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July 27, 2006


Some terrifyingly young people who claim to read the blog came and gave us Krispy Kreme doughnuts for Edgar, who by the way is still dead.



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...from 24? If you don't watch the show, quit your job, rent the previous season's DVDs and meet us all back here...

*goes off to corner* hmmmf...mumbles something about 24 having started it...

I think we need a flash across the screen when children are present...for Blurk

OMG! the children! /nick Siouxie

Mom!!! Siouxie and 24 are at it again!!

Don't worry, kids, there will be no violence on the blog today!

***nothing but love for Siouxie***

And I did start it, I'm ashamed....

very funny blurk...sheesh

see what we mean mary????

I want you all to know that my children are right now reading every word of this thread and are now totally confused.

blogkids, don't worry about it. I only get worried when I start to understand what's going on!

*feelin da love*

back at ya 24 - we're just one big happy blogfamily here kids!

*now where are those gumballs again???*

Do you notice that blurker has gone dark? Whatsa matter, tough guy - afraid of a couple of kids?

My daughter had a slumber party the other night with what I estimated to be 378 gigglin' little teenyboppers.
Yes, I was very afraid.

Oops, I could even change the name back.
The blogkid doesn't have kids yet.

I think in your line of work they call that post traumatic stress disorder. There's therapy for it.

I had that at my house last night blurk - so no sympathy from me...the last one left at 1 am!

needless to say there was much drinkage involved (by mom, that is)

Oh, and Mary, I'm sending you a week's supply of Sharpies. I would send more but that's all the FexEX truck would hold.

Here's an idea. Perhaps Disney could sponsor a G-rated Blog Jr for the little ones. It will make my editing chores much easier.

Can I have some Sharpies? I have an OCD tendency to re-package stuff in freezer bags and label them with a Sharpie.

Mary here ya go!

24 - OH! OK, not a viewer, but with all these names flying around the blog (Walter, Edgar, etc.) it's a little difficult sometimes.

And please -- nobody explain Walter on this thread. I've been introduced already.

I've seen Steve's "24" episodes on this blog, and I feel as if I am watching the series right here. Don't know how I forgot Edgar's name.


mary, forget the Sharpies, try Krylon spray paint!

Happy to help Cat R. Please fell free to see with any Kiefer questions as well. I'm a stalker so I probably have any answer you may need....

24 - I'll confess that I haven't watched too much of 24 in the past - but I will thank this blog for getting me interested...

and???? Don't leave me hanging, girl! Thumbs up or down?

WAY UP!!!! but I'm still catching up!

Did I mention I look like Jack Bauer?

Or not.

Blurk - don't mess with me! You know how I get about my Jack!

Nah, I'm better lookin'.

Or not.


I thought we were "behaving" today guys....come on!

oh and btw 24 - Jack is HOT!!! I've know that before 24

uh..er...and so are you blurkie....k?

I've also KNOWN that...

Why, thanks, Siouxie (blushing)

How about the episode when he just stared at the VP in the helicopter? I was woozy

blurk: sorry about the al gore comment - i was [edited due to the presence of children] and [edited due to the presence of children] when i wrote that, so, you see, i really can't be held responsible for my actions

as for the army mp vs. air force mp discussion, well, i was in the army, and not in the air force, so i'm predisposed to side with army - can't be helped

Ok, TCK. I'll forgive you this time but if it ever happens I'm gonna (edited due the presence of children)!!!!!!!!!

Oh, don't get me wrong TCK. I still wanna get together with you and Wyo. I mean, there's gonna be beer and vodka kool aid!!!!

I think we should have an Army / Air Force game and the blogettes can be cheerleaders.

*dusts off my old pom-poms*

*Helps Siouxie dust off pompoms*


Oh! THOSE pompoms!!


I believe there in a nomination on the floor for a new acronym hereinafter referred to as:


Do I hear a second?

All right, Rusty1, I'll play. I've got no idea what that means. Splain and I'll see if I want to second.

blurk - think for a second

it just might mean [edited due to the presence of children]

I'm going to guess "Edit Due To The Presence Of Children"

*slaps himself in the forehead*

Okay, enough head injuries. Is there a bleeping (EDTTPOC) second?

I'm in!

I'm back!! oh and IN too!

Can;t we just say "put the kids back in the closet"?

PTKBITCABTD - put the kids back in the closet and block the door????

Yes, Judi, I have sadly been too busy to keep up with my favorite blog of finely honed nonsense for the past month or more.

I am deeply shamed. And tempted to go out and commit some insane act of news nonsense as contrition. Keep an eye out for the headline "Incredibly handsome man runs naked through Forest Park singing Ode to Walter".
Words of the Sentient:
Avoid worriers. They are haters of liberty and loathers of individuals. They wish to politicize everything. -- P.J.O'Rourke

*dashes out to Forest Park*

Meet you at the Boat House!

OK, I really am one of the BLOG KIDS!!!!
I really am... I PROMISE to God.
I just wanted to say that some of you are the hugest losers I have ever seen. Have you no life!!! I mean, you sit on a computer and say dumb comments that are just plain stupid and you fight people you don't even know by sending stupid messages about me-a kid. I urge most of you to GET A LIFE!!!-and maybe write about something cool, like Jack Bauer or Curtis-who is the coolest-(or Edgar, who is STILL DEAD)

Does your mommy know you're up so late????

*locks the barn door - again* geez...we're gonna need a bigger lock...

I don't believe that's Mary's kid any more than I am Walter. Um, well....

Would you email me at the address below, Mary?

*Waves politely to Grandma*

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