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August 31, 2006


South Florida continues to reel from the devastating devastation left behind by Former Potential Hurricane Ernesto, which was actually far worse than we thought, as can be seen in this actual photograph:
Please do not forget us.


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blurk, if I remember it was her way of saying good-bye to her aunt?

granny or aunt??? the one that raised her.

to say goodnight to her Grandma

Siouxie, nope, try again.
I actually watched an interview one time and she told why she did it. You are very close, though.

Siouxie gets the points! Good job!

LOL Blurk I went to High School in Sissonville WV.


hmmm...I've seen interviews also. I thought that was it.

k guys, my trip (in so many ways) down the TVLand road must end here...I actually have to do some work - grumble, grumble. Bet if I was a really cool female spy type, I could blog all day, except of course, for when I'd have to be the sexy, brainy decoy while the boys saved the day.


Burnett's mother soon faded from the family into the bottle, leaving Burnett to be raised by her grandmother. They became very close, and Burnett's famous "ear-tug" gesture, offered at the end of all her live performances and on her famous TV series, began as a silent signal to her grandmother, meaning "Everything is OK."

Gunsmoke, Cap'n Kangeroo...
Talkin 'bout my generation; talkin 'bout my generation -- my gennneraaaaaation!

see ya Gypsy!

I'm so glad we had this time together....

la la la la la :}

Maybe I'm losing my mind (no wisecracks) I swear she said she was saying hello to her daughter.

Damn alzheimer's.

well blurk, maybe NOW she includes her daughter since she died recently...but it was always for her grannie...

so where are my blog points?? :P

DavetR and I went to competing high schools. What're the chances?

And we can both read and write (a little).

foggiest, love that song!!!

I've wired them to your account, Siouxie. Now, how ya gonna use 'em?

yeah for captain kangaroo, mr. green jeans, bunny rabbit and moose!

It was our high-falutin' edumacation, blurk.

I dunno, but I should get extra points for back to back simuls :)

*will think of something*


blurk, i think it was her daughter, too. :)

DavetR, are you in MT?

Please tell me you're not around Big Timber.

(stench of smoke reference)

Thanks, Blurk. The floor applies to inebriation for most of the world. It applies to Baseball here in KC, as well.

Gloom, despair, and agony on me.......

hey sgirl!

Like I said, it may include her daughter now since she passed away...although I haven't seen a recent interview.

OK, I need a little help from my blog friends (if I have any). I live in Charlotte but I wasn't here for Hurricane Hugo, so I don't know what to do. I blurk religously but there are so many comments with so many things to do, I am overwhelmed. Can someone just give me a to-do list? I know I must stock up on toilet paper and tuna, but what about Dinty Moore beef stew? I am concerned with my lawn furniture. I don't have a pool to throw it into. Is it considered bad manners if I drive my furniture half a mile down the road and throw it into the nearest neighbor's pool? And what about alcoholic beverages? Beer, wine or vodka? How much of each? If my kids get thirsty do I have to share my beverages with them? Or do I just give 'em a dollar and an umbrella and tell them to fly to the nearest convenience store? Oh Lord, please help me, I'm beginning to tremble at the possibilities of the wrath of Tropical Fart Ernesto. I'm crawling under my desk now. HELP!

Deep down depression, excessive misery...

LOL love it!


I'd say yes,yes, all of the above, large quantities,NO sharing,yes (they'll be fine, really)!

hope that helps...

casey - yes

*SNORK* @ casey

That was funny.

I canNOT believe you people watched all that crap.....!

Fellow blogsters: We are not representing the literary genius of Mr. Barry very aptly on this thread, as we have confirmed beyond a doubt that we are old, have questionable taste in music, and sum of us are hicks.

I'm with siouxie. Lovin' it. ;-)

Good luck, Casey. We don't have tropical flatulence, just an occasional hit and miss tornado. It comes and goes like my boyfriends, so there's no to do list. Sorry.

casey's to do list:

duct tape kids to lawn furniture, do not throw in pool, gags optional

stock up on canned food to be donated to food bank at a later date

stock up on dinty moore stew if you have a pet that may need to eat

stock up on red wine (lots) for when power goes out and kids chew thru gags

start drinking all beers in fridge lest power go out. restock (lots)in case you run out before power goes out

eat all ice cream in fridge, see above

Nope the smoke reference is because monday our office building caught on fire and we have been cleaning up smoke damaged equipment since then.

I 'member now. At least you're not in the middle of a forest fire. That was the reference I was referencin'.

Thanks friends! I feel safer now. I can't wait to start girding!

and hunkerin'!! don't forget the hunkerin for God's sake!!

What about the battenin'? ya gotta batten down the hatches!!

So what's the protocol if you don't have lawn furniture or a pool? Can you put a Tonka in a flower pot instead?

I'm in the middle of Texas, so we are terribly inexperienced with hunkering and girding.

*adds batten and hunker to the list*

runs off, skipping and singing:

"Batten, hunker and gird, Oh My!
Batten, hunker and gird, Oh My!"

Where, oh where
Are you tonite ...
Why did you leave me
here all alone ...

I searched the world over
and I thought I'd found true love
You met another and
PppppppllllhhhhhT! You was gone ...

(I did that from memory, then I hadda look up the rest ...)


Where oh where are you tonight?
Why did you leave me here all alone?
I searched the world over and I thought I'd found true love.
But you met another and PTHHP! you was gone.

You took out your false teeth, your wig and your glasses.
You were just scattered all over the place.
I wanted to kiss you and hug you so tightly.
I guess that I would have if I'd found your face.

I went to your house at three in the morning.
You had all them curlers and junk in your hair.
You would not have scared me and I'd not have run so,
If you had not looked like you'd wrestled a bear.

I told you my darlin' you looked like a gopher.
Made you so mad, you haven't spoke since.
But tell me my darling if you ain't got buck teeth.
How do you eat apples through a picket fence?

When I picked you up for our date last weekend.
You looked so pretty in your satin and lace.
But when I bent over and started to kiss you,
you popped a pimple all over my face!

I also miss Rocket J. Squirrel ... he was the best part of the morning TV, back in another century, in another lifetime ... another millenium ...

Didja know his voice recently passed away?

Mrs. Wheezer, don't you have tornados?

*snork* @ OtheU!!

classic song....

Ditto. Snork @ OtheU!!

Siouxie, i swear my comment to blurk showed up right after his when i posted it. when i came back, there were like 10 freakin' comments between 'em. so, i didn't see your grannie answer. :)

OtheU is my new hero.

Yes, tornadoes do come here, but those require battening of the battening variety. Hunkering and girding are foreign concepts.

I miss the Saturday morning tv. Bugs bunny Road Runner show, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. I cringe when I see what passes for animation now.

LOL it's ok sgirl!

blurk was just hiding my CORRECT answer :P

I agree, JoG! those were the best! And Scooby of course...

I even like the Hanna Barbera classics as well.

I'm so glad we had this time together....

aint that the Carrol Burnet theme song?

"anda nowww,, from de boyz inna de band. getta down...getta funky.

yep, Chaz...

My best Carol impression...ready?



are you doing her "tarzan" yell????

can't tell lol

Of course, Siouxie. You couldn't hear that?

I thought you pulled the ear-ring right outta your ear, blurk

Blurk, the windows just rattled in Indianapolis. Nicely done!

"Hunkering and girding are foreign concepts"

for a Texan? !! I thought Texans were girded for....well...just about EVerything! You seem to be in good hands, I must say, on this very kewl blog. I've never SEEN so much hunkering and loin girding and .... like, therapy.
(cough, cough)

nanni - I grew up in Indy - went to Ritter HS...do you know it?

I thought that was it, blurk :)

I remember a couple of other yells though...


You know she recently appeared on Desperate Housewives.

kitten, an earring? Not in this dude's ear.
I guess I should say NTTAWWT.

No need for hunkerin' in the KC area today! Blue skies and 82, low humidity. So nice, I had to take a short ride on the bike during lunch to take advantage. (No meanness intended to the folks that are having to hunker down.)

blurk, you just thought of a Hank song...

"I'd like to spit some Beechnut in that dude's eye"

...don't know why that made me think of it...

kitten, "A Country Boy Can Survive"
No finer song ever written.

it is one of my absolute favorites! I live in the city so when I crank it up, I get funny looks...

Hit and run geezer lob for O.U.: Back about 7th grade (think U.S. Bicentennial) I had an LP with a live performance of that song by Archie Campbell and company. He was doing some riffing between the chorus and the verses, and you made two of them surface from the La Brea tar pits of my mind:

"Oh, she had the most bee-youtiful hair a-hangin' down her back. None on her head, just on her back."

"And she had a fine figger. She had a hi-fi, phonographic figger: 45-78-33 1/3."

Another result of that recording being a part of my childhood is that, to this day, I can deliver a nearly dead-on rendition of Archie's classic fairy-tale-as-spoonerisms bit, "Rindercella". Remind me to hop up on stage and do it at the next blog reunion. But don't remind me until after at least two mojitos.

I'm off to The Airport Job, kids. Have fun for me, and I'll check back in tonight.

If you really want to know what's coming yer way, watch International weather reports (BBC, DW-TV). They couldn't care less if Floridians are blown away, so they try to be accurate rather than scary.

my god. CNN didn't do this story justice. trust me, i feel your pain as i'm standing on my head while looking at my backyard even as i type. it's hard too, but i do it...because i care.

I found out yesterday that I had to gird and hunker when the fella in front of me at the grocery store bought the super huge econo-size bottle of bleach. Meanwhile I'm suitable prepared for Tropical Hiccup "I'll grow up to be a Carolina Hurricane if I can learn to skate" Ernesto.

Hero? Awww, shucks, blurk ... twern't nothin' ... merely reminiscin' and enjoyin' the fun memories of life ...

Glad y'all & them others liked the reference ...

The part I liked best about that bit wuz when there wuz sometimes a "surprise" singin' partner with Archie ... and he'd STARE @ whomever ... and then get the Ppplllllhhht! right in the face ... great comedic timing and technique ...

WD - oh, wowser! Great lines! S'pose y'all could find a copy, or remember the rest? (Collectin' those tidbits of trivia is sorta like trineta find ALL the verses to Deck the Halls with Boston Charlie and other classics ...)

O the U...How about "The Keen and the Quing were quirling at quoits, in the meadow beyond of the mere, tho mainly the meadow was middled with mow, an heretical hitherto here. The prince and the princess were plaiting the plates, while prating quite primly the peer, and that's why the duchess stuck ducks on the duke, when no one was over to see'er."

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