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August 24, 2006


Society-Focused Spiders


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Isn't that nice.

Hasn't she ever read the Hobbit? Tolkien already told us of hundreds of spiders hunting in a pack! People just don't research their "new finds" like they used to.

itsy bitsy spider
lives in Ecuador
catches a big insect
calls a thousand more
if i were to travel
then many things i'd see
but keep those itsy bitsy spiders
the h*ll away from me!

Uh. oh.

ugh - not a nice picture so early in the AM - now I'm itchy

don't be dissing spiders, charlotte was a team player!

I like spiders and snakes.

Spiders hunting in packs? I know I've seen that on the Science Fiction Channel.

Yeah, but it won't be long before they discover tiny spider tanks and weaponry, and develop little tiny spider atom bombs and then just where the hell are they gonna be??

The only good think about this is that you can kill a whole slew of them at once. And don't get me started on that whole 'click to enlarge' nonsense.


Sorry - that's how I type when I'm furiously wiping totally real and extremely creepy imaginary spiders off my arms....and legs....and neck...hiuyhkjbfsdvhbiuhjbsvojpoefrvpw;v....

I blame Dave. And global warming.

Visions of Harry Potter books leapt to mind.....

eventually,the will vote democratic and have their vote lost too

Punkin', us biologist types call that the 'spider dance.' Typically, it involves runing in place while swiping wildly at your face, back, arms, etc. The dance is complete when the dancer looks about red-facedly to see if anyone observed the panic. Best when observed from a few feet away so that you can look smugly at the dancer as if you would never react so strongly [a yawn is good].

Things that make you go.....IIIICCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!

Now I need a shower and some Xanax!

a little late, but *SNORK* at insom

Oh thanks. Yeah, I'll sleep tonight. Why did I read that?

I just looked at the headline and *zipped* out.

From the comments I can tell this was a smart move on my part! :)

CJ: Sounds quite similar to the 'Aggressive Hornet Dance', wherein the person (Okay, there's a chance this is just me here) ducks, jukes, swings arms wildly, then flees the scene screaming. Observers, unable to actually see the hornety co-dancer, presume a random psychotic breakdown.

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