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August 23, 2006



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Probably not FIRST, but just in case...

There goes the luck I could have used to buy a lottery ticket...oh yeah, the article. Sounds good to me. How's Tuesday work for you, Britney?

Off topic but...I got to get me one of these.


She's in for a nasty surprise when she finds out that humans live way longer than dogs. Is she just going to keep him in the freezer until the time comes?

Lucky? Doesn't sound so lucky to me. In the highly likely event that she outlives her dog, does she plan on sticking ole' Lucky in the freezer until the fateful day when she travels to the netherworld? Poor pooch. "He looks peaceful, if not a little freezer burned around the edges." Could be a tricky situation in the event of a hurricane power outage. Would he wind up on the pit with the rest of the spoiling meat? Just wondering....

Looks like sick ... ugh... great minds think alike artchick.

So if she dies first, does she expect them to intern the dog alive or is she saying it will be killed so it can be buried with her?

As long as Britney goes first, I'm down with it.

Who's in charge of the scoreboard? Is Britney or Paris ahead in this week's gag-stakes?

Somehow I doubt Brittany was reading anything, let alone something about Egyptians.

Don't you have to be able to read first?

She had "often read"... how many times does she have to read something before it sinks into the pea-sized brain?

"She should be laid to rest with me when the time comes," the dog - I mean Lucky - said.

Artchick, I was kind of hoping they would put Britney to "sleep" when the dog dies. The end of our misery would be within the forseeable future.

Hasn't she figured out dogs go before most humans? Or is there something she's not telling us?

As I can foresee it, there's going to be bag of dried up bones stuffed into Brittney's coffin.

... and then there'll be the dog too.

Pooch?...oh wait, the dog....

BS (how apt are those initials?) is not the first celebrity to think this way. Steve Martin said it first:

"Now, when I die,
now don't think I'm a nut,
don't want no fancy funeral,
Just one like ole king Tut."

At least she has (just) enough brains to avoid contemplating eternity with Mr. Spears.

So, we're gonna keep the dead dog in the freezer for another 64 years, then?

please, not that long.....

how soon would she like this?? i bet it could be arranged.

let's hope not, punkin.
and my vote for this week's gag-stakes go to Paris "let's be seli, uh cela, uh, like, y'know, not have sex" Hilton

Oh, and has anyone asked the dog how he feels about spending eternity with Twitney???

I think PETA should get involved here.

Britney (Brittney? Brittany?) is just plain annoying, but that photo reminds me that, before she reverted to her natural white-trash status, she was blindingly hot...

Scott, weren't we all at 17? I bet she just cringes when she sees those photos as she is skankarific now

Yes....skanktastic, Kitten....

kitten, methinks she may just belch...

OFF TOPIC ALERT: (Though she may turn out to be quite skanky)

So, with a nod to our discussion of a week or so ago....

Hurricane DEBBY????????????????????????

Punkin, she's, like, so gonna be blowing, like, all kinds of wind and, like, she's just so, like, ucky!

is paris dead? someone seems to be channeling her!

Kitten - An excellent point. I'll bet Sean Preston will be ever so proud when he grows up and someone shows him semi-nude photos of his mother from the late 90's...

I remember hearing my mom and dad once and I was scarred - actually seeing one of them naked would send me to the looney bin

Oh. My. Gawd, Paris. You are, like, WAY too into yourself. (You and most of the USC football team...*giggle*)

It's just a hurricane. Like, it's TOTALLY not an earthquake. It's just, like, wind and rain...it's harml....OH MY GAWD! MY HAIR!! What'll it do to my frikkin HAIR?????? Paris! We better, like, move to a deserted island or something. Yeah, like a deserted island with a 5 star hotel and bitchin' cabana boys....yeah....I'll go steal my Daddy's gold card....

Nicole, slummin'?

The pop tart added, "I've already enrolled Lucky in obedience school so he'll be really really good at playing dead."

At least we should be glad that she apparently loves the dog most, or else she might want Sean Preston to spend eternity with her.

I have boarded up the windows and sandbagged the foundation in preparation for the upcoming bloglit hurricane.
That is one HOT friggin' picture.

*wonder if I'll survive this*

"Britney Spears is so much in love with her pet pooch Lucky that she even wants it to be buried besides her when she dies."

Like, instead of?

Blurk - I am secure enough in my mediocrity to say I agree and am jealous she was ever allowed to look like that. I am unapologetic, however, when I laugh at her new skanky self. That's just the kind of girl I am :)

When asked if she'd be having her sarcophagus enlarged, she said, "No, not again. I like them just as they are. Bsides, they'd get in the way of my dancing."

And you see, Kitten, that's why smart guys marry women like you and not Britney/Brittney/Britany/Brittany/Mrs. Federline.

Scott, that is sweet! I'm blushing on the blog.

SteveW - Shouldn't that be sarcophagi?

Ancient Egyptian God of the Afterlife, Enubis, to (brain)dead Britney -

"Hey! Those are some perky coptic jars you got there!"

Anybody? Anybody? Beuller?

*taps mic*

Is this thing on?? Is this a blog or an oil painting???

I think it's still a blog, Punkin.

How's the bazoomage today?

Couldn't resist.

*Heckles Punkin*

"Hey mister - Why don't YOU come up on stage and do MY job, and I'll take YOUR seat and be the A$$hole!"


Oh....and the girls are particularly resplendent today, Blurk - thanks for asking.

I spent 30 seconds reading that. That's 30 seconds of my life that I will never get back.


Um, Blurk, Meanie....if you promise not to tell anybody, I'll let you in on my secret life

blurk, I agree with kitten. We can appreciate what she once was as much as we can denigrate her now for her trailer-trash skankiness. Everyone wins.

< sigh >

So far only Pogo has caught on to what wonderful news this is.

Since she failed to specify I feel that this means we get to bury her as soon as Lucky fails to live up to his name.

My dog has been in turd since he was a puppy.


So, Punkin, tell my fortune.

I have often read how pets are interred
But I didn't really understand a single word
When my doggie dies
I don't care if I
Smell his pee on the sheets of my bed...

Blurk - only works in person. I'd have to do a "laying on of hands". (giggle)

*looks for next flight to Maine*

Glad they used an old picture . . .

How about now? Is now good for her?

"...and the sooner, the better..."

Oooo. Wait. Too much?

Ooops, Britny is clueless, again, yawn.

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