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August 24, 2006



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This event must be put on TV.

But, she let Madonna kiss her on the lips! What's worse?

Ick. That is all.

Why do I get the sense that Dave's OHMIGOD is not referring to any text in the article?

I can't see anything, what did I miss?

I don't see it either...

Jessica was just trying to be presidential

Just turn it around ..


My pop-up blocker must be kicking in big-time. I'm getting nothing.

Kitten, et al, Twitney refused to let Jessica Simpson kiss her stomach when they ran into each other backsage at the Teen Choice Awards.

I don't know if that's what Dave meant,
but since I always have my screen upside down..

finally Twitney makes a sensible decision?

I was too impatient. I waited awhile and it finally displayed.

So is the OMIGOD BULLETIN for the Britney/Jessica story, or the fact that "Mr. Spears" is releasing his debut hip-hop album in October?

"Meanwhile, Kevin Federline's performance at the Teen Choice Awards has been torn apart by the rap community."

That's sort of like a hog rejecting garbage?

kitten, Britney's boobs were almost falling out of the dress that she was almost wearing.

Would those be fun boobies, El?

Note: Kevin Federline anagrams to Idle Veneer Fink.

ewwww, El - is it her at 9 months preggers wearing that plunging neckline dress?

I dont know weither I want to see that or not..I am confused...

on the one hand...bazoomage and jessica..on the other hand, its Britney

Forgot WTFBBQ!!!

kitten, yes - its her in a skanky dress hanging out all over.

SKANKY in capital letters

All I see is a decidedly unperky Chinese News Team.

Flattman and others unable to see.. You are blessed.


Well, at least they did accurately refer to Britney as a "toxic singer"

Flattman, et al:

Just give it awhile. Even though it says "Done" at the bottom of your browser, it should eventually display.

The two of them can kiss my a$$.

*files url under "who cares"*

you have to pay more for that, Layzee

Damn, I wish Britney was my daughter. She has an incredible rack.

WHAT??!! Joe, I hope that isn't as bad as it sounds.

They didn't address the big question: Why on earth did she want to kiss any part of Britney?

Has she perhaps developed Kfed's disease*?

*Definition: A condition commonly developed by leeches with no talent which attach themselves to wealthy creatures with no talent so as to live above their means.

But that doesn't make sense; Simpson's already wealthy. Heaven help us all; the disease has mutated! Run!

I'll stop typing now.

*hunches sulkily over a desk to work on calculus homework*

MY belly LOOKS kina pregnant....She can it if she wants to....

I sent this in ! *happy dance*

"She can KISS it if she wants to....



Stay away from the calculus.

Nothing good can come from that.

Jollymon~ So a college degree isn't a good thing?

Dang it, why didn't anybody tell me?

Okay, somebody straightened me out on the Joe Simpson comment. In that context it's funny.

Was this belly kiss to come before or after T!ttany moved those giant gozangas outta the way??? Hey,the article does'nt say.

College degree = good

Calculus = bad

There has to be some way around it. I've way to many dents in my forehead (from beating it on the desk trying to figure out what Aristotle or DaVinci or Zamboni or whoever was trying to do) to make it any kind of worthwhile. Being a contributor to this blog will lend way more credibility to your resume.

I can't even think of the last time my job required me to figure out the area under a curve, but hey, I took calc. On the other hand, taking credit for an infinite number of Davism's has come in quite handy from time to time.

That photo of Britney is disgusting Dave! where can I get , I mean, who do I complain to?

"MY belly LOOKS kina pregnant....She can [kiss] it if she wants to...."

Morty -

THAT'S NOT YOUR BELLY!!! Now put that thing away.

stevie w - now THAT was funny!

Jessica was insulated?

Unless things have changed A LOT in the last 22 years, women kissing other women's pregnant bellies is just not normal.

I heard Jessica was giving up belly button kissing for Lint.

A belated WTG to Betsi, and a last-minute *snork* to stevie w. :-)

Parents, please listen to me. There is a very valuable lesson here. If you have a daughter who is a teen starlette and has a nice rack, and let's say she goes to Vegas with her childhood friend who isn't a star, and they end up eloping... While tempting to make her hold out for someone who is actually matches her new class status, if you insist like Britney's Mom that she have the marriage annulled, your daughter might end up with a loser boy-bander. Fortunately, my daughter has a nice rack and will bounce back. My other daughter is gonna buy herself a nice rack so she can bounce back from something too. Britney however, is a lost case, even though she has an incredible rack.

She used to have an incredible rack... now she's just wrecked.

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