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August 24, 2006


Snakes on a Snake Farm

Key Quote That Is Meant To Be Reassuring: "I know when you hear about snakes in a building, you kind of get these visions of 'Oh crap, there's snakes crawling around all over the place.' "


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Would this be the *first* snake breeding facility in Utah?

Snakes alive!!

I hate to hear the words "clutch" and "snake" in the same sentence.

pictures large amish style barn with hundreds of tiny stalls and itty bitty milking machines.

*snork at crossgirl

Has Kiefer been told? I'm sure he can influence the planning commission. Or just threaten to shoot them in the thighs.

"Natalie Evans is available at 344-2561 or nevans@heraldextra.com."

Isn't it quaint how small town newspapers combine their snake news with their singles listings?

Ball pythons. *in case Mary's kids are online, decides not to add rest of comment*

"Snakes In The Mail" The sequel.

"But the Sutherlands plan on having more than five snakes. Last week, Colette Sutherland said they had 30 clutches of eggs hatch on their farm last year. Each clutch hatches six or seven snakes, so that's about 200 hundred snakes."

Either that's a grammatical error or they're going to need a bigger barn.

Dan Sutherland? Think there's any relation?

I just always like how the expert snake handler always says, "The snake is more afraid of you then you are of the snake.
In the words of Chris Rock, I don't see any pee running down the snake's legs. Not that snakes have legs, but you get the point.

Mail order Ball Pythons...Why didn't I think of that. Vanityball you have my vote for best comment.

My favorite part of this has to be the awful writing.

"Each clutch hatches six or seven snakes, so that's about 200 hundred snakes."

Hundred Hundred? Heh.

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