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August 25, 2006


The robotic welly wanger.

(Via Gizmodo)


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And I thought for a momnt it was some sort of a self-lubricating... mechanical device.

Aberystwyth University ..... i'd want to spend some time trying to spell the name of my school. welly wangers wbagnfarb,...

Ahhh, the joys of the daily double...
*keep postin' Dave, Judi...*

PD: I hear you. My first thoughts were decidedly non-PC too.

pd and kow, i'm with ya'll and i must say terribly disappointed!

would it be hard to explain this to airport security when travelling with your mother?

cross' --

Not difficult at all, to explain to a person of "average" intelligence ...

First, you must take your Welly ... then place it very carefully and securely upon your Wanger ... and then ...

"The exercise has been very useful for our research as it's the kind of work we are always doing with robots and autonomous vehicles." I see a dark future, filled with flying footwear.

Ah, yet another potential use for my PTO.

these three things i seek
beer, natural ramparts, and
a well-wanged welly

awakened at midnight
astir, suddenly i knew
i want to fling shoes!

the odd contraption
(built no doubt soley by guys)
would make red green proud

"Richard Shipman, who teaches artificial intelligence..."

Artificial intelligence - that's just the sort I have!

I could be sublimely happy for the rest of my life if I never read, heard or spoke the words "welly wanger" ever again.

Nice poem, Mud!

I was thinking, if Stephen King had heard of this, it would have been:

Late last night and the night before...
Welly wangers welly wangers wanging at the window...

But then I guess Temmahkrik wouldn't read it, or would only read it unhappily.

Thanks, C-bol. I think Steven King did write this one, only he called them "Tommyknockers" which turned out to be huge disapointment if you were expecting a psychopathic hermaphrodite thriller but wasn't so bad for "Kissing Cousins" fans.

(BTW, good to see your moniker on my monitor)

And now for something completely different.

Willy's Welly Wang Chung!

North side, east side
Little Willy, Willy wears the crown, he's the king around town
Tossing, Flinging
Willy drives them silly when his wanged welly wangs to the ground
Way past one, and feeling alright
'Cause with little Willy round they can hurl all night
Hey down, stay down, stay down down

'Cause little Willy's welly won't wang chung
But you can't wang Willy's welly
Willy wang chung, try tellin' everybody but, oh no
Little Willy's Welly won't wang chung

Up town, down town
Little Willy's Welly drives them wild with his welly wanging style
Inside, outside
Willy wangs them silly when his wanged welly wangs to the ground
Mama done chase Willy's Welly down the hall
But laugh, Willy laugh, he don't care at all
Hey down, stay down, stay down, down

'Cause little Willy's welly won't wang chung
But you can't wang Willy's welly
Willy wang chung, try tellin' everybody but, oh no
Little Willy's Welly won't wang chung

Little Willy's Welly won't
Welly won't, Welly won't
Little Willy's Welly won't
Welly won't, Welly won't
Little Willy's Welly won't
Welly won't, Welly won't
Little Willy's Welly won't
Welly won't, Welly won't

Little Willy's Welly won't wang chung
But you can't wang Willy's welly
Willy wang chung, try tellin' everybody but, oh no
Little Willy's Welly won't wang chung

Little Willy's Welly won't wang chung
But you can't wang Willy's welly
Willy wang chung, try tellin' everybody but, oh no
Little Willy's Welly won't wang chung

*applause for C-bol*

but try to say "Little Willy's Welly won't wang chung
" three times fast.

Oh. Never mind.

See, that's the problem wuith kids today. In my day, real men wanged their own wellies, none of this automated namby-pamby stuff...
I blame global warming.

when would women wang wet wellies?


C'bol, back with a vengeance. Well done.

*curses ear worm*

*claps for C-bol and snickers at Sly*

This is so deliciously dirty sounding *giggle giggle*

Back when Pluto was a planet, my little willy could wang chung three times fast, Sly...

Welly wanging? Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

*snork* @ C-bol.

I live in a place where I sometimes see sneakers wrapped around power lines. I think this is funny and I always wonder about who put the sneakers there and why. I figured it was mischievous kids.

Last year I came up with this idea for our local, annual fair. My idea was that we should have a charity event called a Sneaker Toss. Everyone could bring their old (or new) sneakers and try to wrap them around lines placed at varying heights. At the end of the event, we clean the sneakers up and give them to charity.

Well luckily, I told my idea to someone who has had what I’ll call “inner city experience.” She told me the sneakers up on power lines have “meaning.”

I don’t know what the “meaning” is and I don’t want to know what the “meaning” is. I still wish we could have a Sneaker Toss, but now I’m afraid of who’ll show up to do the tossing.

Best use of a Citroen ever..

Lisa, Soldiers traditionally leave their boots hanging in a tree when they PCS or ETS (leave) a post. Outside Flak Kasern in Ludwigsburg, Germany, for example, there is a tree with hundreds of pairs of boots hanging in it.

Lisa - around here that means that some big kid has bullied the sneaks off a little kid and tossed them up there. At the price of sneakers, if I were the parent of the little kid, I'd have me a piece of big kid.

I've been to the city, and let me tell you, sneakers on the wire has meaning!

For one, it means somebody is too cheap, not to mention disrespectful of tradition, to buy genuine welly's for wanging.

Plus they suck, as not respectable welly wanger would neglect to look out for power lines.

A man hides behind a toil of endless hour,
A vision of power but a reality of fragility.
he keeps the night watch, fervently searching
for a welly-wanger method to deliver more power.

A hopelessness won on a losers parade,
of boots wanged far and a mind rubbed raw.
Reverie deep over rivers of rot,
self esteem shot to shit, stifled and poor.

How a life can be lived with barely a soul,
How well can a welly fly with neoprene sole?
A cavern of doubt, dirge and despair,
a crevice of dirt, darkened by fear.

I hope upon that hope that all hope is found
that wellys once wanged fall again the the ground.

*enters twirling a golden lasso*

Is this the willy wranglin' thread?

*chases c-bol*

Wyo-I'd love to see a picture of that.

pogo-*snork* I know, the price is out of control!

In an effort to, if not actually TAKE, then get really good directions to, the HIGH ROAD, Punkin Poo will not be touching the welly wanger with a ten foot pole.

Unless, one of you guys has a ten foot pole... then in that case, "Hullo new friend!"

had a pix somewhere, haven't found it yet.

*offers praise once again for mud*

C-bol...so where do respectable wangers hang their welly's?

wow, pluto was a planet until just wednesday. is that what they mean when they say "hitting the wall"? and can your "little willy" (your words, not mine) still wang chung at least one time fast? i need to know so i can plan accordingly for my old age.


"chases c-bol"?!?!? get over here, woman! me welly needs.......oh, sorry, we'll talk about that later.


*adjusts halo*

Need some wranglin' sweetie?

applauds mud

*snork* @ punkin's "high road"

JU - as the quite funny stand-up comic Marsha Warfield (played Roz on Night Court) pointed out, we old men have little willys that can "wang chung" one time, but slow.

Unfortunately, as she also pointed out.."But who wants to f%#$ an old man for a long time?"

Hope that helps you plan!

Shoe fly, don't bother me...

how long did it take to get all the dust off that halo? and i'm currently wearin' levi's, but i could see myself trying out the midwestern alternative...


Lisa - I'll have to confess that I've only ever read about respectable welly wangers, without having met one per se.

It's not as easy as it sounds, you know. Do you know how hard a guy will punch you if you ask him, say, over beers, "So, are you a respectable welly wanger?"

standing O for c-bol.....

Little welly, well flung,
little willy, wang chung
wang yer willy? well he won’t
think it’s silly? well y don’t.

depends on the bar, C

thanks, c-bol, that will go right into the fidelity 401k file for later reference (much later, i hope). and i understand marsha's point, i certainly do not want to do anything like that for a long time with any old man.


C-bol I could see that would be a problem. ;-)

*rubs eyes*

C-bol? JU? Leetie? Sly? Neo? Mud? We're all here together? Leave it to welly wranglin to bring us together...

Quick! Grab the crapcam!


Eeeeeeeekkkkkk! I love my Wellies! You must NOT wang my Wellies!! 911! 911!

That was an unfortunate post placement.
Not meant for you, DDi. ;)

oh, I've done better than that, Di. (topper alert!) I turned on the spy cam when JU started talking about his welly.

Order up!

Wangers and Mash !! Well Done!

By the way, for American fans of the original "The Office" from across the pond, this article helps explain that episode where they settle the trivia contest with a bet involving shoes tossed over a building.

It also makes me wonder if somewhere in England there will be a contest between some John Henry type and this contraption.

Fishy, you need your welly wrangled?
Not that I'm offerin... or, am I? ;)


oooh, well done, Fish!

I think I'm going to need another camera.

AWWWWW CRAP!!! NOW I can't get onto the BULLETIN thread because a "banned phrase" has been found.

I want whoever did this to step forward with his welly out so that I may take my ruler and wang it!!!!

That'll learn ya.

Once, on a Wednesday, while wearing only me welly's, I waywardly walked with me wanger to the wind. Wendy was watching from her window and whistled.


Wooo-Hoooo! NICE ONE!

Mr. Fisher-*snork*

I'm guessing welly wanging was developed by Brits too inebriated to participate in traditional javelin matches. Of course, most men would prefer to be speared than to admit they were whacked in the wanger by a welly (not to be confused with whacking the welly wanger), but its all in the interests of public safety.

Alliteration is so much fun.

Jessica Simpson wouldn't wang my welly.

Punkin, that may have been my fault. I'll never do it again. Didn't know what happened. (it wasn't that bad a word.)

my sincere apologies. be gentle.

FWIW, I've heard that the "Sneakers on a Wire" (in addition to being an unfortunate Mel Gibson sequel) is also something "gangstas" do when one of their own has been killed as an homage (or Homie-age in this case) similar to the whole "pouring a drink on the ground" phenomenon which just befuddles me.

*staggers, stunned*

such wanton alcohol abuse cannot be condoned.

Props to c-bol. Yo!

where I grew up, sneakers on a wire meant you could buy drugs there.

*goes back to watching Wendy whistle at Fisher's Whoo-hoo*

Wildly applauds for C-bol, mud, sly, Leets, Fish!, et all!

C-bol: I cannot believe that you haven't given us your very famous line yet. Here, I'll start you off: And then there's that whole...

*nudge* *nudge* Eh? Eh? A wink's a good as a nod!


Sarcasmo!! Good to see ya!

*snork* @ Fish
A literary genius

Now y'all have polluted the Barney p***s thread...I am so p****d.

Back atcha sly, this is a veritable who's who of bloglits.

Punkin, you'll always have welly wangerin'.

How are the twins today?

Whut? Just askin' is all.

Sneakers on a Wire means school is out and kids will be getting new sneaks in the Fall!

Leetie, do you still have your "single shoe" picture file?

Yay for Christobol's return!!

Jeff how's the geezer bus these days? ;)

Blurk - Girls are fine.....they may be twins, but they each have their own unique personality. :)

That's a LOT of personality.

hey, well, i may be short, but i'm quick!

LLBF - In the Navy, people assigned to aircraft carrier flight decks often dump their shoes into the water on their last day at sea by placing the tied laces around the catapult shuttle (the block that the airplane attaches to on the catapult when it gets launched off the ship and into the air). It's called "shooting the boots" and it's a blast to watch.


Would you believe the MSNBC site on the NEW thread is blocked by the hospital firewall too!!!!!!!!!!

If you guys didn't want to play with me....y'all coulda said so....

*takes her ball and goes home*

Punkin, it ain't us, I swear.

It sounds like your IT department has been taken over by Mordent, Preventer of Technology-Based Entertainment.

Let me get this straight: Polar bears are shrinking, the Brits are inventing devices to wang their wellies, and rats remind me of a disturbing scene from Van Wilder....... maybe the end is truly near! Someone please call Oral, uh, Roberts....

P.S. As a regular lurker, kudos to you all for keeping me LOL. My world has been widened by welly wanking and walrus oosik.

Meditrina - There's a world?????

Punkin Poo - Being a resident of the state of Kansas, I am forced to be very PC about such discussions: welly wangers, oosiks,and evolution are not state sanctioned or approved. The world is still flat from where I am standing - thankfully, I have a glimpse of the outside world through this blog. :)

Keep 'em coming.

Welcome, Meditrina. (I'm a former Kansas resident.)

Meditrina, the world ain't flat, just that part of it is. :-)

But that makes it all the better for welly wanging.

Weasel and I did some Welly Wanging on the honeymoon. TMI?

and here is the sneaker story

Periodically, I have to wang my welly to get the mud off. Sometimes I just hose my welly off in the back yard.

Punkin' I haven't gotten to other threads yet but the Bulletin post is loaded with adware/ spyware cr@p.

BJJB-Like a celebration. I bet that is fun.

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