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August 27, 2006


Snake on a Train


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How ssssscary!

Three firssssstssss in a row!

Yeah, Bumble's hogging the 'firsts'. Let's make it "Snakes on a First". :)

If ssssnakes are ssssuppossssed to be such wonderful petssss, why do they all sssseem to esssscape at the firsssst opportunity?


"A team of reptile experts has been trying to lure the snake - believed to be about one metre long (3ft) - out of its hiding place by using rats and mice as a bait..."

Good thing they always have those rats and mice at the ready on board. Wouldn't want the passengers to get freaked out by a snake.

Yeah Fivver, and what kind of tricks can they do? "Hey, watch SSSSSpot squeeze the eyeballs out of the cat!! Good boy, here'e a mouse"


"I Love Luthy"

New hit Swiss sitcom about crazy antics on a train traveling through the Mertz mountains. Kind of like Love Boat meets Supertrain.

*snork* Stevie, I'll have whatever you're having in the coffee.

Of course, this reminds me of the hit song:

Who let the snakes out? Hisss, hiss, hisss hisssssssss...



uh...sorry, Jazzzz...

just got carried away for a min...

Just kidding...I totally agree!


I think all of these articles are either

1. Made up by Dave
2. Staged publicity stunts to hype "Snakes on a Plane".

If I didn't think that, I'd never again be able to leave the house!

That's funny, I just saw that on DVD last night!! ISIANMTU, you can get it at Blockbuster. A friend of mine had a part in it.

Eleanor, There DOES seem to be an over abundance of renegade ssssnakes lately. Is this a plot? Maybe we are just now getting into "the loop". If so, I want out!!

It's simple, really. Inspired by recent film success, snakes around the world are getting uppity in a rather sad attempt to get their OWN fifteen minutes of fame.

(Matter o' Fact, at work we just had an episode of Snake in an ER. Of course, being Texans, we merely put it in a bucket and carried it around the rest of the hospital to show everyone. Didn't occur to us to alert the media.)

*thinks wistfully of youth spent watching Indiana Jones movies*

"why does it always have to be snakes?!?"

gradgirl ... some of us STILL are watchin' Indiana Jones movies ... and, do y'all realize how many years that's been goin' on ... ? There's some really great moments/lines in those flix ...

O the U, methinks harrison shall *always* be the
sexiest. man. EVER.

Wellllll ... I wouldn't go THAT far ... but then, bein' of the hetero persuasion, that shouldn't be a big surprise ... altho I DO think he's perty good, and will often choose one of his flix over the usual dreck-filled menu on cable ...

I went into a dvd rental place last night and they had a straight-to-dvd SNAKES ON A TRAIN movie already. I swear.

Rent it? I threw it on the floor and stomped it, shrieking "I want these #$@#$#@ snakes off this $%$#%$# dvd."

Everyone gave me that look. You know the one.

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