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August 23, 2006



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first to say he'll get all the help he needs in jail.

Bet he was hoping for a certain differant judge.

When Ms Franklin was in hospital, Colliver moved the controls on her electric bed to hurt her more.

He breaks her leg (among other things) and they let him visit her in the hospital?! WTF?!

Hopefully Bubba his cell mate will give him a "sexual aid" ....

I agree fivver, what the heck were they thinking there?

Dang. I guess London's malls will be short one Santa Claus for the next few years.

as elvis colstello would say....Pump It Up!!!!

"Your Honor, it wasn't my fault, I was smoking drugs. Unlike now. I am definitely not stoned in court. No, I don't think one would have to be completely sh!t-faced in order to use that defense. Also, your honor, the snakes that are growing out of your head are starting to get agressive and are really freaking me out, man. Your honor."

"Judge, Ya see, there was a snake on her leg, so I went to smash it with the drawer....I was trying to save her. And then she got dirt in her eyes, so I helped her wash it out....What? Oh, I guess the conditioner may have been unnecessary....."

Colliver, of Peckham

Shouldn't that be himapecker?

My Math Skills shows he'll be in jail for 7 years.

Plenty of time to forget about pumps ...

Sorry, this is just not funny to me. Two women wanna fight, have at it. A man hits a woman, throw him UNDER the jail.

Oh, maybe my perspective comes from having 7 sisters.

If he'd quit smoking crack or whatever the heck he was huffing, maybe he wouldn't need a sex aid. After he gets out, they're giving him a license?

SWM seeks SWF for conjugal visits. Must have
p!nis pump.

Blurk - you can appreciate this story: My brothers taught me how to ride a bike. When I was finally able to ride on my own, a nasty neighbor girl hung a string across the sidewalk so I'd wreck. I ran home crying and all 5 of my brothers went and gave her the what for. I thought they were the coolest!

SWM seeks SWF...

Good one Lisa!

Blurkie - I agree with you (and will not go any further on the subject, lest I be accused of intolerant, ranting behaviour) However (ok, just a little further)- don't ya think this guy probably showed these "poor coping skills" earlier in the relationship? I'm not saying him beating her up was her fault...just saying, if you know you're living with a rattlesnake, why are you surprised when it bites you?

I truly feel sorry for women who feel they have no other options...but, oh, nevermind.....best not to open THAT box so early in the day.


(Blurkie - we'll start our own "Self-discovery and Counseling Group" somewhere else in the ether....and NO - you can't "discover" anyone else but yourself)

May I suggest another headline:

Man Blows Up Over Penis Pump

I really didn't mean to get so deep this early in the day (for all you easterners it's only 8:05 here in MT) this is just a subject that I am passionate about.

I don't get it. SHE'S the one who should be pi$$ed.

If he moves here to the great state of Oklahoma, he may just get a judge who feels his pain (so to speak) and he will get off (so to speak) with just a warning... or something...

"and NO - you can't "discover" anyone else but yourself"

(blushing) how did you know I was doing that?

Did you notice it was "A MAN" and not just "A man"?

Right on, blurk!

"Entrenched Pattern of Criminality" WBAGNFARB, wouldn't it?

Sorry, I can't laugh at this one, either.

How could this woman have stayed with her attacker? I dated a girl once who was so messed up that she broke up with me for not being a jerk.

Yeah. It's a strange, strange world out there.

These people need years of therapy and all our prayers.

I'm going to jump into the serious discussion and agree with Punkin. This could not have been the first time that he beat on his girlfriend. Did she put her brains in a box somewhere and forget where she put the box?!?

On the bright side when he gets to jail he can be someone else's "penis pump".

First off, the guy's a real scumbag and deserves whatever he "gets" in prison, but this gal actually tried to order this thingy online??? What was SHE thinking?

it must be the day of the stupid penis pump guys.
check it out,http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060823/ap_on_fe_st/penis_pump_threat

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