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August 23, 2006


Make your own purse from items you have around the house.

(Thanks to Eleanor)


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*tosses sow's ear out the window*

Ladies: I collect at no charge.

The amazing boulder holder accessory

Just wonderin' what one could do with a maternity bra.

Punkin will never have to buy another purse!

God Jammies and Bra Purses. How are these people intelligent enough to create websites? More importantly, how does one get a bra purse to accessorize properly with her God jammies?

hmmmm - one of the links on the page goes to a very helpful NINE step procedure called "How to unhook a bra".

NINE FREAKIN STEPS?!? krap - if you can snap your fingers, you can unhook a bra! (Well I can)

I suppose this coordinates with the panties-on-the-head hat?

Or Suitcase, for that matter!

I like the link below about "how to unhook a bra"...
Direct Quote - "Don't be afraid to ask the woman whose bra you're removing for help." That would be as opposed to asking some other woman to help???

Good heavens, this could all sorts of self-esteem issues. Can you imagine going to work/school and everyone making fun of your 'change purse' while they have the equivalent of 'tote bag'? Or, "No wonder Dave likes me best, my 20 cubic liter Bali bag beats your spandex fried egg holder!"

For myself, I think I could make a decent sized cd holder.

"More importantly, how does one get a bra purse to accessorize properly with her God jammies?"

i can't tell you how many times i have laid awake at night pondering that very question.

Also, please remember "Never attempt to take someone's bra off if you are not absolutely sure she wants you to."

.... NINE step procedure called "How to unhook a bra".

its as simple as snapping your fingers....

Hmmm...CR and Chaz seem to have the same theory about bra-unhooking. Is this a universal sort of guy opinion, hitherto unheard?

(*)(*) (*)(*) (*)(*)

*knows he'll be here soon*


*waits for Blurk*

WYO - great minds, eh??

Blurk should be here to see this one....lol

and yes, most guys have figured out the "snap method" of bra removal

I didnt see CR's comments...but it is very easy. Dont you women know how to unhook bras easy?

push together with thumb and pointer, thne slide pointer and thumb in opposite directions....

Ok...all females get with a female partner. First everyopne remove shirts/tops/blouses. Now, face your partner. Wrap your arm around her back...and snap your finger...

if the bra dangles and bazoomage pops out, you have made it to second base...

lesson number two tomorrow..."sliding into third base"

*SNORK* @ wyo's FIRST comment.

If you put tissues in your purse would that be a "stuffed bra purse"?

yeah, Gyp.

but then you knew I was thinkin' that.

Well, sthnbelle, what if there is more than one woman whose bra needs removing at the same time? They might help each other out, ya know. This would be just prior to jumping in the shower and soaping each other up, as you know we all do whenever we get together.

*waits for blurk and Wyo to faint*

"...from the smallest (make a change purse), to the largest..."
Good for all those loose nipples and dimes...

Guess I only dated nice guys...well, no, not really true...they never used that method to...no one really had to....uhm....okay I'll shut up now.

**keels over**

Well, OF COURSE, in that case, Suzy!

And then we jump around on the bed and have pillow fights, right?

bein' a man of the male gender, I'll point out that writing the 9 ways thing is a waste of time. We don't read the directions, remember?

Honestly, if you snap your fingers, you're gonna scrape us with the hook, and that hurts. How about "It's almost like snapping your fingers, but has to be done gently."?

Yes, and then we brush each other's hair and rub lotion ALLLLL over!

Believe me, I'm better off keeping it for what it's made for--however, the Duct Tape wallet makes a good present for the guy that gives me an iron for a present. Recently divorced and proud of it.

Shhhh...Suzy Q! Don't reveal that! They'll be watching if they know about it!!

Yes, and then we brush each other's hair and rub lotion ALLLLL over!

*breaks out the bra full o'nickels for the pun 'nipples and dimes'*

Nine friggin' steps??!! Ladies, give me a quarter of a second and that baby's on the floor.

I don't think my cousin ever wore a bra.

just sayin.

Brand name: Hoochie Gucci?

Honestly, if you snap your fingers, you're gonna scrape us with the hook, and that hurts. How about "It's almost like snapping your fingers, but has to be done gently."?

I was hoping for a classroom type video....

should we all post BAZOOMAGE photos?

this would explain the duct tape on my old entertainment center, wyo

jock wallet?

Um, if a guy can't get my bra off, be gone. if all else fails, biys, rip the dang thing off.

Sorry for double post, although the men probably didn't mind. I don't think the robot likes frolicking nekkid women.

Gypsy, he's here.

*acts surprised*

Why blurk, nice to see you. Now get outta the way! You're blockin' the show.

How about "It's almost like snapping your fingers, but has to be done gently."?
Thank you for the Secret, Victoria.

Forgive me if this ends up being a double post. Somethings wrong with the poster. Iill keep the bra for what it was originally intended. However, I'll keep the duct tape wallet instructions for the next guy that gives me and iron (or toaster, etc). for a present. Recently divorced and much better for it.

boys...sheesh...I'm a little flustered

Dave could use the one he got during the book strumpeting tour and make a backpack!

Now, who wants to volunteer to be first?

Oh, and I'd better amend my last post...Punkin's might take a half second.

There's plenty of room in the shower, kitten. *looks around* Now, who's got the soap?

Aww....kitten, forget those boys. You probably just need some more lotion. Suzy Q's got it.

If you scroll down from the bra purse, you'll find directions for making a duct tape wallet.

I would have found this surprising, except that blog kids Will and Sam both made duct tape wallets for themselves earlier this week. They are all the rage here.

hey, girls! Ooh, that soap smells so purty...can I borrow some?

mary, ever wonder where the kids got the idea?

check your history files

"For the pinnacle of astonishment, one can unhook a bra with one hand as follows"

Pinnacle of Astonishment WBAGNFARB

Uh-oh, Mary's here.
I'll try to be good.

*takes out duct tape wallet and uses it to tape fingers*

Okay, someone's taking Hints from Heloise waaaayy too far.

Is there anyone on the blog who would actually use one of these? Bachelor/ette parties don't count.

Correct spelling, punctuation, etc. from above. Sheesh, I've got to 'snap out of it.'

Ok, when I'm not making racy posts on this blog thread, I am reading medical records. I just got to a page where it describes how this woman has restriction in her ability to put on a bra. IANMTU.

Suzy, if it weren't for HIPPA, working in health care could be a lot more fun.

Did the blog fall in a worm hole? Certain comments pop up repeatedly and out of synch.

Mr Sulu?

"These bags have been made famous by their use to promote awareness of Breast Cancer."

I tried to promote awareness of my hemmohroids by using old tighty whiteys for a wallet but that didn't get very far. Certainly not famous.

btw, our thanks again to Elanor. We needed this. Well done, girl.

pogo, the blog robot's havin' to work at warp three to keep up. (and I'm sure the shower scene is distracting him)

wyo, I think duct tape class has replaced wood shop at my older son's high school. Maybe that's where he learned.

I can't believe I missed this:

"The bigger the bra cup the bigger the purse."

And the bigger the prize.

A related article.


Hi, Mary.

blurk, I think that was a quote from Bra Sizing for Dummies.

I still haven't read the bra removal directions, I'm waitin' for them to come out on DVD.

I'm taking donations for a b00b lift, if anyone would like to contribute

Pitty P - now it looks like they need matching butt jobs.

You got that right, Wyo. BTW, the woman about whom I am reading is NOT invited into the shower with us girlies. I have had to see pics of her, too.

Kitten, I'll lift 'em up for ya. Won't charge a thing.

Dang it! Mary, hide the kids.

Someone said showers?

Pay no attention to Norman's post, he's just trying to Bates bait us.

Darn it...trying to think up more ways to torment the blog boys after the shower thing got me thinking about whipped cream, and now I want some of my leftover birthday cake from yesterday.

Oh well - birthday cake doesn't have any calories, right??

Blurk, how long can you stand there? I'm looking for something a little more permanent

well the next time i need a purse that big.. :-P

Kudos to Wyo for the 'first' comment!

Apparently these can also be a real ice-breaker . . .

'two aspirins on an ironing board'

I've heard of bee stings and mosquito bites, but that's a new one!

Wouldn't it be nice if they could do both at once, pogo? Except then you wouldn't know which side to lay on. Ergh.

Happy belated birthday sthnbelle! Hey, can you send me over a piece of that non-caloric cake? W/plenty of non-caloric whipped cream and maybe some non-caloric ben & jerry's?

kitten, I can stand for a really long time. I mean, it's bazoomage and all.

birthday cake doesn't have any calories, right?

All calories disappear after 24 hours spent in the fridge.

Happy Birthday, sthnbelle!

*dots whipped cream on your nose, licks it off*

birthday alert - I like chocolate

Thanks, Foggiest! I'd email you some of the cake, but I think the scanner would get a little messy. Of course, getting this cake through e-mail probably would be the ONLY way it would be non-caloric. I think the bakery must have added extra calories, just for the heck of it!

I didn't know it was sthnbelle's birthday!!!

What gift would you like?

*evil grin™*

uh, Blurk, can you stop rotating them? It's a little hard to focus on work

E-Mailing very yummy chocolate-chip-cake-with-chocolate-mousse-(not moose)-filling-with whipped-cream-icing-and-chocolate-ganache-over-that to all bloglits.

Enjoy, and thanks for the b-day wishes!!

Oh...sorry 'bout that, kitten. Habit.

*goes into chocolate coma*

blurk, fyi: The younger kids are now home from school. But don't let that stop you...I'll just duct tape their eyes closed if I have to.

Ooooh, blurk, how can a gal turn down an open offer like that?

Do you do windows?

Okay, Mary, just so they don't get traumatized.

sthnbelle, windows??!!
*kicks the ground*

Okay, I guess.
Stupid windows.

Well, I do tend to wander around underdressed in my house, (being single and all), so there might be a side benefit, blurk!

*grabs the Windex™*

wooooohoooooo!! I'm washin windows!!

Ok....*thud*....I've got a lovely satin and lace 6 piece set of Samsonite for ya, Blurk.

*sits back to watch blog beauties fight over blurk*

YAY El!!!

There is a backpack version of this called the Bosom Buddy.

This would go great with my kangaroo nutsack.


Lisa - isn't that just like putting the bra on backwards?

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