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August 27, 2006


To stop a monkey, hire a monkey.

(Thanks to Ken Pendergraft)


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"Langur monkeys are similarly employed around the grounds of parliament and some government buildings in New Delhi."

They must have done that on purpose.

and reportedly scared passengers by scowling at them for three stops.

Sheesh, these folks wouldn't last on stop on MARTA.

I thought the trains already WERE monkey's business...are they being dumb enough to pay them now?

Monkey see, monkey doooo??

mInkey see, mInkey do.

Maybe it was the Last Train to Clarksville.

Hire a monkey? Good idea - they work for peanuts.

Wait - that's elephants. Never mind.

YAY Wyo!!! we both got posted...wooo hooo!

and *snork* stevie!

I greatly appreciate the help!

Key quote: scared passengers by scowling at them ...

That wuz no monkey, where wuz K-fed when this happened?


I didn't know this was Wyo...

How does everyone know this but me?

Is there some secret DB society/club to which I have not been invited?

*gets paranoid*

El, I thought everyone knew Wyo's real name...

no secret society...no need to be paranoid!

(pssst people...think she bought that???)

Very clever.

*snork* at Siouxie.


sooooooooooo, by this reasoning, if we hire a no- talent wanna be poser we can scare off k-fed?

I wonder if these monkeys would also scare off teenagers. Then shop-keepers wouldn't have to play Barry Manilow music and pollute the atmosphere.

Is there some secret DB society/club to which I have not been invited?


Now who'd be afraid of this cute little guy?

Looks like Benny Hill to me. Or Don Rickles with a beret.

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