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July 26, 2006


Could we please all read the rules?


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first :-0

What ever happened to mailing good old-fashioned anthrax? Huh?

It's "not a crime to send a snake by post"??? Huh???

"All of a sudden, they noticed that it started moving around and then saw a big snake wriggling out of it."

That sounds like my prom date!

Snakes Alive!!! Snakes on a Mail Plane!!! Snakes in the Toilet!!! GIANT PINK TESTICLES!!!

They can't read the rules. The snake swallowed them, and the post office had to suspend operations.

I've gotten snakes in the mail, even got a 6 ft long iguana once, the mailperson made my roommate take the box out of the truck. The iguana was by US mail, but the snakes usually come by FedEx or DHL. Of course I knew they were coming and the boxes were clearly marked.

I was amazed that one of the postal workers 'was familiar with snakes and wrestled with it'. Makes you wonder what they do in their off hours...

I think when the postal worker was talking about being "familiar with snakes" he was talking about his GIANT PINK TESTICLE.


Never mind.

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