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July 31, 2006


Here is the opportunity of a lifetime.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)

UPDATE: And here is a very special item for clinically insane people Red Sox fans (thanks to Andrew Hoenig).


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Ooops. The giant raspberry was directed at The Snorkelling Coward (WBAGNFARB?).

And mmmmmm. Chocklit pudding. Wow... it gets into some .. interesting places, doesn't it?

Damnyankee, you fee your hands?? Gawd, you lawyers you, always trying to charge everyone and everything for your time! Sheesh! And I don't even WANT to know what you're charging them for.

And tee hee, double you said "posting"!!

And where's mah PICKLE!!


Betcha the hamster took it.


i looooove you guys!

you may now resume your regularly scheduled programming hilarity and/or pervinessocity

That was a consenting pickle.

The Consenting PICKLE! WBAGNF.......um....for....

...well, nothing really.

psssst....double you.....WE LOVE YOU TOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

*stops by for pickles and mustard*


Ooo! And pudding, while I'm here.

*forks, spoons*



*takes mustard, leaves pickles*

Oh. My. Gosh. My computer is dead. (May it Rest in Peace)

I've swiped my son's laptop for a few minutes. He is NOT happy. I've been forced to turn to the *gasp* television for entertainment. The kids are watching a cartoon. The show just said, "Nobody expects the Spinach Inquisition" I snorked so hard I choked.

Oh, Knee, NOOOOO!!!

(try saying that really fast; it's making me snork)

My computer had an update thingy today, and it took so long to restart that I feared it had died again, but *phew*, we're good (for now)

Hope you restore your online-ability soon.

maybe it was the hamster's fault?


*plays dirge and bows head*

My computer (yes, the new one) is doing something weird after an update. I think it will be time for another trip to the Geek Squ@d folks soon.

*goes off to interrogate the hamster "Spinach Inquisition" style*




(isn't that a funny word?)

double you, posting live from "snorks "R" us"(tmthingy)™


far be it from me to question an English prof, but i always thought the proper plural pronunciation was "geese"




i actually prefer cleeeeavage, but.....

*flashes damnyankee*

oh, wait...

you wanted cleeeavage...

never mind!

altho, i do have a really nice...

um, never mind, again

well, i saw a little cleavage, just for a second there *snork*

wait, is it still cleavage if you can see the whole enchilada?

a little cleavage?!?

how rude

and now yer talkin enchiladas...


well sure, if yer gonna take my comments out of context *snork*

lets just say that by "a little cleavage" i meant a little glimpse of heaven :)

oh yeah, try to get yer ass outta trouble now, why don'tcha


nice try, tho!


a little over the top, huh?

OK, how bout i meant to say: nice bazoomage cajun goddess :)

i'd really love to make a smartass comment right now, but i can't




i'll get ya later, tho ;p

*wonders whether he should be worried or excited*


which of those turn you on more?

*evil gator smile*

oh, nuthin turns me on more than the evil gator smile


i had no idea!

*totally innocent look*

you know, i used to totally buy that totally innocent look, but im startin to get wise to your feminine tricks

but i gotta say, that totally innocent look is somewhat arousing *snork*

Oh, you kids are so damn cute when you're flashing bazoomage and talking about Mexican food.

*ssmooooooooch* (which initially came out as "*snoooooooch*, which I also like, so...)


*totally non-innocent, wishin' we could have an evil gator meeting somewhere right about now look*

ooh, me too!!!

*snooches leaf, just cuz*


Bless me!




it's cold here

i wanna snug, too!


Cold? ...COLD??

It's, what....like in the 40's there or something?


But that's okay. You can still snug.

*snugs double you*

*misses tank tops*

(No, that's not a name. I just miss 'em.)

I also miss him, too. Y'all know who I mean.

*snooches, snugs and snickers, cause I'm also craving chocolate*

Mrs. Tank Tops would be a fun name, though, wouldn't it?

And we miss this person that you are missing also as well too. Though, I must confess...I miss someone else more.

Gotta work on my aim...!

Don't talk about missing. :(

BTW, I also miss my puter; it's not salvageable.

And don't talk about cold. It was -9 here Thursday night. Without counting windchill. However it warmed UP to freezing today so it felt absolutely balmy. And yes, I'm absolutely balmy too.

*is skeered o gators*

ok, this is crazy

i was coming here to make one comment, said comment being "i'm cooking gator right now, who's coming over?"

but poor kne of is skeered o gators!

does this mean i have to set one less place at the table?!?

Oooh, I've eaten your 'gator...I'll be right there!

*wonders if "eating your gator" is some pervie euphemism heretofore unbeknownst to dragons*

*realizes that if it wasn't then, it is now*

*is just fine with that*

And oooooh....knee of!! I'm sorry about your 'puter and your cold and your missing and..and.....


also *snugs* knee of

*remembers that dragon did, in fact, eat her gator*

*as did bozo and leaf*


Two days... uh oh.

Maybe the gator ate us?

*gnashes teeth*

(you know, to skeer the gator long enough for knee of to come outta hiding)

*snugs everybuddy*

Yes, I'm still alive. Really.

*hands out Easter chocklits* Yes it's two months away, but the shops have them on sale already.

*snugs everybuddy*

Yes, I'm still alive. Really.

*hands out Easter chocklits* Yes it's two months away, but the shops have them on sale already.

Oo, double chocklits!

And...and....Easter is two months away?!?!??

*goes off to sob disconsolately in a corner*

*loves her dragon sis a tissue*

Tissue? TISSUE??

But I hardly even KNOW you!


*hugs everybody*

'Cuz I'm thinking there's some of us who could use a hug this morning.

*sets halfway timer on the Halfway Hug-O-Matic 7600 (tm thingie)™ halfway between here and halfway to disperse hugs at regular intervals throughout the day*

*is sad and lonely 'cuz apparently no one wants a dragon-hug....*

Awww.... I DO! I DO!!!

*gratefully accepts dragon-hug*

*also hugs Dragon*

i wants hugs from dragon and leaf, too!

*hugs her sistahs, but not halfway*

*hugs them extra super tightly*


*feels better*

I want in on this hugging and snugging!

I had to buy a new puter, and it's giving me fits, too, but I made it back anyway. Just because there's no place like halfway.

{{{knee of}}}


Just 'cuz.

YAYYYY!!! for new computers!

YAYYYY!!! for hugs!!!

YAYYYY!!! for best friends not being abducted by aliens and disappearing forever!!

*ducks the leaf-boppage*

And, on a completely different note, I'm so absurdly happy right now I could pop. Zarg wants to take me to Florida over Easter to meet his parents (yeep!!), AND the two of us just opened a joint checking and savings account together.

Yup. Nothing says love and trust in a relationship quite like mingling your munnies. But, since he already has my heart and I his, we figured we may as well share everything else, too. I told him, "What's mine is yours," and he responded, "And the same here...definitely. Always."

"GREAT!!" I told him. "I'll take that bitchin' new gaming computer of yours!"

It was a tender moment.

*is slack-jawed*

Holy... mother... of... carp!!

*pouts, cause, DAMMIT, I wanted Zarg's bitchin' new gaming computer!


*tackles Dragon out of sheer sistahly happiness*

oooh, i wanna get in on this *tackling and groping*

oh...nobody mentioned *groping*?


*gropes* anyway


*tackles and gropes double you*

*yanks leaf into tackle-and-grope pile*

*is thinking that the guys are gonna be awfully sorry they missed this....*


*runs and leaps into the tackle-n-grope pile*

*Grins* Hiya ladies. Looked like too much fun to miss!

*gropes pile of tackle*

*finds bait*

*is confused, and a little grossed out*

*yet snorking*

Ok...why are there worms in the grope pile, a fishhook in my thumb, and who the heck bunga-ed this cow???

Sheesh...you just can't take some people anywhere.

Maybe you can't take some of us ANYwhere, but others of us can be taken EVERYwhere. Er... I mean... umm. *blushes* At least you can take me Halfway. *bats eyelashes*

Why are there worms in the grope pile? Oops, they must've come from the takillya.

*swallows that line hook, erm... line, and sinker*

*waits with baited breath*

Hmmm...there's something fishy going on here....

i'll pass on the fish, but you can pass the tekillya!

Ooooooh, boy. Double you's gonna get nekkid again.

*sets up Super-Secret Halfway Spycam AGAIN...since someone seems to keep stealing it*

OK, as usual, i read the last 2 comments, and decided that was enuff

and what i got was tekillya, and double you gettin nekkid

if i get to pick my own personal heaven, that's what i want to be there :)

altho i read this comment right after it was posted, i was otherwise occupied...



so i'll just say that if i have anything to say about it, that's what you'll get ;)



Noooooooo! Don't wanna take a test!!

...oh. Um. Nevermind.

Oooh, a sistah simul!

*smooches the Dragon*

So, I know that I haven't been here much, but I haven't been to the kilt at all since I left. I know that some of you haven't either, though it doesn't bother me that others do (not sure why it would - but I know the idea was out there that it did). The recent e-mails do make me wonder if I can do that again.

Thoughts? Am I just so removed chronologically from the issues that I am forgetting how upset I was? Or is it all water under the bridge? Not that I have much time for either place, anyway.


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