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August 23, 2006


If they crack down on this practice, it may never make it to the US.

(Thanks to Chaz Schlueter)


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Great now what are my loved ones going to do at my funeral???

"Striptease used to be a common practice at funerals in Donghai's rural areas to allure viewers," it said. "Local villagers believe that the more people who attend the funeral, the more the dead person is honored."

So why don't they just use free beer?

Woo hoo, double posted article! I want in on this! Its probably valuable like that upside airplane stamp or the double printed coin, or whale barf.

Double nekkid funeral post? Hm....

first double posted article from me!!!

double twins stripstease!

Something's up!

I can now see wives not letting their husbands attend a funeral, lol.

Hmm, either I see nekkid women, or my wife prevents me from going to a funeral, I don't really see a down side.

"Funeral Misdeeds" WBAGNFARB

Elvira will champion the cause in the US.

Crackdown causes practice to grind to a halt.

So..what's up with the stiff?

For a second there, I was afraid that this was a story that involved misdeeds with the corpses of strippers.

That would be an ambiguously-labeled link that I would never want to accidently click on.

Hands....I'll bet there (not they're or their) is one.

"Where are you going, honey?"

"Um...to a funeral..."

Confucius say: "Man who fly upside down in airplane have hairy crack up."
Stripper who dance on casket have hairy crack DOWN. (most of time)

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