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August 25, 2006



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Stupid firewall


i wonder who showed her how to do this, surely she wasn't smart enough to figure it out on her own.

They're calling Paris and "adult film star" now?

adult film star Hilton

HA! Nice description for the tramp.


Paris Hilton caught hacking into Lindsay Lohan’s answering service account

Oh please, this takes an above room temperature IQ. No way Paris could be guilty. Now hacking up a fur ball I would believe.


I thought those party girls only hacked into toilets.

(This is a totally gross comment and I'm ashamed I thought of it. But hey, comedy is brutal.)

*snark* at Lisa - good one!

come on guys..."star" is way too generous a term... just say slag

no pictures, just text
paris a cyber-vandal?
did she moon lindsey?

the poet lingers
heavy sigh, he knows we can't
top the "welly" thread

that's it for the day
premature blogulation
even blurk, flacid

Key Quote: "Hilton’s representatives insist there is no evidence connecting her to the hacking of Lohan’s account."

Note they're not saying she didn't do it, mind you. Just that there's no evidence.

There's also no evidence that she is more intelligent than a bag of hair, but I don't see them touting that.

uh-oh, mud. I think you may pay for that last line

*Snork* at Everyone.

kitten, here's a good site on which to learn html codes

Certainly the "welly" thread is a fine example of mud at his best, and a bit of a reunion too.

can one say slunt here? Horrible word, worthy of use on only a couple of persons, one of whom is Paris.

Skanks on the Phone

guess I just messed up the thread for those with certain filters. my sincere apologies, won't happen again.


thanks for the link, wyo. smooch

Would Paris Hilton and skank in the same sentence be redundant?

My god what have we come to?

*snork* @ mud

I've been called a lot of things in my life but far as I know flacid ain't never been one of 'em.

Not that the page wasn't annoying enough, but did anybody else get the ton of pop-ups from it?

Mikey, at the very least "repetitive".

almne, re: popups Ditch Internet Explorer, load up Mozilla Firefox (free) and the pop-up problem is easily solved.

It's soooo nice to know that I'm not the only adult with discerning tastes. My granddaughter was emulating Paris a couple years ago (granddaughter only 12-13 at time). I finally convinced her to aim considerably higher! She now has her sights set on being a plastic surgeon, and Yes, SHE has all necessary qualifications! Thank God to that as well!

This whole things smells like a publicity stunt on the part of SpoofCard.

Why would these two particular individuals being using their (heretofore unknown) service? And does anyone really believe that Paris Hilton would employ the brainpower necessary to pull this off?

I'm calling shenanigans.

CH, I've been trying to reach shenanigans too. Do you have their number?

Isn't Stubby Kaye dead?

she couldnt hack her way out of a paper bag

Depends, casey. Do you want the strip club Shenanigans, or the funeral parlor?

Wait... they have the same number in my book here...

Give her the chair!

(Any excuse will do.)

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