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August 24, 2006


There are many. Especially if you're traveling with your mom.


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*laughing hysterically*

And the slogan?

"We're to pump..." <clap> "You up!"

Anyone having flashbacks to Austin Powers? "No baby, it's not mine, reeeely..."

Evidently making excuses aren't his strong suit. "No, Mom, I didn't miss curfew because I was drinking with my buddies! I was committing a burglary!"

"No, honey, I don't have another girlfriend besides you! That girl is just a cheap, one night stand!"

Jeez, what's more embarassing? Having this revelation in front of your mother, or getting you pumped in prison?

new course for airport screeners: s*xual aids 101-Is that a grenade in your luggage or mr. happy 's new playmate?

much better for mom to think you're a terrorist than a man with erectile dysfunction!

maybe that wasn't his mom..........

Madin Azad Amin added, "I was gonna bring my butt plug too but I was worried about rectal profiling."

OMG, he obviously didn't read Big Trouble. He could have said it was a garbage disposal.

Or, maybe he was trying to tell the cute security girl that he was the bomb and she misunderstood.

I'm very disturbed that he is taking a sexual aid on a trip with Mommy

That's just insane, a guy with an arabic sounding name claiming he has a bomb, WTF was he thinking?!

Family communications, tsk, tsk. If they'd have just been open with each other, they could have packed the pump together with his mother's inflatable companion.

What does he think they are going to do on this trip? Or can he just not stand to leave his toy at home.

Why did he need it in his carry-on? On second thought, I don't want to know.

As he was arrested, do you think he shouted out "This sucks!"?

I suppose it would be hard to pass off as an electric ear cleaner.

Wow, that worked. Now he gets 3 years in prison AND his momma knows he's a perv.

fivver: along with much of the international community. Wonder if she's disowned him yet...

I am reminded of the commercial for a weight-loss drug wherein the describe the following side-effects: "People using (whatever it was called) may have gas with oily discharge, frequent bowel movements and the urgent necessity to have them."

I thought "that's just what I need to bolster my self-esteem and improve my social standing, I need to waddle off the bathroom every fifteen minutes with a horrible greasy smear down the back of my pants."

Faced with the choice of prison or telling my mom I whack it with machinery, I would try to go to prison too.

thank you for that visual, mud. but i am laughing anyway. maybe this twerp should take the whatever medication that can give a 4 hour erection... either way, HE'S A MORON. hopefully, he wont be able to reproduce...

queen, we can be realtively sure that any action he gets in prison won't produce any offspring.

"Yes, uh, it's a bomb alright, Mom."

"What would you do with such a tiny, insignificant thing?"

"Blow it up, Mom, that's kinda the point!"
*to guards* "PLEEEEEEEESE arrest me...."

More Cook County tax money wasted on his trial, conviction, and prison time. Have prosecutors no sense of proportion? Must they try people for every little thing? Once they found out what it really was, a head-shrinking lecture would have enough. No wonder taxes are so high.

The above message brought to you by the Committee to Elect Phil for County Commissioner, Contact Chairman Wyo for additional information and a free campagin button.

lol, wyo

were they alerted by the buzzing of the pump? Punkin, we have found a match for you....

Sort of an Austin Powers type situation there.

Honestly, that's not my bag, baby.

"Then what is this signed copy of 'The Turkish Penis Pump by Madin Azad Amin: This is my Bag, Baby"

Is anyone else wondering how dumb (or deliberately obstructive) the TSA person would have to be to even ask the question in the first place? An object that resembled a grenade? Um, that would be the air-pumping part -- you know, like on a blood pressure cuff? Have none of these people been to a doctor's office, or donated blood, or walked around a drugstore, ever? What is the point of hiring people who don't recognize common and harmless objects? What was the guy going to do, disassemble the thing and puff air in someone's face?

I once had a screener who didn't recognize my (utterly ordinary) toothbrush, and took it out of its clear plastic bag to examine suspiciously. Oh yeah, that reassured me about security.

Somehow I'm not feeling like the poor passenger is the problem, here...

I think he was saying "This thing is "da bomb"".

Wahooligan, I have been to a doctor's office, donated blood AND walked around a drugstore. I have never seen a penis pump.

What exactly does one of those do anyway? And whatever it does wouldn't a nice woman be a better alternative?
Just askin'.

wahooligan, if all the airport security person saw was the pump part of this, I would hope they would check it out. It does look like a grenade

Blurk, please see 24's link - it will answer your question

In defense of airport security officials everywhere...that thing DOES look dangerous.

to travelers and the user!

"I knew your father was cheating on me! You're NO son of MINE!"

Oh, wait....

"Boy, when we get home I'm gonna smack your momma in the mouth. You didn't come from MY loins."

Reference anybody?

Smokey and the Bandit...Jackie Gleason
Great movie. :)

Ezzackly. The late, great Jackie Gleason. The man was amazing.

"nobody makes Sherif Buford T. Justice look like a possum's pecker!"


There's a certain judge runnin' around who would love to try this case. Hell, he'd probably love to try the evidence.

"I'm gonna barbecue your ass in molasses!!"

Leave it to Fox "News" to combine a story about suspected terrorism with a one about a sex toy. I'm surprised they didn't send Geraldo to investigate.

Whatever anybody thinks about this guy's sad love life, it makes no sense at all to put him in jail. His only crime was being embarassed that his mother would find out about his sex aid -- give the poor guy a break!

Not to get too serious (I'll make a booger joke later to make up for it), but... The article said the guards claimed to be concerned about a part of the pump that "resembled a grenade." That would be the air pump, and it resembles a grenade about as much as a lemon does. Nobody's that dumb.

Recognizing ordinary objects is part of a screener's job. You can't recognize the alarming if you are unfamiliar with the routine -- and medical devices and sex toys are definitely routine. So when a TSA screener pretends not to recognize a toothbrush, or a breast pump (I've seen this happen repeatedly), or a common sex toy, sorry, I'm just not buying it.

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