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August 23, 2006


K-Fed is not being well-received.

(Thanks to Addicted to 24)


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I am shocked.

Thank you oh great blog you have made a bad day an awesome day!!!

When will K-Fed be K-Dead?

I also sent this in...great minds, Addict!


You have great taste in TV and blog postings.

I know what I'm getting judi for Christmas!

Judi got it for her birthday....

Do these people have no shame? No sense of decency? No taste?

Just goes to show the doors that large knockers can open.

Everyone laughs at K-Fed. They're only a visible bra strap and a banjo lesson away from the trailer park.

Nope...why you teasin'?

chaz checks outside door for large knockers...Nope, why you teasin'?

I am K-Fed up. What I am experiencing is called K-Dread in some circles; in others, it is dismissed as mere boredom.

And his wife needs to go home and rethink her life. And her wardrobe.

I'm not sure why this is even news. I do think, though, that Keven Fenderblind's music can be filed right along with Paris' songs under "Excellent Interrogation Tools".

Maybe he'd be better-received if he changed his name to something that didn't remind people of the government.

Or, you know, if he showered and stuff.

Loved the ryhme Susy Q--How bout this??

When will Brittanys T!ttanys get fittaney?

Hey, Victoria, no banjo-dissing!!

(Signed, the Banjo Player's Daughter)

"He’s definitely going to have a teenage female fan base"

Ummm... how's that again? Would these be deaf and blind teenage girls, with some disorder that makes them miss social cues, or what, exactly?

Just trying to understand this fame thing.

OK, so about 2 minutes and 15 seconds into this video, there is a reference to my hometown with regard to her dress and a truck stop. What are the odds?!?!? Oh, the random joys I attain from my daily visit to Dave's Blog!!

All your teenage female fan base are belong to us.

i too am shocked. totally shocked.

You know, an earlier article on MSN said he "wasn't half bad". What gives?

And before they try and deny it, here's the proof.

Is "stunned" a shade of magenta or is it more of a hot pink color?

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