calvin, Gypsy. Try Wikipedia.com

here, Gypsy

Don't they make hot dogs too?

You never know, SN and 24. You both may be predestined. That's the tricky thing....you never really can tell about predestination. One minute, you're sleeping peacefully in your Armor of God PJs confident that you'll be seeing the streets of gold and next thing you're with Snoop Dogg in a room of gossipy old women. The wretch next door, on the other hand, has his 40 virgins (or Paris Hilton wannabes). Ooops. Sorry. Got my visions of heaven and hell reversed.

kitten, you're a lotta help.

"He was my brother, and I took him in. To the tune of fifty bucks or more!"

Beppie, remember the "Bad Idea" jeans commercials on Sat. Night Live?

ohhhh... Calvinism = no free will - gotcha

whatever :-)

*is very glad she is not religious and will now proceed to stay out of the debate*

wyo, whatever do you mean?

*bats eyelashes innocently*

*likes Kitten's Calvin much better*

Thanks, Gypsy! He makes more sense.

pffffttt, wyo :)

Gypsy, I don't think you and I should simul on this thread

NTTAWWT on any other thread

*snork* @ goatthumper

Wyo-I've been thinking about responding to your "clarification" above, but have decided against it in the interest of not going to hell.

kitten??? Araid of being struck down?

Every so often the blog gets caught as if in an eddie and circles around a topic that doesn't belong next to boogers, severed penises and fart jokes.

The thread twists and writhes like live bait as each commentor tries to make a point, feelings are piqued, and nobody changes their mind.

I really try to stay away from these types of threads, as I have in the past drawn fire from my fellow bloglits, and I'm not here to piss any body off.

Having said that, I can't help but comment on this:

"Reality is not contingent upon any of our beliefs. What is, is, no matter what we choose to believe."

Hoop! There it is!
Hoop! There it is!

Wyo's got the ball, drives the lane, does a 360 in mid-air and slam dunks it!

Gypsy - the guys don't like hairy palms...

Lisa, live dangerously. Most of the rest of us are well on our way there. I believe there just may be a bar down there with reserved seating.

whoa - TMI Wikipedia - sheesh.

I have a headache now.

1. I love Calvin and Hobbes, Watterson's the best there ever was.

2. I disagree with some of John Calvin, but nobody here cares, and that's just fine.

3. LBFF, Discretion is the better part of valor, after all. ;)

4. Thanks, mud.

gotta go back to work.

*SNORK* @ Kitten
*wiping up coffee which just made a violent reappearance - hack*

5. Gypsy, that's why I just referred you instead o' tryin' to answer.

Y'all have a great day.

reminds me of Monsters, Inc....the movie....

Mike Gerbowski

Thanks Wyo

have a good afternoon

Gypsy - notice how Wyo scampered as soon as you said you have a headache? The classics work every time.

*snork* kitten

ok, i'm really, really gone now.

oh stop Kitten - my attorneys are going to think I've gone nuts (not that it would be far to go)

Mike Wazowski


oh duh - I just figured out it's Preysbiterian (sp?) - that's the church I was raised in...LOL
When I asked questions the Sunday School teacher couldn't answer, that's when I decided to venture out on my own. To think I was so clueless :-P

Always go to bed with protection.

Okay, I just got back and read through this thread. I have no earthly idea what anyone is talking about.

Gyps - my brother is a Presbyterian minister. He's sort of the "black sheep" of the family. We don't know where we went wrong with him.

To keep peace in the family I have to be careful not to say what I'm thinking a lot. There would be no point.

But FYI, the Presbyterians are from the Calvinist "family of Protestants"

look everyone--something shiny!
I thought Judi said she was going to post something I sent in--or maybe it was Dave--that would be a good distracter right about now (if that's a word)

Somewhere-I just can't do it. ;-)

pogo-Your brother, the Presbyterian minister, is also the black sheep? Mmm. Interesting.

Yeah, my other brother and I came out to be good, beer drinkin', hard cases.

Great but what do I do if I am not Christian?

Addicted - we have a special on Zoroaster and Zarathustra jammies this week.

I'm not sure if I remember that Wyo, how did it go? It sounds hilarious!

Ok ok ok ok ok.....*deep breath*

Hi y'all, how the hell ya doin'?

*ducks flying bible*

Snork @ Punkin.

I gave up on organized religion in the mid 80's. When a fellow sunday school classmate told me he would beat me up every sunday if I didnt join the 700 club and become a born again christian. I was fourteen.

Yeah.....for me, I was about 8 when my family ran into one of the church youth group leaders. He was a rude, obnoxious a$$. Yelled at his kids, belittled his wife....it was then I understood the meaning of hypocrit.

I'm religious. But I'm not religious enough to wear God Jammies. And I still maintain a good sense of humour about the whole thing...

I avoided organized religion until I realized I just needed to find one that didn’t destroy my beliefs. Now I just go without any preconceived expectations of how it should be.

And since this was a semi-serious post, I'll just end by saying: God's PJs MBAGNFARB (Did someone already say that? Oh, well booger!)

very scary. verrrry scary. bet the lil darlins are home schooled, too. sorry, dont mean to offend, but these kinda folk are one click away from.. nutland.

I bet Rod & Todd Flanders have a set for every day of the week.

A friend and his wife attend meetings at an Aetheist center.

It struck me as odd that this would be a group of people united only by a commom disbelief.

Wouldn't that be a lot like a club for people who don't drive buicks?

I belong to the Georgia Stock Dog Association. There is no corresponding group for people who are not interested in herding dogs.

*snork* @ pogo

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